04 August 2017

LCHF vs HCLF Vegan Maximum Weight Loss 30 day Challenge

LCHF vs HCLF Maximum Weight Loss 30 day challenge. My Progress, Weight loss, and What I eat in a day. Week 1 of the Dr. Mcdougall Maximum Weight Loss ...

hi this is Selena with clean-eating

Selena welcome to my first video so I wanted to talk a little bit about the maximum weight loss program also can be referred to the diet that is similar or somewhat outlined in this is a high carb low fat plant-based diet so I have started a 30-day maximum weight loss by dr. mcdougal program here is the OOP you can see it so definitely worth checking out he has another book called the starch solution it's got a potato on it so this is the more advanced version if you were so again it follows high carb low fat so I've been doing it for about a week and a half so before this I was doing a low carb high fat vegan or plant-based diet I did lose about 4 pounds you know sometimes your weight fluctuates but at the end it was 4 pounds I don't really felt like I saw the difference in my body and my stomach still didn't look really great comparatively it was nice eating avocados and that better all the time but I was eating just to give you a comparison of the low carb high fat vegan diet that I was eating just for 30 days as a challenge just like this one I'm doing it but I think imma stick to

it umm but with a low carb high fat I was eating at least one avocado a day usually to dinner for breakfast I would have juice or some sort of fruit I did now buy juice what I mean is green juice so this is something that I'm also doing in the high carb low fat diet or / maximum weight loss 30-day challenge that I'm doing so I purchased a kuvings juicer about a couple months ago so I've been trying to have a green juice in the morning now the only difference with the program I'm doing now is I'm actually not using it as a meal replacement I'm having oatmeal and then a half of a green juice or when I can so at least for three or four times a week maybe more so back to the low-carb program that I was doing so that was my breakfast my lunch was usually salad with beans pretty consistently or I would just skip it because I would snack and grease throughout the day and I am still drinking kombucha did it before doing it now I've had some stomach issues and I really feel like it just helps with that good bacteria usually just during the week I'm having me be half of a bottle of the GT brand so now on the hike ah

I'm sorry the low carb high fat diet I was snacking a lot was eating a lot of fruit Oh sometimes though to have a protein vegan protein shake with banana almond milk strawberries or berries some flax seeds spirulina so I don't really do that right now although I have used a little bit of the bacon protein powder like a half a scoop not a full scoop in my oatmeal a couple times so that is what I would have for lunch now the snacks I would have the health warrior chia seed bars and really like protein bars I've tried them and it not a fan it's just you don't taste great after all chia seed bars they wouldn't be as many calories but they're high in fat so I can't really have those right now also the things that I would snack on during the day would be strawberries banana apple with almond butter so a lot of fruit in the previous high fat low carb that I was doing a lot of fruit dinner would be I've tried the cauliflower rice that was fun I did that again with the same thing because it's still loud I love zoodles but mostly it would be salads with beans most most the time and then I started getting into the point where I just

needed something more so I did end up getting low-carb tortillas now even though some people would say oh that's fine I don't really like to eat too much processed foods although before I started either of these 30-day challenges I was kind of an addict for the bean chips and spicy hummus it is just one of those yummy snacks that you love but if you look at the calories on the hummus it's like 70 calories or 60 calories per serving it's maybe one ounce or two tablespoons and then you figure you're eating a small thing of hummus and you've just consumed six or seven hundred calories within a couple days so pretty high the bean chips I got were high in fiber and protein but needless to say they were processed and MacDougal talks about you know the he explains how your body responds to processed foods and the instant intestines absorption and how it increases the insulin release so it's a really excellent book so you should definitely check this out so I don't eat that anymore also what I was doing high fat low carb I was eating a lot of nuts I'd have raisins when I went to the

movies I would instead of having popcorn anything I would bring just nuts almonds and berries or sometimes cocoa nibs and that is really healthy but it's really high in fat so as you can tell from the stuff I was eating yes very plant-based but very high in fat of course which was what the program was but also like heart low carb so it's not eating oatmeal so now let's fast-forward to what I'm doing now so now I'm doing the mcdougal program for maximum weight loss which is basically starch solution some people would also consider this a version of the potato diet it is a little bit more strict but I really like what is outlined so I started this a week and a half ago I have lost about pound pound and a half and not only now I know I just started but I actually feel like I look really good now I when I first started it I was a little bit bloated in my stomach but you know you go from no carbs to eating a bunch of potatoes your body is like yes finally but no I don't really have any issues with that anymore just eat normally and I finally was able to cook rice and it tasted good so that

