24 September 2018

Keto Diet and Vlog - September 23rd 2018

Just your average guy uploading videos pertaining the keto diet and overall family friendly life up here in Northeaster Michigan. I mainly do this a bit so I can ...


so I lost a lot of content at the gym so let's start out with what I actually did get done first I did cardio which was a one-mile incline on five and then I followed up with ten minutes two different rounds or actually three different rounds of three minutes ish on the heavy bag and then I typically go on arms I will do both bicep curls and I don't really keep track of the weight that I do I just do what kind of feels comfortable and until I feel it and I'll go until I can't anymore if I can't I'll lower weight and I'll keep going but I did a row bicep curls rope tricep pull downs overhead cable extensions two different exercises for the triceps and I went to chest I did bench press again there with bench press I am working with shoulder issues that I used to have that have kind of gone away so I don't have a lot of strength so on those I think I did 135 and I would just do that as many times as I could in four different sets and then I lowered the weight and I did that until failure and then back in shoulders I did neutral grip seated pull downs assisted pull-ups and then dumbbell raises and this all took about an hour and a half I've been going to

the gym and making sure that when I get there everybody that's there when I get there has left and then I'll typically wait for another person or two that shows up while I'm working out I will wait for them to leave as well and not just make sure I don't know mentally I feel like that's my way of telling myself that I've actually worked out hard enough I mean I make sure during that time I'm being as productive as possible - recording and drinking water and whatnot but I was today at the gym yesterday I had a pretty similar breakfast as to what you're seeing here I don't eat until noon so I can't really call breakfast even though I am breaking my fast I will typically eat at the latest at 6:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. but yesterday I went to the gym about Sam o'clock I did my personal best 5k which was 38 minutes I started month ago at 58 minutes probably I don't even know if I'd be able to run when I first started the whole thing I still can't run the whole thing straight I mean even mixed running and walking I'm not sure I would have made a full three miles but yeah it's it's not so hard anymore I'm actually enjoy doing

it yesterday wasn't so much about the gym I had a pretty typical workout I'm actually new back into Oscoda so I don't know anybody I don't really get out much but I had decided to go to the Paul Bunyan Days Festival in town and compete in a local beard competition where I took second place after doing that I ran home grabbed the family and brought them back up for the event so I'm gonna roll a little bit of music and show some clips of the Paul Bunyan Days Festival [Music] that was her day at the Paul Bunyan Days Festival I was a good time fun event what is up welcome to the vlog this week just kind of sitting in my backyard all the kids are inside eating and just kind of enjoy making a moment of silence next to my I guess it's a freeway people don't pay attention a speed limit out here yeah we had a big windstorm so I'm kind of cleaning up all the brush and burning it off and I got a long ways to go so let me tell you a little bit about this property here this is my backyard complete it refocuses and you guys can see all that but it's not what I want it to be not yet kind of inherited a little

bit of leaf litter I got those big pile of leaves over here that was all back in the woods back there I plan on cleaning a lot of this out further taking down some of these trees I want to put in a shed I want to put in a chicken coop I want to get things going where this this pile is here I want to have a raised bed it's also all sorts of herbs and whatnot in there yeah I just want to get things going this year I'll be honest I know absolutely nothing about farming agriculture any of this stuff nature it's not it's not in my blood I'm a tech guy I failed at gardening I started everything about a month to two months late I just tore up all my tomato plants my neighbor's cries out there were pot plants but there were tomato plants I tore him up they were just starting to see fruits I have a clip I think you guys might already see it if I edited it but they were small cherry tomato size know where where they need to be I've been told I can get lights and finish them off in the garage but no I wanted to have them by this time of the year so next year we're gonna focus on that getting things in in the right time especially the raised beds I want to put

in peppers asparagus less Tomatoes those were just kind of an experiment broccoli just anything that really does well out here that's keto friendly really want to have either rabbits or chickens I haven't made up my mind yet I'm gonna start hunting and fishing and that's what this blog is gonna kind of focus around is getting out there in the nature and actually learning as I go cuz a little bit about this property and how I came to it was this was where my parents were gonna retire they bought this house and they bought another one I'm not sure if it was this one or the other one which they were planning on staying on I think they bought this one and they didn't like the road in the front and kind of sat on the market and then they bought another one which I think was the one that we're gonna fix up cuz it overlooked the lake but regardless my dad got cancer passed away within a year of getting it and my mom's just kind of been holding on to this property because the market isn't right and you know it's just what it is so I moved from Phoenix to here I used to work at GoDaddy for eight years so like I said I'm very tech orient and

orientated yeah so this is even though I grew up here this is all very new to me my dad was very outdoorsy he was a hunter he was the county trapper he fished all the time but I when I really got to know my dad I was a teenager I didn't really want much to do with him growing up because she was an alcoholic and I kind of just didn't didn't Bible with that but you know now that he's gone and I'm back here and just looking at how much we spent on groceries a month I really don't see how everybody doesn't hunt and fish I know a lot of people do out here but it's just it's just crazy the prices of meat plus the just the the mental clear you get out there being in the woods and being out on the lake and why not and the rivers it's just it's something I want to do that's what this vlog is gonna be about it's kind of getting back into nature and fixing this property up and getting back into good health I've already lost 70 pounds I got about 10 to 20 more to go and yeah that's it just kind of wanted to give you guys a little info on who I am where I come from and hopefully stay tuned and you subscribe and you like my videos but

as things go on throughout this fall I'm gonna include you guys in on stuff and yeah so we'll see you next week