20 July 2019


Last to stop eating their colored food challenge! Tiana and friends are in Dad's restaurant eating some fine colored food dishes. TIK TOK @Littlett07 Instagram ...


[Music] no guys I need yellow so I could possibly eat bananas and custard wait guys sorry said we don't get she's our food but we need to see what color t-shirt would have our top yellow green and red ready guys so let's change into our t-shirts and three to nice to stop eating their colored food time I've also seen this video friendly on YouTube also we're doing it with a twist because my dad's the chef which I'm not looking for this is the worst idea ever yeah anyway okay these are our I know you've been served Cory beans Jana you've been served peas and Taylor you've got mice put in she's gotta taste smell it oh yeah it's rice pudding mix it's so much 3/4 bow do you think I feel like it's got soup on it I think that is that's brown that is not red it's right put a bit like oh thank you compliments to the chef that's my flavor add my flavor to my spices on my business [Music] [Music] excuse me healthy dishes in my restaurant are you colorblind Euler I'll

be tasted by you no one's seen you taste anything chop chop John Oh leaves lettuce are you out of the challenge reminder girls stop spinning you waving at [Music] [Laughter] flaming noodles leaders there's some refreshments between course why would you say such a thing in this restaurant why would you say such a thing Island this restaurant tasted as yet what's the matter isla let's see what I love thinks Oh No moving over to Taylor [Music] nice you just had a drink up do you decide a drink of cucumber Taylor butter [Music] flavored chewy that's not red that's dirt and it's red [Music] all the good stuff meals of course oh yeah it was our last day at school today last day at school some stuff guess what my god Phil just try that it's gonna be good you're gonna be out the challenge of the other just like a cheesy oh no oh my buzzer what is this is vegetable soup Oh from my local farmers produce my

local farmer who's that farmer Giles lovely yeah you'll be in it finally I love tomato soup enjoy come on girls all right he's got nothing on that [Music] so looks like you all still in this challenge hold on a minute that's got some seafood in there as well do you know right now the blue seafood got prawns fish crabs I know you actually working in my restaurant could you seem to know a lot about my recipes and my menus what do you do is you for you let me cancel some drinks between course Tom pie blood Brussels sprouts smoothie all my foods gold up told you my life everybody enjoys my restaurant it's been closed for a long time now it's open enjoy new complaints from nobody else [Music] tailors yes it's very good there you go oh yes Sunday I've been knowing how they say I don't buy shop products I make my own recipe recipes earlier today liya I know you cannot complain but this special one got here this is definitely for you good olives definitely tried it no no no

Allah Venus so your ass change I'll be there all over with yeah already I am eternal you didn't say it smells oh I have eaten hurts of mine he's gonna be Oh I wish I could do you have bred Tiana that's one of our speciality soups it's called broccoli stir it stirs around in your stomach and make sure you get all the taste buds from the bottom of the ball what's on the outside [Applause] there's a twist to the challenge there's always a twist to challenges because the tail is out because of the yellow cheese yellow cheese so basically tiana chases her meal either tasting your milk or you both got to taste the Taylors [Music] [Music] this fish is yellow are you still in the challenge hot dog hot sauce Tiana avocado and gherkin pickle style [Music] [Music] or plenty of booze there's a good protein well you've not even at your gherkin yet Tiana so you've got needs to get the

gherkin and taste it just like so well are you out of the challenge gills reminds the owner of the rules well it was official eyelet is the winner either [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] you silly little girl yep oh don't go to smaller why do you wash it down with some kebab there's always a winner if I was drugged [Music] all down she's done really well she loves bad meals but your your donors at that no I'll is the winner no I'm always a winner when you cook food like that you're always a winner Bon Appetit ladies okay better okay [Music]