05 December 2015

Keto//OS is not a weightloss product

Do yourself a favor and get some of this product.

all right hey guys it's rob de Bourgh

here at the prove it labs in dallas texas super passionate about this topic the name of the video t2 OS it's not a weight loss product a lot of misinformation out there we're going to set the record straight first of all we make some pretty profound statements with t2 OS number one this will put you into a state of ketosis correct number two this will burn body fat correct now those two statements will be discredited by just about anybody in the fitness industry most people won't believe an hour to ketosis most people will say one product doesn't cause fat loss I'm going to prove it to you so number one weight loss is all about a scale we don't have any time or patience for that and I'm telling you if you're someone that's focused on the scale moving I get it but we need to re-educate you and explain why that is a very important number two I want to address that this product does put you into ketosis and it does create fat loss when we talk about ketosis we're talking about an elevated level of ketones in your body don't let anyone tell you anything different ketogenesis is when your body naturally

creates ketones through beta oxidation of fat that creates this fuel source called ketones as a result of removing carbs from your diet a starvation diet so those ketones were created after body fat was utilized exogenously ketones first time ever since the beginning of mankind as crazy as that sounds first time ever this product could deliver exogenous outside the body ketone supplementation so ketones from five six seven days endogenous Lee through natural processes or starvation versus t2 OS which is I don't know 30 seconds scoop of powder mixed up with ice and water drink tastes great both options will measure on a blood test both options will measure on a urine test so for any of those skeptics that say this camping in ketosis for an hour just prove it just prove it to him show them a blood test show me urine test the difference is our product can now coexist with glucose in your body never been able to happen before why because if glucose was available ordinarily your body doesn't need body fat turned into energy that glucose provides it so just look at a couple of the benefits number one fat loss not weight loss fat loss we

want to know that your clothes fit better not that the scale moved and here's probably the most important thing you need to understand about that it's about preserving and protecting the lean muscle and tissue that you have let me actually show you because every trainer in America anybody that knows anything about fitness they're going to give you a formula so we'll call this the fat loss formula okay first one there's not a trainer on the planet that would say we need you to make better choices there's not a traitor on the planet that would say we need less than so we need less refined sugar or just sugar we'll just put that we need more we need to burn more calories we need to eat less calories so we'll put a greater than less than sign there and probably most important preserve protect muscle to do this 1000% it works absolutely that's an incredible formula for every person on the planet however it's not convenient for most people it's difficult for most people around the holidays it's not something that you want to think about care about however what if we could show you a product that accomplished in a dress

call these that's where the fat loss comes in I've shown better choices keto OS caffeinated or on cabinet doesn't matter yes how ketones are a natural appetite suppressant ordinarily that's a bad thing especially someone 18 plus years in the industry I don't want to suppress your appetite I want you to eat those six seven small meals every day with seven almonds in your poll your hand you know every few hours not realistic not convenient certainly not all that satisfying so we can control your appetite I'll address why that's not a bad thing fine sugar okay ketones don't require insulin to enter it yourselves in other words glucose requires an insulin response for glucose to enter in your cells to create ATP which is cellular energy fancy way of saying or the fancy way is adenosine triphosphate but for you to be hep energy insulin has to turn carbs glucose in energy ketones don't need insulin so what is an insulin response - well blood sugars what does keto keto OS do helps regulate and control that okay because it doesn't require insulin to be utilized and turned into energy we want

to burn more calories energy and focus go Google about anything you want you're going to use less oxygen to create more ATP that cellular energy then glucose in other words this acts like a fourth macronutrient think about it fat carbs protein 9 kilocalories 4 kilocalories protein is 4 we've got a fourth macronutrient called ketones that has a energy yield of four point five five point five six calories so it's offering more energy it's creating more ATP production and it requires less oxygen sidenote that's why athletes who take this product they say I completed the workout it just wasn't as difficult the marathon runner that runs the marathon gosh I felt like I had an extra win I delayed the bulk okay so we've addressed the idea that more energy because the brain prefers ketones it loves them okay so eat less calories okay well that pretty much comes up here it's a lot easier to eat less when you're not hungry guess what glucose spiked crash hungry glucose bike crash hungry with keto OS alright appetite control not hungry not hungry not hungry not hungry no spike

