10 October 2019

Lean Year Round Diet | Full Day Of Eating

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[Music] good morning YouTube how we doing currently sippin on my the blackest coffee ever nobody for almond milk in it but we didn't have any so just got to deal with the dark bittersweet taste of this golden nectar well it's not gold but anyway probably shouldn't be having more caffeine this one because last night I got no sleep took too much pre-workout last night took a pretty late I think took about seven o'clock and taking 360 milligrams of caffeine or I think I took over uh scoops or like for Davila grams of caffeine that way yeah I was up until like 2:00 a.m. tossing and turning and I've got some emails that quite exciting which I'll be telling you about soon right before bed and I was just couldn't sleep my mind was all over the place but I'm starving we've got busy day today I'm gonna take you along with me I'll show you what I'm eating we'll get actually going to the u.s. in just over two and a half weeks without fatigue gonna see Christian meet up with everyone do some photoshoots and have a great time so actually doing a little bit of a cut again because after the

holiday when I came back for food poisoning I bump my calories up to about 3,000 now again gonna drop them down to about 2,700 and I'll show you today see this like full day everything booking them take you along with me I'm actually going to get some content about ten it's currently eight so it's gonna be good going with me over my mate and just get some filming done but anyway I'm still talking I'm starving it let's whip up some breakfast and I'm back with breakfast got two eggs five egg white bowl of oats with peanut butter honey and banana I love it call it male but oats and eggs you can't go wrong like honestly it's one of my favorite Mills have had a few years and this just makes me feel good and because we're gonna go filming in a bit high energy and the macros will be on the screen there and yes I'm going to do this now crack on with some emails but a little get work to do and I'll see you in a bit guys get some filming done but we need a snitch we had it's freezing out here but another bright autumn day well done England raining anyway we need to go get

a snack because I feel like the filming might take a bit of time and that it's a bit later than I wanted it to be I wanted to be out there by 12 so that we can train his push day as well I want to make sure I get quite a few calories in before we train because I had leg day yesterday and it was tough literally I didn't actually get out of the bar so when in did four sets of front squats then like six sets of back squats then did back lunges front lunges with the barn that finished a leg extension hamstring curl was crazy lots of energy expenditure but if I don't get enough food in between training I think I said this is my last video I just tend to feel flat so let's go get a snack snack quiet I've got myself protein bar it's a grenade birthday cake warning you know what it's not too bad not the best but it's not too bad and snack on this and I bought myself a rather anemic looking Apple I mean I don't think I mean I love apples but I don't think they're in season right now yeah gonna have this snack for the filming I get some good workouts I'll show the gym it's pretty cool that we're going it's like a bit of like a

it's like a fight school but it's got a cool little weight section so get some workouts in then and then we'll come home get some food in pre-workout meal here the gym big push day can't wait one my favourite ashes oh it's a little cat are you so cute yet like a little fold it is so I get distracted so easily anyway you need this and I'll see you in the gym yeah there's a cooler gym we've just got some filming in some chest and back and shows an arm session coming for my Instagram later on this week really good got a decent pump while I was doing it but awesome little gym not too far from where I live just mainly flat MMA things like that I'm gonna get some footage for car now and then I will go home get some more food in we're gonna go train some push later and I'll see you back at home and we are home I am making the chicken and rice as usual my favourite meal going to throw some frozen grilled vegetables on there that those if you have them in your supermarket or store get them because they are so tasty we're gonna have this and then get ready for the gym but one thinking might need an extra little snack because we did

train quite a little bit when I was doing the exercise demonstrations so it might need a little extra snack but we'll see we'll see what's this door but I'll cook this up and I show you what it looks like lunch is here chicken rice my favorite meal tide Jasmine got some mixed frozen grilled vegetables under there I'm gonna have a great time also I have the light and light Mayo the sausage you can't forget sources this stuff over 90 percent less calories than normal air or why would you ever have the other stuff and the red Frank Red's hot Reds red hot it's the best hot sauce ever not actually hot it's just tangy add a bunch of flavor and I recommend it for anyone dieting who wants a low calorie like sauce on their food so I'm gonna eat this up now quickly do some things around the house and then get another snack and go train hey guys so I ended up going with some toast with some jam on I mean I just like to make sure that I'm getting in enough calories before I trained I feel like when I diet or I put myself into carry deficit I'm very susceptible feeling flat quite quickly just from how I train you know is loss

