10 June 2019

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your favorite little kita a goofball davon back again with a 680 one of my ketogenic journey going from a former adult baby W model down to a keto QT and loving every minute of it I'm so good at that spiel it's kind of what I say isn't it let's try something else hey you glad to have you with me on day six hundred eighty one of my ketogenic journey and y'all get a keto q2 t-shirt it's in the description below mmm I could use one right now I'm kind of filthy filthy filthy girl it sounded terrible we will use that intro okay so I'm gonna show you guys what I eat you sure it was perfectly kid-friendly I've got a couple little micrograms to throw in the end here and I'll be right back with a chit chatting away in but first if you're new here touch that red subscribe button thing you don't love me eventually I promise you I will hunt you down you will love me and if you you know love my videos enjoy my content please thumbs up drop a comment below and tell me what your favorite moments have been so far if you know meet some of your new here you have no idea cuz I'm crazy you

haven't seen all my crazy because there's over a thousand videos for crazy of mine on YouTube anyway let me show you what I guess there's probably cuter friendly don't forget to like some share [Music] as it is 15 after 3:00 p.m. it's time to break this fast and I am one hungry chunky monkey today I'm doing this with a smile on my face or what I'm really having here but I've got a little bit of chicken breast grilled chicken breast I've got some old garden ranch hi sweetheart Oh guys some mozzarella cheese and pepperonis that I'm gonna dip all that in much better now so I decided against eating all that cheese I got thinking that's gonna be kind of hard to digest it was really chewy so to aid my digestion and not get constipation I decided to just leave that cheese alone I only ate a small bit of the ranch as dinner time I've got 128 grams of beef one serving of Cheddar's half a spoon of mayonnaise and some pork rinds to dip in or to pick it up with all right all right all right so anyway my

calories and stuff from yesterday using MyFitnessPal which is the one I use any one is fine whatever you're comfortable with as far as you know keep it up with your macros and everything you knew and use notebook notebook and paper notebook and paper about pen and pencil weight crap you can write it down we'll just go there so my macros for yesterday calories it's it's blurry seventeen hundred and forty five calories five grams of carbohydrates hundred fifty seven grams of fat 80 grams of protein oh and I'm nine to two back here today I probably should keep my fat down just a little bit see real fast collaboration ideas do you have any would you like to see me and other kedo youtubers do collabs and what clouds would you like to see done because I honestly have very few ideas I would like to do some more collaborations with other keyboard kyo youtubers sorry and just kind of give you guys more things to look at and do so let me know check it out here we go the rest yeah I know I'm a lunatic but that's what makes life fun anyway yeah so I want to give a special

thank you to all of you who showed so much concern and love over the last few days of baby Anthony my grandson for those of you who are new here and myself being sick I'm still not 100% but Anthony yesterday sure as hell seemed to be 100% okay this child was hyper and he was eating and drinking good peeing and pooping good no fever all day yesterday so Wow well it was like a 180 completely but I appreciate y'all's concern and think and just wanted to say thank you for all the world wishes alright you guys so I wanna oh I want to respond to a comment that I got here on my channel it's nothing bad nothing at all it's just that I think that other people could benefit from hearing the information because while put this information out on YouTube a lot I've got a thousand videos and if you hadn't watched them all I'm sure you've missed a whole lot of information I've put out there on YouTube so I'm gonna read you the comment and then I'm going to tell you what to think about the comment or well the situations so that you know other people will know alright it's coming it's from Lisa this is I'm struggling mentally I had been

kita for one month and I have lost a few pounds but feel like it should be it should have I can't read y'all don't you say that and Cindy I got this I remembered hmm alright let's try this Lisa I'm struggling mentally I have been kita for one month I have lost a few pounds but feel like I should have lost way more I just don't know if Keo is for me most of the time I'm extremely constipated despite using smooth move tea which I don't know what that is she says I miss fruit so sorry to dump on you feel like going back to Weight Watchers but I love your videos Kito community hi Lisa yeah number one if you go back to Weight Watchers honey I got you back I love you dearly you still come on by and watch my videos and Tommy it and talk to me and hopefully maybe one day I'll suede you back into the kid oh wait but I'm all for you doing whatever you feel works best for your body now I've got to come in on something struggling mentally perfectly normal you drop it all them carbs that stuff's rough even over a month it's rough sometimes I've been doing this for almost two years it's too rough for me I still struggle mentally once in a

