23 September 2018

Keto Diet vs. Sugar Belly Secret: Which Is Better for You? | Joe Bovino

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hey guys guess what the ketogenic diet

didn't work for me that's right I said it I know it's trendy and I'm not saying there aren't some good aspects to it but it didn't work for me I didn't like it and I came up with something better I call it the sugar belly secret now will the ketogenic diet and sugar belly secret give you short term results yes both will but then we get on to the next question which is more sustainable which is gonna give you the long-term results that you want keto or the sugar belly secret well the keto is very high fat very low carbs and moderate proteins if you can eat that way for a long long time where you want to eat that way maybe you can get the long-term results you you're seeking but I couldn't do it I didn't want to do it with the sugar belly secret you don't have to count carbs we don't worry about every car we look as long as the carbs are high quality same thing with calories we don't count calories as long as the calories are high quality all we do is focus on two things subtracting sugar subtracting sweeteners and adding fiber ok that's it when I was on keto I was so concerned

about reducing my carbs that I cut back on my fruit so much I got sick now maybe that's my fault but that's what happened to me it just didn't seem healthy who knows if it's healthy to cut your carbs like that they need so much fat for a long period of time I don't know the sugar belly secret doesn't I don't have to make I don't have to figure that out cuz I'm still getting my carbs you know there's a they often called glucose the energy of life right well that sounds like a pretty good thing right glucose is a form of sugar now the sugar belly's secret we're about reducing our sugar but we're not demonizing sugar we're all consuming too much so we got to cut it but there's a place for sugar okay beyond that what else keto give some people keto breath I know that sounds like a minor thing but I don't want keto breath of you I don't want bad breath that's not that's not gonna happen to you with the sugar belly secret what about intermittent fasting people who do keto talked a lot about intermittent fasting that is going long periods of time where you don't eat and so your body has to burn stored fat now I'm not against

intermittent fasting in fact if I had to eat the keto diet I might want to do intermittent fasting so it's just so I wouldn't have to eat so much of that you know so much fat all day long might as well fast it can work but it's tough fried you have to go long periods of time without eating the tendency is for people to stuff themselves when they finally do get a chance to eat and is that really a good thing I don't know probably not what the sugar belly secret recommends for to turbocharge your your efforts under the program is an element of keto the element is this do fasted morning cardio so instead of fasting during the day just continue your the fasting that you've been doing while you were sleeping so maybe don't eat for a few hours before bed bedtime and then go out and do some cardio in the morning just something you like for 30 minutes or so and really burn that stored fat why you're sort of already in a ketogenic state and then during the rest of the day you don't have to worry about intermittent fasting you look more like a normal person okay so to me that that makes sense in summary yes you can lose weight with

the ketogenic diet sugar belly secret in the short term but in my view the sugar belly secret is far more sustainable much easier to execute over over a longer period of time frankly I'm not a doctor but I would say it's healthier and you don't have to cut your carbs so low if you just follow the simple guidelines in the sugar belly secret and we get a little bit of the keto with fasted morning cardio so if you want to do intermittent fasting where the sugar belly secret get can but you don't need to any type of cardio any type of exercise is not required either on the ketogenic diet or on the sugar belly secret but if you do this kind of fast a morning cardio with sugar boy secret or intermittent fasting with keto you are going to see better results okay that's it I hope that was helpful and I will see you soon you