17 June 2019

KETO MACROS 101 🔥📱 How to Set Your Ketogenic Diet Macronutrient Ratios

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did you hear about the ketogenic diet

and you want to throw it out yes but you'll know how to sit your keto macros yes well you're in the right place because I'm gonna tell you exactly how you can do it yeah there are two kinds of diets ketogenic and non ketogenic diets that put you into ketosis and make a keto adapted versus the ones that don't it really is that binary you're either in ketosis and burning fat that your primary fuel source or your burning glucose of course there are different degrees of keto adaptation but the main idea is that ketosis is a unique metabolic state that is unachievable with the standard way of eating just some you can get into ketosis by either fasting for a long period of time or by restricting your carbohydrate intake to almost zero this will deplete your liver glycogen and allows the liver to start pumping out those ketone bodies the key thing for entering ketosis is to deplete your liver glycogen and keep insulin low the micronutrients on a comedic diet for therapeutic ketosis are this from hydrates at five to ten percent which usually means 20 to 30 grams net this doesn't include the fiber because the

carbs in fiber don't affect your blood glucose levels in general that know where your carb intake the faster your liver can start producing ketones routine is at 50 to 25% depending on how heavy you are and what type of physical activities you do protein can also raise insulin although it has lists of an impact on keto adaptation than carbs fat is at 70 to 80% comprising the remainder of your daily caloric intake the amount of fat you actually consume every day varies between your goals and health conditions these are the most basic kilo macros usually used by people with diabetes epilepsy metabolic syndrome or someone who wants to maintain deep therapeutic ketosis most of the time what your actual killer drug macros look like depend on many things such as your genetics how you metabolize certain foods what type of training you do how often you do it how much muscle mass you have and what your goals are if you're distorting the key logic that I'm gonna get into ketosis as fast as possible then you should keep your corpse as blue as you can you should eat only green leafy vegetables and cruciferous as to

get in a fiber later as you become more keto adapted you can tolerate slightly more carbohydrates without having to go through the process of Qi lactation all over again it can't be eating grains rice or potatoes and expect to stay in ketosis but you're probably able to eat some other healthy low-carb tubers like beetroot and carrots resistance training I want to build muscle on keto then you should consume slightly more protein the reason is that you need some extra amino acids to heal those torn down muscle fibers on your heavier workout days you can increase your protein intake to up to 30% which would still fall somewhere around 0.8 to 1.0 grams per pound of body weight you're not gonna lose muscle if you eat slightly less but this small amount of extra protein can actually be very beneficial everything the body needs if you want to lose fat with the ketogenic diets then you need to do it at the expense of your fat intake you can't expect to eat an unlimited amount of fat and still lose weight weight loss is still a game of thermodynamics and fat is just calories what's even more crazy about this is that your body fat

is calories there's not much difference between the fat you get from dietary sources or the fat you store in your adipose tissue both of them can be broken down into energy or in a minute which brings me to the most common misconceptions about ketosis to lose weight the ketogenic diet you still have to be at the caloric deficit so that your body will have a reason to burn its own stored body fat if you keep eating more calories than your body needs then there is no reason to be burning your own body fat what makes a diet ketogenic isn't the high amounts of fat but the low amounts of carbohydrates the fat you eat is the source of calories you use for energy if you need more energy you eat more if you want to use your body fat for energy you eat less starter fat it's simple another misconception is that eating too much protein will convert it into sugar through gluconeogenesis ooh scary word it's true that it can happen but for that you would have to be consuming copious amounts of protein in one sitting I'm talking about two grams of protein per pound of body weight or more gluconeogenesis is driven by demands not

supply which means that your body starts to produce glucose only if it needs energy from glucose in a state of ketosis your body's glucose demands get drastically reduced because your muscles can use ketones untouched for fuel instead your brain and heart need a small amount of glucose every day the glucose they do need can be created by breaking down fat through the same process of gluconeogenesis fatty acid molecules consist of three fatty acid chains and one glycerol backbone that binds them together the three fatty acid chains will be used for energy and the glycerol will be used as glucose for the brain if you're not Q adapted then your muscles and brain are in a constant state of glucose dependency I mean of course they're not used to using fatty acids for fuel and whenever you skip a meal whenever you workout in a fasted state whenever you're emptying your glycogen stores you're creating more demand for glucose this is what promotes gluconeogenesis of muscle tissue and protein it also means that the healthiest and safest way of losing body fat is to do it in a state of ketosis

this is gonna maintain your muscle tissue when in a caloric deficit and it's gonna prevent your organs and bones from cannibalizing themselves so what you want to do is to get into ketosis as fast as possible and then become kheer adapted for the long term Kiro adaptation is the process by which your body becomes more efficient at burning fats and ketones for fuel you need to get into ketosis to become keto adapters but you don't need to stay in therapeutic ketosis all the time to maintain keto allocation I have a full podcast episode about the three stages of the chaotic dot that you should definitely listen to but coming back to the topic of this video here's what you need to do to set your key logic macros first of all you should need two standard killers like macros during the initial weeks they are five to ten percent co-ops 15 to 25 percent protein and the remainder of them from fat in the beginning you need to be quite strict with it because ketosis is very binary you're either in ketosis or you're not after the issue two weeks you look at how you feel if you're not feeling hypoglycemic or tired during 24

hour fasts then that's a good sign of keto adaptation what you need to do then is adjust your macronutrient ratios your course should still be very low around 20 to 30 grams net this is the key thing that's gonna keep you in ketosis your protein should also be quite limited your body needs only a certain amount of protein every day if you eat more protein than it's not necessarily gonna convert it into sugar but protein is still calories and calories can either be stored as fat or burned off as energy so keep your protein moderate at 0.6 grams per pound of body weight at the least and 1.0 grams at the most heating your protein intake is the most critical factor for weight loss and muscle retention and you don't really want to reduce your calorie intake at the expense of protein instead you should use fat as the leverage point of meeting your goals if you want to lose body fat then lower your fat intake because excess fat can still make you fat and if you need more energy to fuel your performance than eat more fat feed me if you dare whatever the case may be you should keep your ketogenic macros quite flexible and adjust and according

to the situation you don't need to be in ketosis all the time to gain the health benefits of the key logic diet if you want to know how to start the world formal and the killers ignorance and go through the initial key validation periods then check out my key of fit program for becoming insanely keo adapted but other than that thanks for watching this video make sure you click the like subscribe modification bell as well my name's seam steak Atari stay empowered