21 August 2018

Keto Diet Analysis by Dr. Berg

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hi guys in this video I want to analyze

someone's food log okay her name is Diane and we want to compare it to healthy ketosis and intermittent fasting and give some recommendations so we know that she's 5 6 235 pounds in 63 years young okay so we know that in the morning she does bulletproof coffee then she does a quest bar and doesn't really tell me when this is I'm guessing this is probably in the morning okay and then a chicken Caesar salad for lunch and then went for dinner the first one is going to be between two and three o'clock in the afternoon and then the last one is 9:00 to 10:00 which is totally fine because if she were to go all the way and actually not well we'll cover this in a second but I like the idea of eating at 2:00 to 3:00 and also the second meal at 9:00 to 10:00 that gives enough time in between and beforehand to really make this work however we're going to get into a couple of details here and then after dinner she'll have blueberries and a handful of macadamia nuts okay a couple medications which I'm not going to analyze but I just just to make note there for probably to prevent a clot because she's obviously she has high blood pressure so

if she's taking two medications for blood pressure and then one for depression or anxiety I'm not sure which one okay so these may have side effects I don't know mainly if they were gonna have side effects it could be something like I know with blood pressure medication it's usually insulin resistance okay I don't know about this one but it'd be good to analyze that but as Diane does this for a period of time her mood should elevate okay especially when she does in a minute fasting and possibly get with her doctor to see if she needs this anymore also as she improves and gets healthy the need for these will go down as well but that's between her and her doctor she's taking some vitamins true vision which I couldn't find what kind of vitamins they are I'm not sure why she's taking him and I don't know the quality so I can't really comment on that d3 she's taking that okay so the first thing I noticed that she's trying to lose weight her she is seeing inches lost okay but she's not checking herself on the scale which is fine right now but if she wanted to speed things up

which I think she wants to these are some things that I would I would change okay if someone is this tall and has this much weight they obviously want to lose weight and the extra fat in this right here is going to slow them down because the body's gonna burn that now it's not going to actually alter her ketosis but it's just gonna give her ketones coming from the fat in this and not the fat on her body so I would do bulletproof coffee without the oils and so it's not even a bulletproof coffee it's basically just coffee with a little bit of cream that's all I would do that's number one number two the quest bar is gonna act like a meal so she's really doing three meals even though it's low sugars it has protein in there the problem I have with quest bars is it has corn fiber and if I'm not mistaken that corn is not GML I'm not a hundred percent but I would check but if it's it is GMO you don't want to do corn okay so they have a corn fiber in there and I know that fiber could also create bloating and digestive issues I'm almost positive it has inulin but again I don't know for sure but I know at one point it did but the point is that this is

basically going to spike insulin because it's a meal okay so I would not do this okay and I would cut the fat out of this right here so you just do coffee and you go all the way to this mill right here now if you needed a transition thing maybe a kale shake would work out great take kale and put some stevia in there make a little bit sweeter and blend it up and drink that as a little shank maybe mid-morning that will give you a lot of potassium because look at as we get down through here there's just not enough high-quality greens because the chicken caesar salad that you have is more of a prepared in a egg salad and the quality of greens is very low so you really want to make this yourself because it's either gonna be with romaine lettuce or iceberg lettuce I'm not sure which one it's hard to tell in the pictures but you want to go with high quality greens and there's just not enough of that so if you were to make your own with a high quality green awesome here's the other problem I don't know about the chicken in this chicken Caesar salad if it's commercial it's not if it's not organic chances are it's

going to have antibiotics and antibiotics actually will make you fat okay in fact 80% of all the antibiotics sold in America are sold to animals especially a lot to chickens so these chickens can grow fast and antibiotics and it's going to affect you as well they also add compounds that have arsenic in 70% of all the chickens especially if they're commercial and arsenic also can increase growth as well and you just do not want to have arsenic okay and your diet it's not a good mineral so Diane we want to look at not just what you eat but the quality of what you eat thus healthy ketosis and not just meaning getting your nutrients meaning higher-quality food on a ketogenic diet why because it's not just about getting your nutrients it's about eliminating some of the toxins and other things that are in our food because you're doing the same thing for lunch and dinner so I think what I would do if I were you is I would make your own a chicken Caesar salad with better ingredients keep it in your fridge and go ahead and consume you know your lunch and your dinner now as

far as the blueberries go and this is a minor point but if we want to speed things up a little bit more what I would do is I probably would not do any blueberries I would just double the macadamia nuts so that way we we can add a little bit more fat okay which is gonna allow you to go all the way over here a lot easier so you can actually survive until this meal right here so if the if you have a need to have a quest bar late morning what you do is you add more fat at that last meal okay so you keep eating more and more fat to the point where you're more and more satisfied and you can go longer so you have your coffee you have your two meals you have your intermittent fasting between that'll be awesome a couple things to make things even better is you may want to enhance your diet with nutritional yeast you can get them as tablets that will give you the B vitamins that will greatly actually improve your mood and then add a good high-quality electrolyte powder with more potassium which will automatically help you lower your blood pressure so you and your doctor can make some adjustments possibly okay so that's

my analysis for Diane and thanks for watching hey before you go I'm gonna create some new videos on food evaluation okay so if you'd like to participate I can't promise that you'll be the person I'll choose so here's what you gonna do you're gonna take a picture of what you're eating a close-up okay of one day how frequent you're eating like as an intermittent fasting is it one meal two meals and anything else that you're drinking or supplements and go ahead and add your height weight in age and any major body problems that you're having and what I'm going to do is I'm going to analyze that to see what you're doing correct and what you need to improve all right so go ahead and click the link down below upload your information and again I can't promise that I'm going to pick you but I'm going to pick several people and I'll do the evaluations and I'll post these as YouTube videos all right talk to you later