09 June 2019

Keto Diet Costco Haul 👸 Keto Shopping

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but on this episode we're gonna do a ketogenic diet grocery shopping haul from Costco coming up next [Music] hey guys it's Elizabeth chance of low carbon on this episode we're going to go into Costco get all of our keto goodies our keto meets q2 vegetables for a quick Costco haul if you liked this video make sure you click like make sure you could subscribe and sign up for my free weekly Wednesday weight loss keto diet meal plan down in the description link below now let's dive in so I'm gonna go down and first stop it's gonna be the meat section today it's crazy if some world they want a mission for our first [Music] I don't know which one should we get okay so we're gonna go ahead and snag it to these they have two different fibers there's smaller ones or the better ones we're gonna get two of these big ones they do also have some scallops too and I'm gonna get my crab as well I'm gonna snag to big lobster feels they have two different kinds and then also one of the crabs in here it's this size if you didn't get those girls out today [Music]

so I'm gonna get this one I'm just going to check the expiration date on them and at 25 bucks for all of these packages of chicken breast so normally I get they're full of chickens to cook in my insta pot I'm not doing that today I'm actually in depth organic stay for later on with my instant-on for my Kido meal class these were the chicken breasts ours are the whole chickens I was talking about I've done other videos on me so you can check them out how I make my buffalo keto chicken out of it um but these are they're 10 bucks and it makes literally like $1 per meal it's a great Chiquita way to do it in your insta pot and I also use their drumsticks down there and my airfryer to make keto wings too but we're not going to get that today we're having a great debate about which fish to get I think I'm gonna get the flounder but I've been debating between the cod and also the haddock which ones you like put in the comments below what your favorite is okay we're gonna go ahead and try the flounder and see so eight bucks a pound basically for all of this I know farm fishing is bad and that fresh that's good so that's what is

using so I'm gonna go ahead and snag some of these avocado cups where are the ones I want these are the ones I want I am in heaven they have organic raspberries I'm snagging a container I'm gonna go ahead and get my man romaine heart these are also great to have and they last for a really long time and easy to multi-purpose and they also have today the organic mushrooms I'm gonna get these to my airfryer recipe have you gotten my free Costco shoppings it's down in the description link below if you'd like to snag that too I have not seen these before of it's 10 bucks for basically two of them so it's $5 for each side I'd recommend this so this is new they have organic rice cauliflower just FYI they had that and from Kanak luckily for us i have not purchased these before but that would be a good one to get i totally was going down the wrong a guy off to the fine five dozen which is much for us and they're certified main - which is exciting because y'all told me to check to make sure they're certified for three pounds I totally will recommend it I'm not gonna get it today cuz I'm a bunch at home we're gonna go home I'm gonna

unpack all of our goodies on I'll show you exactly what we got from our Costco cutie Jenna diet bro she ha coming up next okay I'm gonna start to unload everything but have you signed up for my Wednesday June 19 2009 teen free fasting workshop it's in the description link below there's only 500 spots because it's free just make sure you go sign up down on the ships link below have to take a little break to show these cute little Oscar shoes dealing your shoes yeah thank you okay we are home for our Costco keto grocery haul all of my ketogenic diet foods and I will have a free principle down below of my Costco shopping list I did get some one offs that I was not expecting to get I was not expecting them to have in this amazing seafood and I realized that this could be the whole total for all of this it was a hundred and ninety two dollars however my husband and I do ohm on one meal a day most days for the ketogenic diet so sometimes I have two meals in a day so this is more food than we will be eating so it seems like a lot but really when you break down it won't be that much

because it's a full day's worth of eating with one meal so let's dive into what I got so the first surprise I was pumped about was these awesome tapas they have really what caught my eye was a pepperoni and the salami they didn't have some prosciutto in there I got two packages of these there were $5 each piece making with a package of two so it was total of ten dollars of course I got my organic romaine lettuce I use these four wraps I use these for a lot of different things salads you it's really versatile and the romain lasts a long time I have since moved she using organic mash um because it lasts longer and my avocados over there right layer and that I got from my audio grocery haul my keto all-day haul but I like these my husband likes these we can pick up them easily for traveling like they're just really really easy to have I'm doing my lobster video for another another kind of video you want you filling out the next thing I got was my wild my fresh wild haddock I chose this over the cod they also had cod haddock and there's one more fish I don't get to lock it anymore or salmon because I hear

