04 July 2018

📲 KETOGENIC DIET PLAN FOR BEGINNERS: Foods To Eat, Health Benefits, Side Effects and Weight Loss.

KETO DIET 101: This is a basic but comprehensive KETOGENIC DIET PLAN for beginners including Foods To Eat, Health Benefits, Supplements Side Effects ...

the genic diet or keto is the low

carbohydrate moderate protein and high fat diet and it has been proven to help with weight loss and has many verified health benefits today I will give a basic but complete beginner's guide to the keto diet watch till the end of this video to learn about these plus what to eat and what not to eat went on to the diet and I have a free gift for you at the end of this video hello my name is dr. Malak homemaking and on this channel I supply you with practical tips to help you stay healthy fit and happy and improve your personal performance and workplace productivity and so if today is your first time here consider hitting the subscribe button and turn on the notification button so you will be the first to get my new videos now before we go into our ketogenic diet talk today I love to ask you a few questions have you heard of key to diet before have you tried the diet before what are your thoughts about it what are questions let's hear from you drop your comments in the comment section below share your knowledge with others personally I read and respond to all comments now what is ketogenic diet

ketogenic diet involves a drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat in our diet now this puts your body in a state called ketosis in ketosis your body becomes incredibly efficient and burning fat for energy now there are different types of the ketogenic diet but we will be looking at the most researched and the most recommended type so they can get to daily diet help you lose weight yes it is a very effective way to lose weight in fact research shows that the ketogenic diet is far superior to other methods of weight loss and it is relatively more effective because of increased protein intake increased ketones lowered blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity which promotes fat burning and there are other health benefits of keto diet including benefits against diseases like heart disease cancer or x'mas disease epilepsy Parkinson's disease polycystic ovarian syndrome and so on however keep in mind that research for many of these are inconclusive ok how is the diet on the list of what to eat and what not to eat and keto diet varies and

what is accepted in a group or cycle may not be accepted in another but generally any food that is high in carbohydrates should be limited reduced or eliminated so foods to avoid include sugary foods sudah fruit juice smoothies cake ice cream candy and so on grains and strategies like with this product rice oats pasta couscous cereals and so on generally all foods excluded from the ketogenic diet except small portions of berries other foods to avoid include beans legumes peas kidney beans peanuts roots vegetables and tubers like young korea cassava potatoes sweet potatoes carrots and so on a corner on general luffa Nigerians and African food like oppa a Malaga is a more actually eat goosy soup and so on are to be avoided what are the foods to eat the foods to eat include meat pork doc quill turkey sausage pecan chicken beef veal good lamb and wild game now for Nigerians and Africa cow skin and bone is acceptable fish especially fatty fish salmon mackerel cod fish called trout internal shell fish clams oyster lobster crab scallops mussels shrimp squids mushrooms 2 whole eggs not in seeds

Armand wellnitz flax seeds chia seed Brazil has an order to be taken moderately and also healthy oils and fats like extra-virgin olive oil coconut oil avocado oil oil butter Gilad almond oil animal fat - preferably homemade mayonnaise will do that some stores sold - that could also be used arm food like butter or processed cheese cream milk unsweetened almond milk coconut milk and natural unsweetened Greek yogurt acceptable avocados and berries like blueberries strawberries raspberries and blackberries are like the fruits that are acceptable for the health benefits of apple cider vinegar I did an extensive video on it and you can watch by clicking the link indicator above or in the description section below or a foods that are permissible include green vegetables tomatoes onions peppers little spinach what a leaf curl and bitter leaf broccoli cauliflower cabbage cucumber and from Indians and Africans who and so on then condiment and spices that are suitable good salt black pepper turmeric cayenne pepper chili pepper cinnamon cumin parsley find the seal that's and saintly for the in psyllium husk very very important zero cob rice

zero cup noodles very important what is acceptable of course plink coffee with nothing included then tea like green peas almost hassle flour and coconut flour ninety percent dark chocolate and we can't exhaust the list now let's look at side effects of ketogenic diet and how to minimize them although the ketogenic diet is safe there may be some initial side effects this is called keto flu and it's usually over within a few days and the symptoms include low energy low mental function increased hunger sleep issues nausea discomfort with digestion and so on now to minimize these symptoms add some carbs for the first few weeks to train and teach the body before you completely eliminate cups also add extra salts your meals or take mineral supplements like sodium potassium magnesium now although this supplement is necessary some supplement came the very useful like medium chain triglyceride oil it can be added to drink so you got and it provides energy and helps increase ketone levels minerals like the magnesium sodium potassium mentioned caffeine exogenous ketones creatine which has

numerous benefits for health and performance especially if combining the ketogenic diet with exercise whey protein very important in shakes or in yogurts to help increase your daily routine intake now in conclusion ketogenic diet is great but it is not for everyone it can be very great for people who are overweight diabetic or looking to improve their metabolic health and as with any diet it will only work if you are consistent is stick with it in the long term there you have it did you learn anything new today don't forget to hit the like button and stay subscribed and I have a free gift for you it's an e-book titled fire your doctor it gives you 30 timeless tips to help you enjoy to the health ideal with a better sense get it through the link in the description section below and now have you heard about keto diets before have you tried a diet before what are you thoughts about it what are questions let's hear from you drop your comments in the comment section below share your knowledge with others and personally again I read and respond to all comments take charge of your health and happiness