08 June 2019

Learn more about the Amazing Science behind the Victory Nutrition Supplements

https://www.VictoryInNutrition.com VNI uses Prodosome® Encapsulation Technology in all products. Prodosomes® are unique phospholipid transport molecules ...

look at all these nutrition products did

you know three out of every four Americans use supplements just like I use supplements you probably use some too but the question is do they work do you know what these products are doing for your body is there scientific validation that backs them up sadly many companies claim to have science that supports their products but most truly don't sure there are many studies here and there on individual ingredients but most of these ingredients don't get used in the vast majority of commercial products very few companies actually have clinical results that is results from double-blind placebo-controlled trials that have been conducted on their actual finished products in truth there is very little understanding of what products can and can't do and whether they'll improve your health in short it is possible that many supplements are doing virtually nothing to improve our health there's one company that clearly stands out from the crowd by providing proven scientifically validated nutrition solutions when this company talks about having a legitimate bona fide science to back their products they're telling the absolute truth

victory nutrition international or BNI boasts more than 40 peer-reviewed published clinical studies on their actual finished products not Studies on individual ingredients but studies on the actual finished products all conducted in clinical settings under the identical recognized regulations and parameters used by legitimate medical and scientific research and this platform of scientific integrity and excellence supporting via NIH's proprietary world-class nutritional products physicians DNI has a valid beacon of health hope and abundance for people around the globe more than 34 years ago bill downs a published nutrition researcher and wellness product formulator recognized the shortcomings of nutrition products and programs from the beginning our team focused on establishing scientific validation as the foundation upon which our products and ultimately our company would be based in short real publish science using premium quality ingredients would be VNL eyes Stan deductions that standard of scientific excellence as quickly movie and I to the forefront of the nutritional science

field as we mentioned for a variety of reasons most supplements don't perform up to expectations because they can't deliver their ingredients to yourself they just don't get in some companies of move to a technology called liposomes to protect nutrients and improve their absorption levels liposomes are made up of water and fat loving molecules called phospholipids which mimic the membrane structure of the body's cells while this is a welcome improvement the truth is that liposomes still have big limitations in what they can carry are generally unstable they fall apart or unable to cover a full spectrum of nutrient needs via NIH's protostome technology has taken huge strides with this concept and moved it to an entirely new level what our protostomes while traditional liposomes involve a limited number of nutrients via nice protostomes are singularly unique molecules comprised of multiple layers of clusters of energetically enhanced and stable liposomes encapsulating a wide range of minerals nutrients and plant phytonutrients now called a protozoan these clusters have energetically enhanced protostomes are packed with in

another protozoan and clusters of those protostomes are packed with in another protozoan and so on making numerous sequential energetically enhanced nutrient dense phospholipid layers all able to hold transport and release countless nutrients into the cells simultaneously why is this cutting edge structure so important most products offer only a limited bioavailability over a short timeframe protostomes multi-layered structure on the other hand provides a stable rapid and prolonged release of various nutrients simultaneously over several hours feeding the body cells throughout the day for optimal nutrition and you can have the ultimate trust in the protozoan technology as it has been the subject of numerous clinical studies these peer review trials which have been published by recognized international journals such as the Journal of the American College of nutrition and the Journal of functional foods in health and disease our high standards for nutrition research especially for finished products protostomes offer what no other product can even come close to achieving synchronized absorption 100% of the time

and it's completely validated by science the protozoan technology is so amazing that v and i uses it in every one of its world-class products proto bite a patent-pending multi nutritional supplement that published research shows rapidly and effectively delivers all its active ingredients into your blood for the greatest benefits our patented brain reward optimizes brain function for stress relief elevated mood and mental sharpness [Music] and sort this proprietary exclusive formula utilizes protozoan absorption to rapidly deliver enzymes into the blood that boost and strengthen metabolism digestion immune competence and blood health by on extra stimulates your body's super powerful antioxidants for ultimate protection from toxins and free radicals that attack our cells every day [Music] [Applause] as you can see via nice exclusive and proprietary science sets us clearly apart proven by an impressive body of clinical results and demonstrated everyday by thousands of people just like you so what are you waiting for

try via nice products today and enjoy that new level of health and wellness you've been searching for [Music]