was an achievement but it's breakfast with my high carb low fat again maximum weight loss program I've been having oatmeal and then I would have maybe a half of a green juice when I say half about 16 ounces you want to know when I put my green juice it kind of berries but usually it's cucumber celery and kale and then the stuff that I alter I'll put in mint or parsley and sometimes I'll put in beets and line up beets in a lemon and maybe carrots now I know carrots are really high in sugar so I'm trying to not do that but mostly just greens I can but if you want to know why juice just a side note there is a study by a physician that actually kind of inspired me to go vegan more than a year ago year and a half ago it's called the Gerson diet so basically it's the idea that plant-based nutrition if you supercharge your body with juice and healthy vegetables and fruits it can heal all sorts of diseases which it can still be possible with any plant-based diet but it's just more an advanced version and juicing as part of that I technically have not purchased the book I've read the studies online and watch some youtubes from the Gerson Therapy

some of their videos but using plant-based vegan it's can heal cancer heart disease type 2 diabetes there's some really amazing things and I do not have any chronic disease I mean I have asthma but it's pretty serious I've had it since I was born so sorry my vegan diet has not killed my Houseman but it's not as bad as it was before especially when I cut out cheese so so I'd like to sing I feel like I really want the extra nutrition another great resource to check out is crispy cancer com just the idea if you're not vegan and you're curious about a plant-based diet and you want to learn more just check out crispy cancer com amazing videos and testimonies about people who switched from the standard American diet to plant-based and healed their cancer healed their diseases and are not looking back and um okay so it coming back that's why I do so rabbit trail on and so breakfast I'm doing about three same thing about maybe three or four times a week if not more I'll do a green juice and oatmeal in it well the oatmeal so one thing I love about meal which I missed when I did the first 30-day challenge which was

low carb is it really fills me up so I have a desk job work eight hours a day and I don't want to have to get off the phone because I'm tied to my desk I'm tied to a phone and you can't get up a lot I mean preferably shouldn't be getting up and down and eating between calls so oh meal has really been great for that because it keeps me full for so long that soluble insoluble fiber I don't really like processed oatmeal if I can I got the I'm not quite sure the name of the brand bread Hill something like that it's organic oatmeal really thick but it's great in the morning I try to limit my sugar now dr. mcdougal sets you don't have to quit figure but just use it very minimal just for taste just don't use it to cook with so um I prefer coconut palm sugar because it's lower glycemic now I'm not drinking any coffee or tea because it's not really a part of the program I'd when I was not doing the program when I was doing low carb high fat it was drinking tea I try to keep the decaf I'm a little caffeine sensitive and have some insomnia so I shouldn't really have a lot of caffeine because I stay up pretty late so not really too much

stevia anymore so the breakfast I'm still putting a little bit of flaxseed just maybe a half to a whole teaspoon in the morning with my oatmeal just for the Omegas and again just a few times I'm doing maybe a half a scoop of the protein powder but it's not something that you need on this plan it's just yeah something that I just added and banana and or strawberries from the farmers market so that's my breakfast normally I would like to do potatoes and vegetables maybe this coming week because I love doing kidney beans with a potato spam bowl and you're doing the broccoli and the bell pepper and green onions he's so good okay so what am i eating for lunch on maximum weight loss program so I am usually just using my leftovers I just make extra when I'm cooking dinner and I am bring it to work because only have a 30 day 30 minute lunch so it's very short I mean you basically don't have room to do a lot after you fill up your water use the restroom find a spot outside grab your lunch it's maybe you 20 minutes maybe 15 minutes to eat so sometimes I don't even have time to eat very much if anything so but I am bringing my leftover rice or