of volume lots of sets and reps high intensity so with all that energy expenditure and going in deficit I always find sometimes I get a bit flat so keeping my carbs nice and high and on the weekend you know I bump them up again you know fairly fast metabolism I train hard so this will be a good deficit for the week then I'll bump it up maybe to about 500 carb one down neither Saturday or Sunday and then bring it back down that helps me stay full and I like to surround my workouts with quite a few carbs so this is gonna be going in now actually we've got to top it because me and Doug we were talking about it I tend to stay quite lean year round I mean I only feel like I'm around four weeks out at any given time it made me push like six so I think I might enter a competition not sure which one yet I'm not sure what categories probably just gonna be men's physique so I know I can do pretty well in that category as I've done it before but I think I'm gonna do like a two-week prep or like maximum four weeks just to show you that if you live a healthy and active lifestyle that you don't go

through this crazy bulking and cutting cycles if you maintain a certain level of leanness you can literally just diet well I have to ruin your life you have to sacrifice too many things because two three maximum four weeks over you can die in rein it in a little bit tighten up and just walk into a show and that's why I want to show you guys anyway I'm gonna enjoy this get the gym alright guys so we are at the gym and when I say we I mean me this hired nurse hit me all that filming this morning and then just being at home having lunch I just got really tired seeing as I didn't sleep that much yesterday literally got no sleep whatsoever but where the gym now and because the pre workout prevented me from sleeping it's gonna give me energy again now some fight fire with fire having some more pre-workout I'm gonna go kill this massive post session I've just planned it I mean normally I do plan my workouts like just before I train them I would just avoid do it but I do also take you know programs and guides speaking of which mine are releasing next Thursday on the 17th let me just double check that is the 17th on the

17th of October 2019 5 p.m. G British Standard Time and ago right was at GMT the MT anyway everything is gonna be covered in these plans from weight loss to muscle gain it comes with nutrition and workout manuals to ensure that your training and eating right calculating macros it's gonna be amazing and I can't wait to release it with you guys please keep an eye out for it but the link will be in the description now and it will be live at that time anyway I think what I feel like the pre-workout kicking now I can feel my energy levels increasing so I'm gonna finish the last little bit [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] as my first workout done honestly I normally sweat a lot but this is ridiculous like I literally just touched the weight today and I just started riffing I mean is it possible are we gonna get some juice oh yes a little bit like and that is disgusting I can't believe that this is ridiculous I have actually think I ruined this top

I just touched a dumb the weights today and I just seem to start pouring it's like someone was late well it's a blues anyway I'm gonna go home and grab a protein shake let's do it hi guys so I'm home looking terrible because the workout absolutely killed me my eyes apparently are really red domi was like they look pretty bad but okay she's over there say hello okay so I came home had a protein shake I didn't film it because there was no space on the memory card had to make some space so 1/2 scoops of were too late and I'm making my post-workout meal because you know proceeds just protein cooking up some pasta gonna put some chicken on there with some sauce and I'll show you the end result all we've bought this stuff the other day which is pesto seasoning so it's all the benefits of the flavor or pesto but not the fat I don't think it's any good one gram of fat how mainly is that and this you can go a little bits and nuts in see that TK Maxx for you or TJ Maxx for you Americans anyway I'm gonna make this and I'll show you the end result oh right so the pre-dinner got 80 grams of pasta 150 grams of chicken and some mayo and hot

sauce can because you know bo is the one macros would be there this is great meal then we're gonna have another meal probably in about 6 now pull it up eight eight-thirty which would be protein veg I'll show you what that is we're going to crack on with some editing now get those videos up on Instagram and yeah have a great evening are we last milk but making last meal it's just a lot of protein of varying I've got some leftover couscous that I'm gonna have and we got these protein crisp bread we're gonna have two of these each and some batter because protein yeah I noticed that he's been a bit like desires beans okay below in place but that's okay because I do flexible dieting I know my targets I know I need to hit and I hit them macros be there and we're gonna enjoy this please like share subscribe and I'll see you in the next one me so I'm back and this is the meal got lots of broccoli the basser couscous and the grilled peppers that I dropped on the floor anyway we're gonna enjoy this watch the office and this time we'll see you next one so we were supposed to be in bed half an hour ago

made up watching memes and eating a bowl of okay what because you know rules they're meant to be broken and this happens probably every other day you know you have a good day a bad day as it plays out well so its final two weeks till America so two weeks clean this is my last tree