08 March 2019

Kiwi Fruit Juice without using Blender/Juicer

Here I am presenting a tasty, chilled and nutritious Kiwi fruit juice without grinding its seeds (as broken seeds impart bitter taste to the juice). The emerald-green ...


hi friends let's start making the pv for juice for this we need flu invidious first we need is that to write kiwi fruit look at this color and texture is brown and fussy you should not use on Greg one now these two are very soft from inside the help of the thumb you can just put a little fussy and the checker think soft now these two are perfect for this juice we should not use unripe one red one will only gain salt least now let's look at what are the other impedance needed this is sugar yeah I am using 2 tbsp of sugar if you want to add more sugar you can always a particular taste to get a refreshing feeling I am here you see in few movies also but it's that also sub-q choice if you don't like mint flavor just think we sing video and you get a tangy taste I'm using a medium size I am going to take the juice of it now this is the important item needed for making the truth this is just a ziplock bag like this bag I am going to make the fury of the BBC now let's start cutting the cable for this I am you see one spoon one knife and a finger with these three items we are going to remove the skin of

the PVC now let's start feeding the cubicle so before doing that we need to cut off the slices of both edges of the [Music] now with the help of a spoon we can remove the skin of this given food we need to insert the spoon like this very carefully we have inside this one into this key before it has to go really closely to the skin like this and then we have to turn the spoon to the clockwise direction do we like this we can get maximum fresh from the sea if please need coming up we should not base the flesh part of the team you see it's very easy will you please try like this [Music] now let's start with the second food Here I am using the mirror just to show you this also we need to cut off the slices of both adjust us see the clean and also you can easily remove the screen of nothing [Music] [Music] we get stuck cutting the giving food [Music] that I am using the seeds of the Kiwi food but it's better to remove this

white portion because white portion will only living young you cannot make a fine taste office to beautiful so when we have to take the sis as he says that the seeds of you to come house a family of sensible you should not waste that six when you can remove the white part portion of history [Music] like this we can drop this into its mass market like this we need to chop the wood fuels into small small pieces now with the help of a sick dog bark I'm going to make it video since it's a medium-sized back I'm taking small portion of these pieces cut okay we are having a Giga signal back you can transfer the Ender pieces into the back and start making Netley [Music] now you need to save the cover bug spectacles by niklas it should not come out of the cover if you don't have the signal back don't worry you can use a single type of magnets now I am going to cross the tweezers you find paste notice we need to proceed gently not at the center you make now to make sure that we are not destroying making the seats

this is because in the seeds way it will be only so fixed so you should not mister the system was turning to find a status now turns out the entire party with a superb back I'm checking over there is a long slit so it must turn into fine twist so you are also lighting as it is now I am going to transfer this bulky to [Music] now we can start including the remaining aliens I'm going to cut the llama to know in the seeds of it I'm going to squeeze the lemon I'm not using the juice I started now we can start doing the link to the main piece for that this modulus finger [Music] we should not smash this case because we smash the Midway city where harsh least we have to perceive it real gently Here I am this is sugar and also a little bit of monomials also because it has to be professional to get the flag and so quickly extreme behind proscenium will eject we are not smashing latest [Music] movies because we need only the fragments of fun degrees you should not

smash it I am going to transfer this into the pod [Music] many people doesn't like me whoever and them believes just skip this but again I show you the use a little cheating which like that we add that now we are going to add sugar people and we do some burning piece of vellum on which the sleeves are soft and you do that [Music] it's better to transfer the heartbeat of attaboy then only the mixing can be properly done because here I am going to add water [Music] over [Music] you need to check the case to see whether this really is okay if you so in any black water mind if we check the tree story I feel it's built Strong's Suisse metal 2 and 1/2 glass of water moon [Music] mix it now the juices are naturally you can leave them in use because it has already give the fragments to them to the soul no need of removing the new

surface I am going to transfer you to see to the glass so they are I am adding few ice cubes you can transfer the juice into this vast Egyptology so that way the whole mixture which transferred another plus so one glass of juice is almost ready so here is the achieved tasty and nutritious food choices for yourself Thai process address that you please try this giving food buffet with a summer season and please vector field thank you [Music]