that they're over bread I guess is that the word so I like to get different fish but put in the comments below I'm not a fish connoisseur like I don't we don't normally grill fish but I'm very much in the mood and I'm pumped to try this so I'll keep you posted more more on this video as hot tea I know strawberries this is a keto product you know fruit lore and carbs I also got an Olympian I think had organic raspberries again a lower carb organic fruit um but I try to limit those they're more for my little boy than they were for me but I did want to show them if you're wanting something sweet have the Quito fruit as opposed to like a packaged something make it yourself I got organic baby bells I use these my air fryer videos when I point stuffed mushrooms they're so good I got these two dozen eggs I'm try not to break them but enough ease so funny if I just like squish them all not funny for me funny for you who knows those cage free humanely raised is what my husband said the label said my hot can this with low carb husband um I got mistakes these are my favorite but ten dollars a piece for

each steak they are the New York Strip if you're only having one meal the steak is so satisfying it's so good when there's a big old crack on my ceiling I check into that in a minute um I also got my I also got some chicken three packs 25 bucks so this time it's organic so this pack is $7.50 something like that I'm gonna use that for a bunch of different things really a one of my buffalo chicken I just didn't want to make the whole chicken this time to huge lobster tails go check out my video on how to cook lobster tails I my Aldi lobster-tail over there we're gonna blow one and then grill one so I'll show both ways how you can cook the lobster so so good so you guys were wondering who the lobster tails which are like the size of my head when you check the other video I'll make sure I do a head measurement they were 20 bucks apiece which I understand is extravagant I get that we were intentionally being a little bit more extravagant on this purchase than we were on most of my cost okey doke or she called visits so I understand that this is more a little Jersey but they had stuff today that they normally don't have and I also got

this huge crap this is the size of my head this whole crab if you're wondering about price for him see there's a doodle eggs he was 10 bucks so I'm gonna put all this in the refrigerator I'm gonna freeze a bunch of it and I'm so excited about all my holes I'm so excited I can't wait to eat it all like I'm really looking forward to eating it so go check out that Lobster video it will either be coming out or it's already out so some of you asked how I put some of this stuff away for having a smaller family how I do it so I have my steaks here I wanted to show you I used to use a lot of select bags which we still have plenty of so you could you zip lock bags but I found is cheaper and actually better for the environment is these cool Pyrex containers I got these tyrants containers on sale I was ironically when we were at the beach near a pyrex outlet yeah I really drop it but these go on sale these the size usually Christmas they're like 2 or 3 dollars a container and I use these over the glass ones over and over and over again the plastic ones are a little if you it's freezing heating things like that I'd rather just go all glass so I'm gonna freeze these

in these little glass containers and parcel them out so not like this doesn't go to waste how many go out there have had your Costco food go to waste be honest I know I have and so my intentions for being frugal healthful and mindful of the environment looks Aussies like totally look at her she's a little diva well diva back there and my total intention is to get to make sure we package the food up and use it so for example these chicken I'm just going to plop straight in my freezer normally if I'm in like a ziplock bag it just leaked you something I'm gonna put it in the world container I have more containers I'm gonna put them in little containers and then from all in the freezer to [Applause] [Music] [Music] now I'm going to divide these into two different portions I'll just make sure they're evenly portioned out one that I'm going to use right now this one voila we'll use that right now and then this one I'll portion out forth later and I

also have a great pesticide washing video that I will do later also with these two these are just for the initial rinse to put them in a package and this guy is going to go in the freezer to here's my two different portion size this guy's can go in the freezer and this guy we're gonna eat in the next day or two I will use my pesticide video how to wash off two major pesticides really really easily that will be in the description link below too if you don't know how to wash off your fruits super easily and you don't need to buy those expensive washes if you don't have it even in your refrigerator in your pantry to get off the tomato pesticide so I'm gonna go put these away but make sure you sign up for my free intermittent fasting workshop coming up on Wednesday June 19th 2019 for my gift to the council okrug community you don't want to miss it hey guys if you love this video make sure you click like make sure you click Subscribe and sign up for my free weekly Wednesday weight loss email down in the description link below see you next time bye guys [Music]