11 March 2019

Kametha’s Weight Loss Journey| DAY 8| Pearls Oyster Bar


everybody before we get started make

sure you guys like him subscribe to our Channel you know what I have been completely distracted by other things that's been going on so I haven't been going to the gym even though I was in another state I still could have gotten up and went to the gym and I did not my choice completely and at times I found that I was getting a little carried away as far as what I was even thinking I just I know I was home I probably wouldn't abate it but since I was somewhere else I thought hey why not but I'm back home so I gotta make sure I stay on track today I am happy and it's unfortunate I cannot pronounce it all I know it that it's red fish there's actually leftovers early my song just fine it's where fish is white rice or crawfish I got it from Pearl's oyster bar I really can't even pronounce it was like a redfish pantry train that's good this just was going to be my dinner tonight so yeah so I am looking forward to getting back in the gym I think that'll be really important this is good this is the first time I've actually tried this dish I met up with some

friends of mine while I left Oklahoma and um she recommended this so I thought okay I tried but I was looking at a different picture so when I got the food I got my entree I was looking at it I'm like hmm I think they got the wrong order but I was looking at a completely different picture but I tell you what once I tasted it I was like okay I'll go back I'm gonna definitely get this again mm-hmm it's really good I think got a kick to it it's spicy but it's not overwhelming you know what I mean it's just it's just right hmm so yeah it's been a really busy week I gotta get back into the groove of things and I'm kind of looking forward to it I was drinking water while I'm down there however I found that I was like you know what I mean treat myself to an apple juice you know what definitely got off-track jamya came here I don't always been going on with this weather yesterday it was my you know 75 to 80 degrees no thank you it's why better trip this is so bad and I don't really have anything planned

for spring break my daughter is on spring break from school so I'm sure something to come up and then we'll end up doing something where I don't have anything planned this is really seasoned I mean it's just right [Music] I'm kept trying to motivate myself to get up everything to hit the gym you know how you know you need to get up and go but that bit was so comfortable I just couldn't get up yeah gotta stay online on fighting that's what I did I wasn't too happy with the number uh sorry I think I'm gonna go get it and do this for 30 days just kind of see what it takes my friend down starting her own to company and I my plan started my own teeth business it's only man did you know what I wanna check out our team because she's an example of life when after as far she was already a pretty woman you know but I can see the glow I can see my skin looks different just she looks different she just looks different in a good way though

I always talked about getting to the tea business and now it's here so I'm gonna be chipping that out and I'll let you guys know more about that and you driving on that road I take the toll I'm eating my dinner a little early but I'm okay with that I think it's a toy got got a lot of stuff that needs to get done I am really tired I hate it early development way off so I don't wake up some house today was pretty exhausted but I can't it's been a rough week I'm gonna get back on track I'm getting back in the gym [Music] I'm just taking a one day at a time you guys so just continue to be supportive that's all I ask of you women don't say it any suggestions anything yeah I'm always listening all right you guys I appreciate you have a good one