while it it's just perfectly natural sweetheart how much weight you've lost in the first month now everybody's different if you start out like I did at 311 pounds super morbidly obese holding a ton of water weight the first weight you lose on keto is water which I mean it's the only water weight water weighs a lot and it's heavy on your body I lost 20 pounds my first month but it's because I was swollen I had a demon in my legs I had water I was holding fluid around my arteries my joints everywhere and this water weight needs to come off and that is why some people lose so very much when they first start keto we're not losing fat weight yet we're losing water way it's not until you get into a full state of ketosis you get getting fat adapted that you're actually gonna burn fat so if you're losing a little bit of weight at first you just you're not holding that much water and fat is slower and a longer process it's it's harder to lose fat than water sometimes though I'm still holding water weight damn it but don't don't worry about it it's not what you think not everybody's gonna drop 20 40 and 50 pounds the first month

some people will drop just a little bit that's just because they're not holding that much water on their bodies to drop when you first start keto and you you take those carbs out of your diet you're gonna start to drop water weight okay you're the carbs like they hold onto some water man and I know this I can go over there to eat Apple guess what's gonna happen I'm gonna gain six pounds of water weight overnight yeah what the hell tonight the other night oh yeah so meat tenderizer and some peppers and I gained six pounds of water weight it's okay honey I promise you you just didn't have as much butter weight to lose and that's okay you're working on pure fat and that's a good thing I mean you get to skip some of the process you get to work on pure fat and that's great well and the constipation thing when you guys are constipated on kid I want you to pay particular attention to something specific when I eat I eat heavy meats like steak ribs pork chops anything that is thick and hearty it takes longer to digest it's harder for your body to break that down so that is going to move slower it's gonna clog the pipes it's

gonna slow things down it's gonna make things a little bit more difficult thick heavy pieces of cheese like these string cheese's and I love them myself I love some lot Sorella string cheese I even put some cheese back yesterday cuz I'm nuke some some mozzarella and it was so thick I'm like I'm not gonna pick for a week but you bet I didn't eat that but baby Bell cheese there's brown cheeses I tried to stick with slice cheese and shredded cheese because they move better and I'm also thinking just mozzarella in general probably isn't for me that stuff it just it just it moult's together it's like molten it is mmm I just leave mozzarella so if you're having issues with constipation check the types of meat you're eating one reason I eat a lot of ground beef is because it doesn't take a lot body longer to digest it and it moves along relatively quickly so most breakfast meat moves along relatively quickly except for maybe him and that's when it's thick and solid like country ham which I do love but it just don't that fast for me too yeah but be mindful of those things and if you're having the reverse issues from diarrhea guys stop

adding the damn fat to your drinks now I'm not telling you you can't drink vulgar coffee that's what you like that's that's on you but if you drink your back it's gonna move through ya hell of a lot quicker so you gonna be mindful of those things but again lessee if you need my help if you want to stay on care I'll help you all I can and I want to help anybody and everybody alright that ramp be here but let me go ahead and jump into my Regan way in my W sometimes come out as ours yo I don't know why it does that but like my sister-in-law's granddaddy the name was Roy I always cut him boy ham forbid somebody's name is Rory ah whoa we yeah I mean sometimes I don't know why it does that but it does I'm sorry I can say it if I concentrate on it but sometimes when I just eat a fly right out of my mouth sorry speaking of which I am still sick so and I am still PMS II today is day two of PMS for me I don't know that's what affected my way in or what am I going into it mmm so yesterday I weighed in at 180 8.4 I believe today I was 189 says 0.6 pounds back up but again I'm sick I am PMS eat and ate

some pepperoni to now it's it's a brand I don't normally eat so when I did check the label I need to start checking the label before I eat things instead afterwards when I feel weird and my feet are swelling so anyway I checked the label in this particular brand of pepperonis which I've thrown the package away for now anyway I had paprika and peppers in it and that could be the reason for the zero point six up it's not that big of a deal it's just that when you're struggling to get the water way back off any up is annoying as all he'll but that's okay it's just another day and the Mars another day did again next day's another day did again we just keep on trying to keep on pushing make your next meal keto and be done with it not all right there's other stuff one too that I got into a little bit of a spat and Tiana hey have you ever looked at your subscriptions here on YouTube and realize that you were subscribed to people you don't have any clue or memory of subscribing to now sometimes I'll subscribe to different weight loss channels and they're doing different things and that's okay but I become familiar with those channels well I

