22 July 2019

Keto BangAli: Very Important: Salt and Cooking Oil in our diet

so to continue with our discussion

regarding keto Paleo diet chuckle Bella apple cider vinegar level rise I'm looking rush Dylan Dylan Dylan a little not enough but apple cider vinegar with warm water is a really good cleansing but it's not part of traditional keto I did it myself at a more Halloween listen and I am doing it every day I'm trying to do it so that's why I'm sharing that with you purple Ricky : black coffee no cream no sugar some unsalted butter a shot in our kill till out of a medium chain triglycerides you know very apologetic a fun Nakano jane are tilted my head anarchist imagine an artist in power not guilty India Takata Kerala South Dakota at the locator an alkyl Tildy remarkably she emerged after Canada India NASA director product trainee Jerry will say we put a locket ale their heart disease common mechanical enter an article to be remembered socata about two years ago Jeff an hombre Peter life's elemental Amamiya Marty Bishop I'm I'm at the vigil in exchange could see major detect in each actor Jacob our loved one and touch the tip and tail of one dr. Suresh ownership

iconic an America which amplifies I go to because at Eric I see hey Logan Umbra how can I use putting a pillow one Cambridgeshire can see I can I'm really Himalayan pink salt Himalayan pink salt or sea salt they do tell chip love 1j connected you know no one in fact treated really whore Cortana Cheney factory t20 her Cortana Chile is supposed to be from up here wash ticket so sugar cane sugar is supposed to be real sugar the ecology is sugar gt-r on Kijiji shuttle Hawaii they said local Montana but shot a whole a motor I want a pugilist after a booster be money or tired officials money Oh tell it's not real photographer album - it comes with side effects shallot in with the collocation IUD up me if you want to take that risk of putting something unreal something fake something man-made like the shirt that we are waiting ready to our budgets am Rana but I report the seeking to dr. hydaker key okay yeah at 64 th 6535 whatever it is made in China this entire universe is made in China but sugar salt and sugar to Cano verbena but salt and cooking oil a tutor blue chip in a cabin the healthiest salt

is two types either sea salt or Himalayan pink salt a Rupali approach duty is a chaotic at first cryptic and celtic solve this sell dead salt mint union salt potassium salt okay there are many alternatives of salt yes go for it google Karan do the after show ridiculous why not sky is the limit have not depend perhaps not profit a considerable I want kind of high for massively sheet agonize dr. Picasa hamdullah with the army Himalayan pink salt sea salt Gina catchy our Oliver LD a run across a shock of this you olive oil I do not give them till the Annika and Nicole a are gone through five Allah Allah Allah keep on go for it Akane developer happening but natural temperatures low healthy olive oil pretend to healthy olive oil you choose properties I said I can act like a Muslim on with overnight efficient storage no but oversee all easier because I wanted to hold me and say I mother 120 PS a and she's like tune what teenie was like tuna in olive oil and thick be energetic right so olive oil / she / - no sugar no color to dish of property are change G

property one local Italian a high-temperature olive oil dear and that whole day after temperature cooking temperature different 425 450 475 when you're pushing it high temperature I can press the record around microwave a this year and I wanna cook pretty high temperature high enough doctor for napping barbecue courtesan or deep fry cook this and gonna use a pH you pay honey hand then yes stock one-half not 425 450 475 words a a high-temperature gulity olive oil Karaboudjan no it had a misconception it any poaching research we say oh no research it conclusive cannot afford any more moved up against Jenna olive oil echo no put the coconut Johanna high temperature in Turkey hot olive oil pathology surely return apology particularly Archie say particulate collagen you lose them at very high temperature when you're deep frying so a PTT portion the olive oily Kinnick High Line shows your valor generally say to the deep fryer and Natura from Detroit gentlemen are continues current but get rid of your vegetable oil please I have nothing against vegetable oil or those people who are bringing importing wholesaler I

don't even know them Kurama Dundee que lastima and I bomb-diggity man I know I have nothing against them but it's not good for you it's not good for us it's not good for anybody vegetable oil this oil that oil sunflower oil rice oil that oil get rid of all oils except if you want to listen to me you don't have to olive oil and coconut oil into the oil or the career criminals of chip Hollow whether you're cooking in light temperature halka Vichy quorum or pretend Ojai quorum J temperature a appear on Mac or not you know so they're almost pushing six minutes I will pause here and we'll come back with another video because I mean should be China at econo video they are not okay who this she died me a panic attack result I want your attention not like me I mean I tell a chick the GDP is the key and fun efficient acacia a common defeated achieve so we are multitasking right so life is up another life at Utica multitasking I wanna share from so weight loss so Shere Khan multitasking have a actually only kitchen er packaging the hotel all born Cheney

cooking oil katakana caelum tea caelum chocolate Elam Dupree Salem yes you have to think do put your car near me a video there are T 40 of magic thank you please subscribe shut it happen