10 June 2019

Latest Products for Healthy Living with Andrea Donsky on Windy City Live

Andrea Donsky, recently appeared on Windy City Live to share with us the latest products for healthy living. 1. Collagen whole body benefits for the skin, your ...


new products for healthy living and then later performance here and we all want to get healthy so here with the latest spring healthy living trends nutritionist and founder of naturally savvy calm and you're down ski because you always it's like a perfect time to clean out your cabinet off everything that's old and stock it with good stuff that's ready for now exactly let's talk about the latest trends cuz you're on the pulse of everything I am and you know what my biggest thing right now is collagen collagen collagen collagen so what's great about collagen is that as we age our collagen levels decrease yes and collagen is the glue that holds everything together our skin or joins our muscles so when our collagen goes down our skin starts to Sag our joints start to hurt us so we could take collagen internally to help replenish what we're losing got it which is amazing so this is from you theory it's a hydrolyzed collagen meaning it's broken down into small little peptide so we can absorb it better so I want you to smell that okay those are really good it's a vanilla ones most really good it comes in tablets it comes in powder and

you can add it to whatever you're drinking for them to your smoothie put into your coffee and it works amazing and it has whole body benefits so not only for your skin but it also helps your ligaments and your joints and your muscles when you start taking new products like this like how long before you start seeing the benefits of them so it's a great question it really depends on what it is you're taking so something like collagen it actually stays in your body for three months so I would start taking you'll probably see a difference within like a few weeks even a month Wow it really really works well to hold everything and this smells really good delicious it's a vanilla okay all right now what do we have next okay so we've got a major fiber deficiency in this country we do in North America and from Canada we have in Canada too so we're supposed to get anywhere from 25 to 40 grams of fiber a day we aren't even coming close to that so what this is a regular girl so when you think I'm regular when you think of a moment of fiber supplement what do you think about gloopy right Nick right yeah

regular girl hasn't none of that what's so amazing about it is that it's a blend between a prebiotic fault soluble fiber okay and probiotic so I just want you to put that into the Paquette but the whole packet is C you can put it into whatever you're drinking hot or cold mix it up you'll see it'll completely dissolve whichever does what's great about it is that it moves to our body at the perfect speed so it doesn't cause any gas or bloating which is great and each packet that you see on the table there I know I know it has no taste it has no odor and it has such a nice mouthfeel it's such a great product Ryan you're gonna love it [Music] [Applause] I love it I love it I love it it's such a good product all right I need this regularity well I'm leaving everything for you so okay I didn't tell me what you thought right now Ryan's gonna love this Kido okay Ryan you're on the keto diet yeah so these are called real zaimes from pure essence now everybody has a different diet right so you're a keto I'm paleo you might be omnivore hi yeah

these and nothing right now the audience might be vegetarian or vegan right so there's no one diet fits all right same thing when it comes to digestive enzymes as we age our digestive enzymes decrease meaning that we can't absorb our food the way we once were able to so we want a little bit of help so reals ions have different versions of digestive enzymes for the different solutes that you're doing so it's customizable to what you have so Ryan I'm gonna have you try the keto enzymes I'd love you to tell me what you think Val depending on what type of diet you're following well these are great to help us digest our food better every Monday it changes the idea of going vegan okay so then I don't know if I want to commit vegan so then I've been flirting with the idea of going vegetarian and I don't know enough about paleo so that'll be week three one question if I take the enzymes will Val have less gas that everybody knows I have this shoe emceed a nutrition conference and one of the topic or the theme was anti-inflammatory so how do we reduce inflammation in our body because

inflammation is a big keyword buzzword these days right so Omega 3 is what inflammation is - and why is it not good for your back so chronic inflammation can be anything from you know feeling pain in your body to things going on inside your body that you may not even know that's going on right so the reason why it's not great for us is because now experts are saying that it can lead to chronic conditions and illnesses got it so we want to keep that inflammation down in our body great way to do that is with omega-3 oils so Carlson is known for their omega-3 oils and they literally just launched their Omega single pack on the go little packets here I want you to try it - just what you're gonna do is you're gonna try and see how fresh it is so this is our very finest fish so just take it like this just take it on it's an on-the-go pack that you could take it wherever you're going it has 16 milligrams 1600 milligrams of omega-3s and this is there all of your heart that you get if you're like me and you go to restaurants literally I bring my own salad dressing cuz I'm not not yet and you can put it on your own your salad dressing or you

can put it in so great I don't need to drink that no so this is for salad dressing but that's for drinking to help reduce the inflammation it's a fish oil good I'm gonna be regulated I'm gonna be less inflamed okay so it's allergy season a lot of people have the watery itchy eyes right so this is allergy eye relief from semilla Sun it uses natural ingredients active ingredients that help to relieve our eye and to make it feel better it helps to soothe it so it uses those natural greens instead of chemical ingredients like antihistamines right yes you put it right in so you have to just squeeze the top part oh do you think the glass bottle not very smart and it says it on the package do not squeeze the black the glass bottle squeeze oh just a plastic bag right now right and then it'll help to just soothe your eyes and make it feel better and it's available at Walgreens you know I'd like to it didn't drip it didn't drip yeah well miss your makeup and also it's completely safe for people who are contact lenses so it won't harm contact lenses love it which is great all right and then finally essential oils and aromatherapy huge trend it's great

because I yeah yes I love it because aromatherapy has so many health benefits so here I want you to smell that this is from Gladys garden they've got their aromatherapy bracelet so I'm gonna have you put this on what's great about their bracelets is that it can it has ladder rocks the ladder ops are porous so what you do is you take their blends of essential oils in it and you literally just put it onto the lavrov and it becomes a mobile diffuser throughout the day and they have different blends this is grounding they have take five to help you relax you amazing right and you walk around with it all day long that's right when your coworkers like frankly Hank or stressing you out yeah you just you just walk by them ego and you not let anything bother you exactly or you make them smell it make sure you had to naturally savvy calm and follow Andrea at Andrea Donsky for everyone in our studio audience you're all going home with most of the products you see yeah [Applause] [Music]