10 December 2019

Kαλωσορίσατε στην Herbalife Nutrition

Μάθετε περισσότερα για τη Herbalife Nutrition, την εταιρεία, τα προϊόντα και την επιχειρηματική ευκαιρία που εδώ...

welcome we're excited you're here to

learn more about Herbalife nutrition our purpose is bold yet simple to make the world healthier and happier and our mission which we have been on since 1980 is a mission for nutrition helping to guide people to reach their nutrition fitness and business goals the opportunity to help others is growing every day due to several global mega trends these trends include the obesity epidemic aging populations surging health care costs and the rise of entrepreneurship for people of all ages as an Herbalife nutrition independent distributor you'll have access to products education and training that will enable you to provide your customers with a personalized nutrition and fitness experience you'll have an opportunity to help people you care about and people in your local and your online communities Herbalife nutrition is the number one brand in the world in meal replacement and protein supplements combined our range of high quality nutrition products can help your customers achieve inspiring results with the right balance of healthy nutrition activity and support whether it's our great tasting formula one healthy meal

nutritional Shake Mix targeted nutrition boosters and beverage mixes an elite sports nutrition line or our skincare line we cater to a variety of nutrition needs and we substantiate the effectiveness of our products scientifically with a team of over 300 scientists including more than 40 PhDs and we operate five specialized ISO certified Herbalife innovation and manufacturing facilities we also have long-term relationships with our suppliers and can trace our key ingredients back to the farms and fields where they're planted cultivated and harvested but a big difference that makes Herbalife nutrition special is our distributor we call it the distributor difference day more and more retail stores are closing and we believe it's because they've forgotten that providing a high touch customer experience is critical to customer loyalty the one-on-one relationship with our distributor provides a personalized nutrition and activity plan education and training and support to help keep customers on track this is why our distributor difference

is our greatest competitive advantage we believe if you treat your customers the way you want to be treated provide them with education and support and above all help them achieve results they can become customers for life when you become an independent distributor you'll also receive this support from other distributors to help you craft a business plan that works for you as you'll hear from team members today there are many ways to start and grow your very own Herbalife nutrition business and when you do you'll be joining thousands of others who are seeking flexible work hours more control of their lives and the ability to earn extra income you'll hear examples from those who have embraced the Herbalife business opportunity on a full-time basis working to build a larger customer community and nurturing a team of distributors with their own strong customer bases we encourage each of you to talk with several of the successful distributors in the room today whatever your goal whether working part-time or full-time you can learn valuable business and professional skills from your journey with Herbalife nutrition

and we're here to support you every step of the way you can access more information online to help you understand how distributor incomes vary from person to person please review our statement of average gross compensation which explains the income you can generally expect to earn from Herbalife nutrition in addition to your retail earnings there are some common traits among those who join our team and become successful in pendant distributors first and foremost pay work hard they're motivated to learn and service their customers and they continue their development through ongoing education training personal development networking and by applying the skills they learn over the course of their Herbalife nutrition journey we want you to be self confident about taking this important first step starting your very own Herbalife nutrition business there's no need for you to overspend or borrow to get started it's important that you initially acquire only the amount of products that makes sense for your own nutritional and startup business needs if you cancel your distributorship for

any reason we provide a fully refundable money-back guarantee for the cost of your Herbalife international business pack which you are not required to return furthermore here's a 100% refund guarantee on all unopened products that were purchased within the prior twelve months and we will pay the cost of return shipping as well this business opportunity is open to everyone regardless of background gender education or physical ability our purpose is to make the world healthier and happier and we need people like you to make it happen thank you for taking the time to learn more [Music] you