10 March 2019

ketogenic diet 28-Day Keto Challenge

ketogenic diet 28-Day Keto Challenge http://bit.ly/2O0Ba1P A typical ketogenic meal includes a 3-5 ounces of protein, usually cooked in natural fats (for example ...

what are the best and the worst protein

sources when you are on a ketogenic diet it's not as simple as it's getting your proteins and fats in honestly if you really want to take care of your body you have to take it one step further and know where your protein sources are coming from but also what they're doing inside your body that you may not even be aware of hey if you haven't already make sure you hit that subscribe button I post three to five videos per week also live broadcasts so you'll never miss a beat when it comes down to health fasting ketosis workouts you name it if you're already a subscriber make sure you hit that little bell icon so you can turn on notifications whenever I go live or post in your video so let's get straight to it I'm gonna lay out the three proteins that I think that you should focus on and lay out the three proteins that I think you should absolutely avoid at all costs or at least try to reduce your consumption of first off salmon alright this kind of an obvious one right you would have expected Thomas to Lauer to be talking about salmon because it's higher fat and it just makes sense on a ketogenic diet but I want to take

it a little bit further than just traditional salmon first off let me explain why you want to make sure you're getting wild cut and not farmed this is a story that you've probably heard before but a lot of it has to do with what are called PCBs PCB stands for polychlorinated biphenyls okay and what these PCBs do is they cause a lot of chaos with your autoimmune system within your body what that means is that whenever you consume these PCBs it's triggering your immune system to actually start this cascade of different white blood cells and different immune responses that cause your body to fatigue you may not feel it right in the front end but you're gonna feel it when it comes down to burning fat having more energy things like that because your body is wasting resources on triggering up the immune system then the resources it should be using to help you burn some fat get in better shape and feel great so what we're finding particularly in a study those published in the journal Science is that salmon samples that were wild caught ended up not having too much in the way of PCBs still a little bit because they were able to be consumed

through whatever that fish was eating and through the ocean etc etc but salmon that was farm-raised ended up having eight times as much in the way of PCBs okay so we know farm-raised bad wild-caught good but let's talk about one other thing the omega-3 omega-6 profile and again if you're a subscriber of mine you know I talk about this all the time but let me lay something out a little bit different it's not the Omega threes we're focused on with the salmon I honestly don't even care too much about that I'm focusing more so on how much in the way of omega-6 there is see the omega-6 of what we want to be watching we don't want to be consuming a ton of it omega-6 is what's gonna cause another inflammatory response within the body it's also going to make you feel very foggy and it's a very bad fat to run on when you're on a ketogenic diet so what they've been finding is that when you take just a half a filet of wild-caught salmon you have approximately 340 milligrams of omega-6 but when you take that same half a filet of salmon from a farm-raised source there's almost 2,000 milligrams of omega-6 we're not talking

a small negligible difference here we're talking a huge difference that can make you feel like absolute garbage so we don't want the omega-6 as we do want the Omega threes now the omega-3s have been shown in other studies to activate something that is known as mechanistic target of a rat myosin what the heck is that well in short it's called mTOR and it's our body's anabolic system it's what triggers our body to store muscle or to build muscle and there was a study that was published in the journal of clinical science that found that omega-3 consumption ended up increasing imports igniting by 50% and ultimately ended up increasing protein synthesis by 50% what does that mean to you as the ketogenic lifestyle person it means that the protein you're going to consume is actually synthesized into muscle versus going through the gluconeogenesis pathway and getting converted into sugar and kicking you out of ketosis so it's very very important that you get the right amount of omega-3 yeah enough about salmon but I do have one more little thing to add go for sockeye salmon Atlantic salmon is higher fat okay we want to go for the leaner salmon

okay don't go for the high fat salmon even though we're supposed to believe that we should be eating salmon because of the fat content no forget all that too much fat means also toxin build-up toxins are stored in the fat so go for the salmon because the fats that are in it are good but still go for the lowest fat salmon that you possibly can like sockeye the deep red stuff alright now let's get into the next thing let's talk about lean cuts of red meat why lean cuts okay don't go for the super high fat cuts all the time unless you absolutely know the source okay if we go for leaner cuts of meat it allows us to control the fats that we're putting in our bodies so let me break this down a little bit more if you eat a leaner cut of meat you're not relying on the fat coming from the meat because if you rely on the fat coming from the meat you could be allowing yourself to become dependent on whatever toxins and whatever omega-3 profiles are in that meat whatever that animal ate in the past but if you eat at a leaner cut of meat contrary to what all the keto people out there will tell you you can add your

coconut oil in you can add your avocado you can add your macadamia nuts you can take control of the fats while you still get good high quality protein but when it comes down to beef and I've done videos on this before you have to make sure you're getting grass-finished beef do not get just grass-fed grass-finished means that it's had grass its entire life so the omega-3 profile is good and solid so again when you choose the lower fat cuts of meat you're getting the higher quality fats now this video is sponsored by butcher box there's a company that has made it entirely possible to get grass-fed grass-finished beef and also pasture raised chicken at a price cheaper than you find at the grocery store delivered right to your door so I really appreciate them sponsoring this video what makes these kind of videos possible so if you want to check them out and get a discount on that grass-fed grass-finished beef go ahead and check it out in the description below but this rule applies for everything okay even when it comes down to chicken fish whatever always try to go for a leaner cut you can control the fats a lot better now let's talk

