10 December 2019

Keep It Fresh, Keep It Healthy series of recipes by Amrita Raichand | Pizza Paratha

Why not give your kids a pizza which is homemade and healthy? Here's celebrity chef Amrita Raichand with a delectable recipe for Pizza Paratha that is sure to ...


hi this is chef tom resurrection and i welcome you all to keep it fresh keep it healthy series of recipes well today's recipe is a very exciting recipe and it has been made and created but keeping the Millennials in mind well Archie Luka Posada timely Jota life is chaotic botticella Thea so it is imperative he octopus of flexibility who geography nierotko cannabidiol the aku ingredient benign opposite ugly the news car cannot time virtuosity right and it's equally a comet ahead a psych aside premium wrap which helps us keep our ingredients fresh so today's recipe is a very exciting and very healthy recipe I'm gonna be making pizza Piratas and guess what judoma parent him a use candy value was him any luck me even a leotta and thanks to the premium wrap it stays fresh and healthy and soft so let's go get the dough from the fridge you do mini rocky bernard yatta good time-saving technique but the best part about it is unfortunately you cannot feel it but I can feel it and hopefully you can feel my feelings haha when you touch this dough it's so nice and fresh I sell a Trekkie just so many

OB Benaiah so now I'm going to use a little bit of the dough and I'm going to start making my Ferrara's for that yeah PA de ba hey Mira pause you say many just Kelly a gas on Kathy ahead so it gets nice and hot I've got some otter over here so he heard me drop regular artists is your routine vanity hey Lucy same s but acaba now me naked I'm going to give it my own magical twist and convert it into a pizza Parata so first we are going to roll the dough out okay aka round shape gihan is a roll Kalinga because pizza is round right and we are going to put it in our tava for cooking and saying okay and now I have another pan here who say man named on kardia hair jab jab back Mira yaha paper on Hibernia top thing I'm gonna sautee some of the vegetables janay may as a topping use kaluli now of course you have a choice of not sauteing them too I just like it a little more you know cooked because Bahasa the raw / article for Mussolini Masada but a lot of people love the crunchiness of the vegetables you can do that and as you can see all

these vegetables I have also wrapped them all with the cling wrap with my a psycho side premium wrap and Q key s key quality it nee achee with the edge of moisture put their vegetables ki boosie released on ice a rogue date ahead which therefore ensures that they are so fresh and green right and that is how this premium wrap helps our vegetables stay fresh a beer happy bangerra movie ahead I am going to add a little dash of oil here to just saute my vegetables chapter queja Parata Bandra here lovely Parata is also on its way to being ready I've got some corn I've got some green pepper and I've got some and created carrots along with some onions okay so we start with the onions just a slight sausage as he thoracic a pinko jaga I'm going to add the rest of my vegetables let's look at the status of our paratha it's doing quite well Taurus Aguila K I'm going to cook the parantha all right now I will add in my green capsicum a little bit of salt at this stage so that the capsicum gets cooked quickly now some parboiled corn nice and lovely colors who says pizza can't be healthy well and

my kitchen everything can turn healthy and finally some grated carrot just toss them all together now a quick dash of freshly ground black pepper and then I've got some chili flakes here pizza and chili flakes a super combination isn't it move that away give it a last toss and that's it this is done so here my vegetables are ready yeah people are happy they are will get here now what I'm going to do I'm going to do the final assembly on the lava itself because I want the cheese to melt so let's get the cheese to melt here I've got some pizza sauce which I am going to spread on my parantha I'm going to turn that gas off at this stage because I'm an HR take IDO a parent akasha BFF would gel natural joy because the assembly is going to take a little while so just spread some pizza sauce generously use your spatula for help lovely now I've got my cheese which is also wrapped in the premium wrap so that it remains nice and fresh I'm gonna take my vegetables now you have two choices here you can either spread the cheese before or after now I like to hide vegetables because a lot of

people are not very crazy about vegetables are they so I am going to add the mozzarella cheese on top of these vegetables hide them like this and allow the cheese to melt okay now what I'm going to do is I'm going to cover this messy otama head topic I usually cover neo top - yeah Mary panky cover Casati many dug the air luckily it is not touching my pizza and let's start praying that it melts very quickly alright so jab take a cheese melt or I'll let me clean my counter and let's get ready for the final presentation all right lovely while I was cleaning my counter the pizza parantha is ready and jothika cheese melt Jota what also happens is he joked pirata it was khabees it told us a harder job back so it gives you the real feel of a pizza right so this is done I have a nice little platter here to serve my pizza so man is pizza per our taco is ke upar McHale dongi para que cela Guinea right it's looking like a proper pizza isn't it well trust me it is when you bite into it you will get the feel of a real pizza you can make this in a non vegetarian way also in the sense you can add non vegetarian toppings or toppings

of your choice I'm just going to add a few sprigs of basil leaves just going to sprinkle it sparingly and here you go a pizza paratha is ready I hope you liked this recipe do share your feedback with me over here