11 October 2019

Keto diet booze, food and fun

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and everyone well the Tito died

continues last week as many of you I was on vacation we had a good time down in South Carolina I was with my brother and father what I was really excited about was when I got back I only gained point three pounds now I've gone on vacation before where I've gained nine and ten pounds especially on cruises where you just eat everything in sight but this time I I did really well I stuck to the diet when I drank alcohol I drank a low-carb beer or low carb seltzer two of the one I went on the internet and looked to see what was the best and mclubbe altro was low at two point six but I don't really care for that but I also found Corona has one called premier Corona premier awesome doesn't really taste that good either but luckily we can throw a lime in it and make it taste a little bit something better it's 5% alcohol another one I had I went to all Dee's and they had these they're called Vista Bay's they're Seltzer's only two grams of carbs 5% alcohol you can throw a lime in this this is a natural lime flavored if you

can see that natural lime flavor throw some lime in there and it's a it was actually pretty good you know you get used to it I also did shots with my brother who you can evidently drink hard liquors it's the stuff you mixed them with is is the problem a lot of them have fruits and and you know Korsak oaks and the Pepsi's I'll have that and I just did shots and my brother's willing to do shots with me too or I guess I was willing to do shots with him I'm not sure but we had a good time my brother father and I went to many buffets either breakfast buffets or dinner buffets and I stuck to those vitinho foods and I didn't have the desserts I didn't have the ice creams I didn't have any of the corns and peas and stuff like that mashed potatoes I really wanted mashed potatoes didn't eat them rice so I stuck to the poquito food and I did pretty well I was pretty happy with my result now that I am back home I am back to eating what I was eating before we've had steak this week we've had pork loin we've had chicken we've had the mixed vegetables I've had salads eggs I had an omelet this morning with with green

peppers onions and I had some of the pork oil and I threw that in there a little bit of salsa on top with some cheese oh great again I I'm drinking too straight up tea unsweet tea and I throw a lemon in if I have it no sodas no diet I can't do diet sodas a lot of you may or may not know I can't do site diet sodas it gives me a really bad migraine headache and I don't really want that either the one thing I've noticed is my hunger is way down I'm not as hungry as I used to be I'm not you know oh I got to get a snack or anything to eat I just want to eat I ran did all my running this morning and then I ate I wasn't hungry when I got this morning today it will probably be the same way I'm dinner times gonna roll around Michael I probably should eat that's actually a pretty good thing I'm not hungry all day I drink tea or water and that's been working really well for me I haven't noticed anything new on me personally my clothes are still getting loose I could still slide my ring on and off I still don't have as much I just don't have that much energy or that as

much energy as I thought I actually feel like doing things which I've been doing a lot I've been doing I've been getting out and doing but the one thing I have noticed is people are starting to say hey are you losing weight because you look you look pretty good and it's not because of this YouTube video there's play people afterthis are on my channel trust me but yeah I'm noticing people starting to say it looks like you losing weight oh yeah yeah I'm on keto diet I mean ask me some questions about it but yeah I can't really complain I will give you another update and next week thanks for watching and if you have any questions feel free to ask me thank you