17 April 2018


Trying the keto diet and a grocery haul. This is also my first YouTube video, so let me know what I can do to improve!

I just changed - I think it's mothering

autism of - or something like that and I had every intention of making videos with my - I'm autistic nonverbal four or five year old kids but I don't know I'm just a little wary of putting them online right now because I've already kind of until a harder hand and life so borrowed being nonverbal so I'm just gonna hold off on that for a while and I can't exactly changing my channel which I probably won't because that is the plan the I do you know I want to do with my channel aside from kind of like it diet journey is I'm not really wearing to die I want just to you know be a lifestyle as everyone says but on 23 and I weigh 145 pounds so um I think my health my healthy weight for my BMI is between 120 and 125 and I'm sorry it's I sound like I'm really cold because my kids are being loud and it's actually snowing but um so yeah this is my first youtube videos so it's probably gonna be really crappy to be honest I have literally no not even a clue if I can upload this um but I'm not sure how to like edit it stuff out so but yeah I'll catch back up with you guys know a while when I dig it okay so here's my second meal of the day

what I have here is just one slice of cheddar cheese which is zero carbs zero sugar I have one little pouch dill salmon and I've mixed it in with a half of a tablespoon of full fat mayonnaise and I put a thin slice of tomato on top a little bit of mustard and I also have a tablespoon of onion mixers the tuna salad as well as a tablespoon of cilantro and then to drink I just have a flavored me Oh a little bit okay so I'm just checking in because I did remember that in the clip of my lunch I forgot to mention that the only other meal I had eaten at that point was by about 20 pork rinds and that's it and I had the two pieces of cheese with the salmon salad on top and I shoot I'm going to either make like a small snack or actually make dinner soon because it's 604 and I also didn't mention this in the first clip either that I am allowing myself about 15 carbs a day at most so far I've only taken one carb so that's I mean that leaves me somewhere to have you know decide that I do you want to eat something and I'm trying to stick to zero sugar at all which my favorite foods prior to the state which is April 16th 2018 were basically

nothing but potatoes and like soda really really just opposite of what I'm doing now pretty much the only type of diet or tried was counting calories and obviously that didn't work out too well for me so I am going when I go to do my dinner I'm also gonna show you guys a grocery haul of just like beginning stuff that I bought for the ketogenic diet and I also just want to put like a little disclaimer or a side note that this is the first time I really ever recorded myself or anything like that and I'm not sure even how to edit so this video is gonna be like just everywhere and I do love constructive criticism about whether it's you know the keto diet or video styling like I'm using like iMovie and I clips I think what I'm doing is putting it into AI clips and then just bringing it over to iMovie but this particular clip I'm recording on just recording on like the actual I clip app setting that's why it looks and my views like grainy or something plus I'm using my front camera because I'm still trying to figure out how you're using the other camera um like how to tell if you're like in view or

whatever and I'm also trying to keep looking at the camera and not myself but I'm trying to make sure I had my head in there about check back guys hey guys so now I'm going to show you a grocery haul um but I like a kind of a starter a beginner a grocery haul for the keto diet and yeah I'm gonna show you that now okay so what we have here to start off with is two hot sauces or I already had this butter so I'm just going to finish these minutes yeah okay so I got this mustard because I love much of this does have one carbon what's that it's really good and I guess I'll take you up on that then I have this coconut milk carbs your sugar a couple of onions these mio type of drinks lemonade as well as lemon and I have two packs some pork rinds sorry coconut oil and I got some vanilla is tweeting her for like coffee or whatever also been adding it to a try adding this [Music] coke zero sugar and I'm used to normal soda so I have that was I guess I'll have to get used to that two things [Music] didn't even notice carbs and sugar minis

and I also have some cauliflower which I thought initially was rights cauliflower begs the freezer law this is my kids my husband's - I have two whole chickens here [Music] [Music] brazen ground beef which is the 93 7 so I just cook dinner for the keto diet and I'm about to show you what I cooked so yeah we're about to go and tackle it okay so this is dinner what this is is three ounces of cooked chicken and chicken tenderloin and I do trim my meat I'm kind of weird about like fat on meat just kind of grosses me out so that has like every bit of fat like cut off and I did separate the rest of me into these little containers which are you weigh down 30 ounces and what I have on the chicken is I cooked it in a little bit of butter and these are the three seasonings I put on it some old bay some cayenne pepper and some garlic powder and just clip that up in some butter and then over here I have asparagus and a bell pepper and onion frozen mix and this is one cup of both of them combined and I did cook it in

some butter with a little bit of this garlic powder and I put a sprinkle of cheese on it and I just have some cilantro on the side just because I'm like obsessed with cilantro and to dip my chicken and just have it looking I waited out in this chili garlic Cholula so yeah that is dinner and it's about almost to eight so this is all I'm going to be eating with today and to drink with dinner I have this mio water and I'm also going to be drinking just a cup of the zero sugar yep that's it okay guys so this is the end of day one with the keto diet and I definitely would say that it was a success for just being like an amateur and like I said I'm really excited about constructive criticism on um you know youtubing videoing on iphone and of course the keto diet um and I know I say um a lot and I definitely stay within my allowance of carbs I probably ate about eight carbs altogether today and I didn't have questions like that I may have to google like how many pork rinds can I eat even though you know there's zero carbs zero sugar and just things like that before I started this diet my problem was when I would eat like one

thing bad I would feel like well I might as well get all of my cravings out and then before I know I've eaten like a binge pretty much and then like crap and sick and it's just not a good time so I'm excited for this to be a lifestyle change and I'm sorry for all the background noise I do as I watch the clips I'm realizing there's a water background noise and next time if I think if I make another one these videos um I would definitely try to eliminate that but yeah I hope that you enjoy this video and I will catch you guys the next one