24 September 2018

Kids Diet Tips by Vardaan Diet

Kids lifestyle and diet tips. Hope you all find these tips helpful.

hi this is the edition and you Prashad

founder of bird on diet and nutritional clinic today I will be talking about kids health so very much frequently asked question by the parents they are very much worried about their kids diet even they are complaining that the child doesn't eat food they don't finish their food they are very much faster eat oh they don't eat fruits and vegetables they are gaining their weight or they are reducing their weight now as a parent you should have some points in mind for your kids diet which I'll be sharing with you all today number one don't force your child for food if you force your child for food then they will create bad relationships with the food sometimes the child is even not hungry we follow a fixed eating pattern like we follow we are having our fixed time for breakfast lunch and dinner we force our child to have me at that fixed interval of time at times the child is not hungry they don't eat food on that particular time as a parent you should figure it out what had happened why the child is not eating food like even the child must be just digesting their previous me so don't force a child of whom if the child skip one or two mean

nothing will happen the child will demand for the food when he or she is hungry most child even lose interest in fruits and vegetables you should notice what had happened why the child is not eating fruits and vegetables the child must have been fed with lot of sugary fruits like or junk foods the junk food is designed in such a way that it creates addiction they affect the brain receptors in the brain so like feeding the child at with the junk food at the age of 4 to 5 child even are not aware of lot of things at that age the child are not aware about your food what you are eating the they are aware the tongue has a taste of the junk food so when you feed your child with normal mean they don't accept the mean because yummy is not that tasty what the junk food was so to give your child like you can feed your child with sugar they are ways to feed your child with sugar like you can give your child sugar shut up like sorry date syrup or with a jaggery or sometimes you can even give your child dates this point like even you can treat your child with junk food like at times I mean to say into for this you need to

make a discipline like you need to educate your child about it when you are treating your child with junk food they should know that this is just a treat what they are getting if I'm not saying that don't give your child junk food you can treat them at times but you need to educate them about it so introduce those food at the right age now eating together family time you should have your one meal together at least one me so that the child should know what you are eating when we say our child eat this or eat that they are we are forcing them and the child like are not seeing that what we are eating if you have your meals together then the child will see what you are eating so they will start accepting the means what foods what we are eating some there are not two phases in child like there are lot of different phases at times the child eats banana for example and after sometimes the child stop eating banana like those are the faces in life what they keep on changing like at times again after six months they will stop I have some different choices suddenly they will start eating vegetables and fruits those who accept the and

respected phases of their life observe that what is going on and what changes they are undergoing sometimes like at least six to eight hours of sleep should be advisable for the child and you should have a proper water for good digestion create a good lifestyle and eating pattern with your child and reward your child like you should reward your child once in a week I mean to see you can treat your child for example the child for a whole week if they're eating healthy vegetables or healthy food then you should once in a week you should reward them so that they feel happy for what they are doing these are the tips you should keep in mind with your child die so eat healthy stay healthy thank you