think it was yesterday it seemed like I was subscribed to this channel where they ate nothing but potatoes for two weeks the hell's going on here so I watched it and they've lost a lot of weight and they potatoes and then they they kind of moved into veganism which I'm obviously not a vegan I'm complete polar opposite with more carnivore style eating mostly meats and animal products for me there are a few other things so I just think keto because it is kids and carnivores cute - it's just a little bit different it's all me so anyway no animal products anyway you know I come in that's great I mean I ain't going up what you're doing but I wouldn't touch it potato for one it's a nightshade and it's also you know starch it's not really great for weight loss sure if you eat nothing but potatoes and become absolutely sick of potatoes you gonna lose some weight but you ain't ain't say all that I was just you know tell them about my story and Tito can be done with vegetarian as a vegan so of course somebody commented and replied and they threw every keto myth in the book at me no guys if you eat keto your body will not become acidic you will not get

ketoacidosis you're not gonna get heart disease the fats not gonna clog up the pipes and the keto flu did lord have mercy these articles that are out there scare the living hell out of people talking about that keto food they think is some serious real painful stuff there oh you're gonna get the Gator ah no it's an electrolyte imbalance it usually happens the first two weeks you start keto one or two weeks in and then it goes away and it's gone and you can prevent it you take some magnesium some potassium and salt your food done deal no kita flu scurry whoo thank you now I was even lucky enough that I didn't get it or I was already sick and just didn't know if I had it because I'm serious I've had sinus allergies if I'd had a lot of issues for 20-some years I was always sick in the damn way I wouldn't have noticed and I'm sick now and I noticed why because I've been doing kid over two years and if I don't feel right I damn sure notice I did get a comment from dr. Boz to yesterday apparently I look concerned about my sleep habits um I come in on one of her videos yesterday and I know that affect

you and it will affect your mental health health and well-being and um I don't know what you do better though you know I can't sleep more than six hours I tried my ass off most of time um since I've had my Fitbit that Melanie gave me I've discovered that I had only slept one day for eight hours and I've had this since February for months so most the job I get about six hours of sleep but often times I'll wake up after 4:00 and I'm just up so yeah I don't do that but anyway I got six hours and twelve minutes last night we do have some plans guys or some plans in the works anyway now I love you knew know that I've been trying to work on fixing my house up it's it's a terrible little shoebox dump but I'm grateful to have it because otherwise I wouldn't have no home okay but so like so we've got some plans in the works destiny Brian who are of course expecting a baby and then they run Zachos Bronson I'm planning to move out in the next six months or so we'll see if that happens or not you know just depending on work and all that stuff and them it's working money they can save and and all that but that is part of the

plan and then I'm I didn't really want Cory and Erin to take that bedroom back but I'm gonna go let them take that bedroom back but both the back doors need to be built on so I'm getting a job and all that hopefully this weekend ship will work out really well for me I hope I get that job because it's at my husband's company I know what they make and I know that me and he'll be working together we'd make pretty good now it won't be we and get rich we can go make $100,000 a year no no that not well I wish it wasn't on Zin but we can gonna make that but it'll be enough to fix my home up and buy groceries and gas without starving to death we just try to face some bills so I'm hoping for that job because like I said I know what they make I know that it's 36 hours for 40-hour paycheck it is three days of 12-hour shifts but I'm Scott suck it up and do it cuz I'm tired of being broke important I'm we're gonna get way hungry but I'm tired of being broke time to pour don't want that no more anyway I feel like a great big ol ball GU today guys I really do just so gooey there's stuff in my ears coming out you know how you have your and I'm

not actually telling my best thing you know anybody who has their ears pierced shouldn't touch them and sometimes they get these little knots that pop because it's in them you just put ooh stinks now I know y'all don't know this but as a young person I liked piercings pretty heavily and I had 18 earrings at one ear and 16 up the other I just never went back and got the other two anyway I had 18 hearings 16 at the other I decided to do just the top of one year and wait until it healed so I could sleep on this ear and then you know switch back when I purchase yeah mm-hmm I'm good so I've got a lot of those little places but like every time I touched my ear one of them has a spot on it yep stinks - I guess it's infection I don't really know but it's funny how it's it's all the time it's like and I might notice it more because I have 18 holes in one year and 16 and the other which I never used the only thing I ever use now is just the bottom oh one that's early don't want them sorry guys I just totally spit that out anyway um quick update no fever for Anthony yesterday he's

doing great and my weight is now 189 on the dot still I think 185 is my lowest so that still poor pebbles up he then going away yo you did go it away smelled a pop I'll figure it out now you learn to read those labels before I eat the food that would be the smartest way again anyway y'all my slow TI talk to you tomorrow and uh yeah you