01 May 2019

Let's talk about nutrition

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yo what's going on guys it's a boy's

daughter and today we're going to be making a video about nutrition what I'd eat during the week what I drink during the week what I drink of every single day what I drink for my lifetime so there's a few things I want to talk about first things first I'm gonna make this video in three parts which is morning lunch dinner easy done that's about it now for my morning routine I don't really care that way my morning routine is just I wake up my alarm is set at I belief let me check real quick for you guys I'll show you guys as well so I've currently serve three alarms my first arm is the one that you can see seven o'clock in the morning which is my wake-up call and then I wake up about like five to ten minutes later I go down and I have my first morning coffee and my first morning coffee is at 7:00 7:00 in the morning half seven actually probably closer to that now I'd say 7:00 in the morning for my morning coffee then I just get changed I checked the weight so what I do is I drink my morning coffee and after that I checked the weight whatever that is during today I will put I have made an excel sheet and which is for me alone

actually I'm not gonna give that to you guys there I made an excel sheet I will add my weight in that excel sheet sheet and that's about it that's my morning routine easy done I take the car and I leave for work what I do then is lunch lunch for me is something that I have well I put a lot of attention into my lunch and what am i what I am putting in to my body for the very first time to break the fast now I have had some tips of people that are into intermittent fasting one of them beings a takes which is at an exact late he's absolutely amazing he's such a great motivator he posts a lot of stuff as well but he he actually gave me one tip and he said like you should not break your fast with having one big meal you should break your fast with just something small one hour or like an hour and a half ahead to when you're gonna break the fast so what am i doing I'm currently having my fast from like I'd say 6:00 at the evening and then the day after until 11:00 something like that I will have nothing only water which I'll come to in a second and that's about it so I break the fall what do I break the

fast I usually have a piece of fruit whether that's gonna be an apple a banana I do like pears as well sometimes it's a peach who knows but yeah I usually go with an apple or a banana or a pear so one or another depending what's leftover at work I will get now then after that is where the big meals comes in and that's when it actually is getting quite important for me especially because where I live Europe we tend to be a lot of bread eaters and and I myself I'm not really I love Brad it is good I really enjoy it but it also contains a bunch of calories now that being said with the bread I cut down on what I used to have sex slices of bread every single day at lunch so I cut down to four which is down to less I'm proud of that it's very nice and on top of that it's something that you might have seen already that's this now what is this this is my shaker this is my cup which are usually full with a protein shake currently I'm going by a Spanish protein shake that I bought in Spain obviously and it's still completely well it's not completely full but it still it still has a decent amount of protein left so I'm taking

that and what I have what my bread though is usually cheese and our cheese I don't know if you guys know it but it has so many calories it's insane I honestly did not know that cheese has so many calories until I actually checked so every single slice of cheese has 100 calories which is freakin insane so if you if you keep adding like six slices of bread worst case scenario that's six slices of bread as about 360 400 calories depends but which route you take but do you add well a lot of people will tend to have like one slice of bread per one side of cheese per two slices of bread so that's 300 calories extra when just a free king cheese so that's 700 calories and you do not even well feel completely satisfied and that's insane that's very very very insane now I am cutting down on bread I'm cutting down on cheese even though I really enjoy cheese but I'm cutting down on that stuff and I'm replacing it with our eggs so I will have a lot of eggs not a work there usually when I'm at home but yeah anyway I love eggs seriously so I'm usually getting AIDS or I'm just having the bread for slices get down to with a protein shake and that

will be it for lunch so cutting calories by a lot on that point which is something I'm very proud of which actually allows me to eat more calories during dinner which I will probably end up with right vegetables or maybe protein depending on what meat I'm going to eat so during that day from like morning to lunch I also have this one and now this one is something special because this one is a can and it has it can contain two almost two liters of water which is insane and I have about two of them a day so about four liters which for some people is quite a lot but I only drink water I don't have anything else I don't have soda I don't have Coke and I'm a Fanta I have none of that I only drink water and beer but we are not gonna talk about that okay so I'm gonna refill this one so that's what I have during morning and morning time breakfast and lunch now let's start over for dinner okay so now dinner time dinner is the most important for me in a way that I have know well almost no control over what we're going to eat during dinner obviously I still live at home and my parents will just prepare food and that's it so what I got

to do and make sure is that I keep enough protein in which is this beautiful green cup for and I got to make sure that I keep myself in a caloric deficit so those are two important things that I keep in mind what would I do usually so if we would have something that has a lot of cops and it's such as spaghetti and I would usually go work out and after that have another protein shake so I will have a decent amount of protein and during the whole day and then I will have the carbs for the training session so that way it's kind of balanced you know now if we have something like a chicken breast or something with some beans who knows so just a general chicken breast with vegetables and then we usually have also have potatoes which are just normal potato smart sweet potatoes I will probably not get myself an extra shake because well the intake of the check Brest is enough to hit the protein goal that I need to take it for one day so depending on what I am eating during the day and depending on what my mom is preparing and then a time I know it like do I need another shake or maybe no I'm not taking to it I'm

taking two shakes a day tops so do I need to take another shake or not and that being said they I just told you guys I usually take about two cans of these so starting and like whenever I get home which is usually about five and then we have dinner so when I get home straight dinner and then usually from like five to eleven and night when I go back to sleep I will have like one completely other can Savitch so that's like four liters of water and so it's a little less I think it contains like 1.9 liters yeah it says 1.9 at the bottom of it so one point nine times two three point eight quick math is what I take in for water every single day now when I work out it's either even more or if I don't work out it's like two cans that's it honestly that's kind of out there so I would not say that I eat a lot I just have to make sure that I do not hit the calories or get over the amount of calories that I'm allowed to intake at lunch because lunch is a huge factor if I eat too much during lunch time it's over it's actually over then I need to work out for sure to get into a caloric deficit cardio is good for that so yeah

that's about it honestly guys I don't really know if this video was kind of formative for you guys or if you still have like some vague answers about like can I eat - there's this what's good for me ask it that's all I can say make sure to drop your questions in the comment section down below make sure to like the video make sure to subscribe for new content because I also have some big stuff coming up expect an update soon guys make sure to subscribe to the channel be sure to leave a comment make sure to enjoy what you're seeing I'll see you guys later