25 September 2018

Korean Bulgogi Noodles, Onion Rings & Mojos Mukbang & My DIET

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hey guys so I actually spent like a minute just taking the thumbnail of this muck bump so today I'm going to be eating Korean stir-fried noodles I think the flavor of this is bulgogi and then I made some mojos and onion rings which doesn't look that good but it tastes good so I was like you know what it doesn't matter let's go ahead and eat okay hmm actually like the Korean bulgogi because it has a sweetness to it it's not just salty just like other noodles which is nice and also by the way I know some people would like expect me as an Asian person to eat for the chopsticks but I'm sorry to disappoint you guys I don't know how to use the chopsticks so you will have to settle with this yeah all right so let's eat some nachos that's pretty good and actually right now it is so hot how I wish I could put the aircon on but I don't know if you guys would find it stirring mmm these onion rings would be so much better if I ate them as soon as I finish cooking them because now they're kind of soggy okay I don't think I can handle the heat in this room right now so I'm going to put on the aircon and

you guys will have to forgive me okay I have to put it on sorry oh by the way I really wanted to talk about it's just next up model just kind of like the follow up of it episode 5 in Han got eliminated but for some reason Han actually reminded me of Cindy from the last season yeah there's so much similarity no it's maybe it maybe it's their personality but yeah by the way is there any correct way of eating noodles because I feel like I don't know how to I don't slurp it like how other people do it I don't even know how to gracefully eat noodles do you guys know are you so demure and you eat noodles for me I just eat it like a four-year-old child would do so yeah the only not-so-good thinking about eating these types of foods it's because it's really oily but since this is like my sheet kind of meal I'm totally fine with it I kind of feel it on my face okay like greasy foods these are good but I think these would be so much better if I take them as soon as I cook them because they're not crunchy anymore you know what I think I should really go

back to trying out the intermittent fasting because I feel like that diet really suited me well I find the intermittent fasting has really helped me so much especially lowering my blood sugar so I'm thinking of going back to doing intermittent fasting I think I'm almost up with my noodles my very soggy onion rings and I was thinking that maybe next time I should add less salt because this is kind of salty [Music] I was down for some of the noodles [Music] okay nice vibes [Music] I'm gonna try and like finish this it's good then it's salty [Music] I think I would stop at this point because I'm kind of getting full now also by the way let's step back to the subject of diet I'm so excited to try those Korean those kpop Korean diets and all that I know that those diets aren't sustainable and I wouldn't recommend them to anybody but I just wanted to try them out if they work or not diet that and I don't advocate them and I think if

the intermittent fasting because it has worked for me and has worked for a lot of people also there's a lot of health benefits that comes with intermittent fasting and I actually lost so much weight with that diet which is such a great thing because ayats should be fun and sustainable because there are some diets that aren't really sustainable at all they would work for a certain period of time but you can't eat just the exact same food every single day for the whole year or for the rest of your life that would be really sad okay food is life so that's it for now you guys I don't think I would be able to finish this at one go but however this food is not to go to waste I have my mom and my niece who would definitely like these my niece likes potatoes daddy see you guys I hope you all are having a great day and I'm planning to post more content on this channel and I think on my next video it's going to be a vlog so yeah that is it for now and I will see you all on my next video bye