potatoes and then my salad with my beans I just get organic beans also I try to eat only organic I've been doing that for a long time there's a lot of junk in the pesticides and genetically modified food so you can eat organic for your body so rice potatoes yes I used ketchup spring mix with some tomatoes cucumber and just low rice or sweet potatoes also russet potatoes I like baking my potatoes into fries I think they are just so amazing it's so easy to do you just use parchment paper look at the little box when you buy it don't heat the oven over 420 degrees and you don't have to clean your pan they don't get stuck you just put your potato slices on there and check them every 15 or 20 minutes flip it season and no oil so I'm not using any oil and it does not need oil to cook it and that brings me to dinner which I just told you that it what I'm eating so what about snacks my snacks have been definitely decreased so I'm not hungry all the time like I was before I think my oatmeal for that but also the carbs which is the whole premise beside behind the maximum weight losses McDougal talks about eating make sure you're having enough of those

starches or plant-based carbohydrates because you don't want to be ravenous you want to be hungry you want to make sure your body's satiated so it definitely does the trick but when I do want to snack I can't have minutes I can't make you see bar anymore and I want to limit my fruit so let's see I'm trying to reel it figure out what I'm eating I guess I'm just not snacking that much maybe I'll have a half a banana I did kind of cheat a little bit and have one of my coconut yogurts they're just so good and it is low in fat the sugar I mean you can't really win so it's not really recommended but um drinking water or my juice I try to just do that occur again green juice if you're juicing fruit it's really high in sugar a lot of people don't recommend it there's great nutrition in it but if you're trying to lose weight don't juice a bunch of sugary stuff so I'm only a week and a half in I've lost about 1 and 1/2 pounds and some of you might say well you lost 4 pounds doing low-carb well I don't think I like the science behind the high carb low fat because it does make a lot of sense high fat is not really good for

you good for your body inside hearts it's just long - it's not a good long-term solution and also I don't feel like I looked as good yes four pounds is an achievement but it was kind of fluctuating one day I'd be down a couple pounds the other day I'd be go back up to my starting weight and I started thinking well maybe the reason that I lost that weight is not because I was doing oh I thought maybe it's because I was juicing in the morning cuz I was using a juice as a meal replacement because I felt like I didn't have anything else to eat in the morning that I'd want to make so something else to consider but I am NOT doing that as a meal replacement I'm having it in addition to or as a snack and I'm using drinking less juice and I'm having oatmeal and I'm still slimming down and actually my little muffin top little love handles are going down I am really happy but I am doing this for 30 days so I'm going to try to check back with you and let you know how it's going hopefully it will be good and I'll lose a little bit more but as far as fitness some of you might be wondering well are you working out yes I am working out so

I have been doing a 12-week program by kala it scenes each body guide this is something that I have been trying to complete for maybe two years on and off I'll get six weeks in and then I can enter towards school have too much homework or I don't feel good or just make excuses and I don't finish it and there's so much time between the last workout and then when I finally do you want to workout that I just start over because there's no point as it gradually gets more deaf but I'm on week 8 it's about done I'm gonna start week 9 so I'm getting close to my 12 weeks but what this program is is circuits you're doing seven-minute circuits for and there's four circuits so it's about 3035 minutes and you do that two or three times a week and in addition to that on separate days you are dealing cardio or low intensity state about 35 to 45 minutes I love running I was really inspired to do another half marathon this year another race and then we just got hit with the worst unimaginable heat and I'm pretty sure I gave myself minor heatstroke last week for running an hour in hundred degree weather no joke I had a headache

that would not go away I was not dehydrate I was not um coming off caffeine and I was staying hydrated tylenol didn't really help and I'm better now but it's kind of scary so don't go running in hundred degree weather it's great for your body so I'm gonna go later to the gym so walking and running and that's what I'm doing so it's sometimes I walk I just don't feel like running again I told you about asthma I'm a slow runner I kind of have to be consistent to build up my running time but just do something be active yep but um I've been doing this before I did at either of the programs is the workout workouts I like to stay active and maybe three or four times a week maybe five I'll try and work out but thanks for watching and again if you would like to check out what I'm eating or my workouts you can check out organic food fitness on Instagram I am creating a new Instagram for clean eating Celina because this is a new channel for me and I want to have new Instagram just dedicated to this kind of stuff so check out both of them but most pictures are gonna be on organic food fitness thanks for watching and go vegan