about another protein source something that's not an actual meat okay in this case I want to talk about Bulgarian yogurt why on earth has Bulgarian yogurt not gotten more popular I don't get it it's awesome stuff so Bulgarian yogurt uses a much more diverse bacterial profile in it whereas Greek yogurt you're really just looking at thermophilus and you're looking at a little bit of Bulgaria okay not a whole lot of different bacterias but when you look at Bulgarian yogurt you have bifidus added in there as well and the bifida strains are many there are so many different strains of bifida so when you look at Bulgarian yogurt you're getting such a diverse profile of bacteria it can be a lot healthier on your gut and help digestion help you out with your immune system help you out with your brain but Bulgarian yogurt is different from Greek yogurt in the way that it's strained in fact it's barely strained at all Greek yogurt is strained three four sometimes five times to get at that thick consistency so it's really like a pudding it tastes amazing but it's missing a lot of the fun stuff that we

really need like we'd get out of Bulgarian yogurt I'm not anti Greek yogurt I just think Bulgarian yogurt gives you a little bit more also gonna give you a little bit more in the way of protein give you a little bit more in the way of fat if you choose to get a higher fat version of it but most importantly on the ketogenic diet it's a very very low carb and significantly lower carb than Greek yogurt so I highly recommend you check that stuff out if you don't do dairy check out coconut yogurt coconut yogurt is still a nice complete protein with a good diverse bacteria profile in it alright that was a mouthful but now I gotta give you the stuff you should avoid okay I like to lead this video off with the positive now let's get into the kind of negative world the first thing I want you to really be careful of is whey protein concentrate when you look at whey proteins you'll have whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate okay they're both whey protein one is just a more isolated version one still has the milk solids and everything like that I want to talk about whey protein

concentrate but I also want to talk about whey in general way is extremely insulin a genic what that means is that it's going to trigger an insulin spike when you're on a ketogenic diet the whole goal is to get your insulin levels really low make your blood sugar levels nice and stable you don't want these spikes of insulin well it's been found that whey protein is extremely insulin and genic meaning if you consume whey protein shakes all the time you're gonna down regulate your insulin levels when you down regulate your insulin levels you're making it so that you're not going to be able to have that insulin sensitivity that you want that control over your insulin definitely something you want to be careful of now it's also been found that postprandial aminos glucose dependent peptides and glucagon-like peptide ZAR elevated after way consumption to a higher degree than they are after white bread consumption now for those of you that don't know what that means that means that when you consume whey protein you're causing a higher spike in insulin and glucagon like peptides things are gonna trigger different hunger responses

more so than you would if you consumed white bread yes whey protein spikes more insulin then white bread that will kick you out of ketosis and it will make your life kind of miserable if you're wondering why you have big massive energy swings on a ketogenic diet just chill out on the way protein the next thing tilapia now by now again you know that tilapia is probably not the highest quality fish you've probably seen some things out there in the internet but what's really interesting is that Johns Hopkins Center actually did some research and found that tilapia generally speaking is fed Pig feces and chicken feces yeah do I need to say any more okay so what's literally happening is tilapias metabolism is so unique that it needs very little nutrition which of course shines through and when you eat it you're not getting much nutrition but that tilapia is eating literally feces and it's extracting small amount of the nutrients out of that feces so that it can grow but it doesn't grow a whole lot off at just feces so they have to add one more thing methyl testosterone which

sounds just like it is okay methyl testosterone they take testosterone they add some methyl groups and they swap them around in different chains and they give you methyl testosterone which basically is a steroid to make the tilapia grow well what happens when we consume that it affects our liver in fact it's outlawed in most countries but for some reason the United States still allows methyl testosterone to be used in tilapia in short it's artificial fish okay if flat-out it's artificial fish it's basically the candy bar of the fish world so just forget it okay now lastly this one again might be obvious but I need to address it because I know way too many people on the ketogenic diet that do this cut out the cold cuts okay they don't need to be there so many people on keto will tell you oh I just take some string cheese and I wrap it in some salami ORS take some string cheese and I wrap it in my you know cold cut pastrami guys it has been proven so many times now that different forms of cold cuts are linked to colorectal cancer in fact the American Institute of cancer research published a study just a couple of years

ago that found that if you consume three and a half ounces a small amount of deli meat daily you have a 36% increase in your risk of colorectal cancer now all cancer aside because I know that's kind of deferred we don't always think of cancer in the forefront we think of it later on and we don't always practically apply it to today's life all that aside if it's triggering that what is it doing to our DNA our it's possibly causing an issue where our body is not synthesizing protein properly not using nutrients properly the fact is don't be a cheapskate okay get the right stuff get the high quality stuff and as always make sure you're keeping it locked in here on my videos so you can learn what works for you and make sure you take advantage of that butcher box offer that's down below in the description honestly it literally is cheaper than the grocery store so you need to check it out I will see you in the next video