just hungry alright lastly and most importantly all these weight loss challenges all these companies that say hey lose 50 pounds in 50 days all these companies that say drink a shake every morning that's usually got sugar in it and hey if you want to lose weight faster and they'll always say that you want to lose weight faster not fat if you want to lose weight faster drink a shake from breakfast and lunch well how great is that that's not realistic that's not satisfying and here's the problem with it okay you gave me a hundred ten calorie shake in the morning what happens until lunchtime what happened this when I get the spike in the crap spike in the cracks more importantly a better question is what happens what's in your shake that's preserving and protecting my lean tissue because I have no calories there so you're telling me I'm hungry not going to have energy and I've gone into a catabolic state which means muscle breakdown protein breakdown well teat ketones primary ingredient in our product keto OS guess what they're protein sparing prudent scientific

research go and Google ketones space protein sparing going Google ketones space sports performance ketone space inflammation you'll see all the benefits but if we're talking about body composition we're not talking about weight loss so again if you're on the scale and it moves and it moves back and it moves and it moves back throw your scale out the window like I'm so passionate about that and most most personal trainers if they're telling you to look at a scale throw them out the window seriously like it's just it's not a measure of success we want to know how your clothes fit and I don't care if it's three weeks and nothing's happening I care if it's three months and nothing's happening then we're going to address something but you'll see progress again two words that are so important discouragement will allow you to quit progress will allow you to succeed guess what this takes a long time it's hard to see progress this progress in an hour an hour and an hour why better choices because of appetite control no spikes no no uh you know regulates blood sugar energy field great hey I don't know if you're sedentary

this might actually make you get off the couch and jog to the mailbox or get on a treadmill or take your dog for another walk why because now sudden you've got energy um less calories again our product when you take one serving we tell people don't eat them tell you're hungry not when it's time to eat don't eat until you're hungry I don't care if it's lunchtime okay everybody's going if you ask yourself am i hungry chances are you're not a lot longer than when you ordinarily would be with this product lastly protect and preserve muscle probably the most hidden most important thing that you need to understand so if you're not losing fat loss maybe even started a training program maybe even started doing bodyweight squats and push-ups or lunges at home guess what that's a good thing your scale might move up why muscle weighs more than fat okay it's denser it's better for your body oh by the way if we recompensed we if we can help our body change and have protected reserve more muscle and lose more body fat we've become even more

efficient and effective at losing body fat more muscle more about body fat loss so again this product puts you in a position to lose body fat so when we say first first benefit fat loss yep it does not the second you drink it but for the next five hours after you drink it you're in a position that every trainer in America would tell you is a fat loss for me and we make it realistic it's not that difficult how can we how can we prove that to you just take a sample just take a serving so I don't care if you're you know an infant the elderly an elite athlete everyday average person just get this I tell people don't ever be less than a 13 a customer ever and as distributors don't ever let anyone be less than a 30 day customer however I understand some people want to try it and we can validate and prove with your blood test this product works we're living up to our end of the bargain we are putting Cheetos of your body we can prove that removes all motive I'm not selling this just because I earn an income I'm selling this because I'm telling you what I'm offering you're researching it and you're selling yourself by what you reading a century

worth of benefits lastly and this is just my pet peeve when these companies call and they say this is the greatest Jews greatest ingredient secret fruit best predigested protein in our shape okay that sounds great prove to me that that protein predigested in my stomach after it went on my throat other than you telling me proven physically physiologically because i've got a company that can they can do it in an hour how can you prove that - oh your juice is the greatest juice that very well may be when it goes down my throat after I drink it how can you prove that to me well it's you know just do it for 30 days water I don't want to do it for 30 days what if I want to make sure I'm investing my money wisely and I want you to prove it to me in the first day can't do it they'll never be able to do it so buyer beware when you're talking to people with nutrition programs with weight loss products because a lot of it is smoking mirrors and it's all become about marketing and if you think about em you peel back the onion this makes sense it's just a fact this makes sense so hopefully this video helps tie some

things together the fact that we claim this is a fat loss product not a weight loss product is very accurate because it puts you in a position to win to lose body fat and it was as a result everything else in your life changes thanks so much we're done