20 July 2019

Keto Diet: What I Eat in a Day

This is a video about what I eat in a day on the keto diet. This has step by step keto breakfast, lunch, and dinner idea. It's sometime hard to come up with a meal ...

all right so this is gonna be on what I

eat in a day video tonight I got off work but I am prepping my meals for tomorrow and I'm also making my dinner so my dinner is gonna be the same thing at you for lunch tomorrow and I kind of randomly came up with this recipe because last week I didn't really like the diet I was eating so I wanted to change it up a little bit I hadn't had any beef so today I'm going to make element phone to call it nachos or call it like bell pepper boat or something like that but basically everything you can have on a nacho but instead of using tortilla I'm going to use a bell pepper so I'm going to go ahead and prep that I'll let you guys watch and then I'll show you guys what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow [Music] [Music] I don't even like sour cream but because it's fat and usually my mindset about sour cream is why use these useless calories but since I have to increase my fat cake then why do it all of the sour cream so I can get it off my spoon hmm looks good I'll let you guys know how it takes so I just wanted to taste it for y'all Oh actually online I

already tasted it and it tasted pretty good I'm not even exaggerating after that that I'll cream on my forehead it's so good and to know that it's still keto and healthy makes me feel good now the only thing might be different with my second batch that I'm making for lunch tomorrow is to maybe cook the bell pepper a little bit before I put it in the oven because the bell curve is still crunchy and I wanted to be a little bit more soft but the flavor alright y'all so I decided to finally look up how to properly make a stuffed bell pepper and this is not really a stuffed bell pepper that wasn't where I was going with it but I do want the consistency of a stuffed bell pepper so I'm gonna cook this in the oven for about 20 minutes then I think I'll add the ground beef that she put it back in the oven and then hopefully that'll be you know set and good for tomorrow so pretty much the same recipe it's just that I'm gonna make sure that the bell peppers cooked before I make it I've gotta finish with this I'm going to come back and make my Kido pancakes so stay tuned for that [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] this is my week - ah and this is just one day of what I did for my diet for the day I do change it up quite a bit I haven't stuck to like the same meals every day but today's meals were actually pretty good and just so you guys can see how I come up with my meals for the day I'll go to my fitness app on my phone and I will add in you know track the calories for the day like this is the example of what I did first today and you know that's kind of how I keep track of my calories then I can go and look at my nutrition I've already planned out my dinner for tonight which I'm going to show you guys but I'll go into nutrition see my breakdown of today was not the best day for me as far as my calories or my cars I probably ate way too many carbs today Bendu it okay on the other days of the week with my calories but you know I think everyone small it's not going to be perfect so today I'm 66 percent fat 11 percent calorie our carbs and then 23 percent protein one thing I can do is probably eat some sausage tonight for

dinner or as a snack to increase my fat intake but really there's no point I feel like I'm meeting my calorie count for today and I feel okay so I may or may not do that and I'll just make up for it tomorrow if you guys enjoy that's how the videos definitely hit the thumbs-up button comment down below and please subscribe that'll encourage me to put out more videos like this cuz I know you guys enjoyed this content I did tweak my meals for the day I ended up not eating my snack I'm noticing now I guess that I'm getting used to the keto diet that I'm not as hungry as I was last week when I first started q today last week I just wanted to keep eating Indian eating because I I think because my body was so used to having carbs all the time and I also would snack during the day with you know like skittles or whatever and now that I had no snacks I feel like I needed something all the time now that I'm a body's adjusting to the high fat content I'm not really feeling like I'm hungry anymore where I need a snack so that's a plus because I know that'll help so anyways I'm gonna let you guys go please stay tuned for future videos

like this and if you guys have new ideas or just anything at all that you want to talk about about keto leave it in the comments down below and I'll see you guys in the next video [Music]