09 February 2019

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Open Up

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are on the cover of Vogue magazine and open up about their marriage. Justin reveals why he stepped away from music and ...

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and I thank you for letting me take over your show today. (audience cheering) All right, let's get started, it's time for some Hot Topics. (audience cheering) (upbeat game show music) Okay. All right, so Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are on the cover of Vogue Magazine and they really do look beautiful. They really, really do. - Yeah! - I love young marriage! I'm all for young marriage, they get the babies out, I'm here for it all. But it was a really great article. So they talked a lot about getting married, the process. Justin talked about why he stepped away from music, which I really could relate to, okay? Because we both grew up in the industry. I remember when he was on True Jackson, VP right after he got signed. And he just talked about how it's so hard. Growing up in the entertainment industry is difficult because your only focus has been your career to the point that you don't think about all the other things about life. You know, relating to people, who you wanna be, what do you wanna do on your downtime? It kinda all just-- You never get the time to really develop it. So I was glad that he said, you know, look, I knew I needed to take this time,

that's what I wanted to do, and I'm happy for him. I'm really happy for him. He also talked about how sex became an addiction for him and I can also relate to that. I'm just kidding! (audience laughing) No, but he did talk about that and he said, look, you know I realized this was a problem for me, I wanted to stop it. And he felt like his reward was this beautiful marriage. So I'm happy that he's self-aware, and good for them. Glad for them. (audience applauding) Hailey also talked about how the social media trolls kept wanting to see them fail. And, y'all, I just need to know, why don't these trolls ever take a day off? (audience laughing) They never take a day off and my question is, why don't we make it to where when people get on social media they have to connect it to their Social Security number? That way, okay because-- - Oh, yeah! - That way there's consequences and the more mean comments you post it's going toward your credit score. (audience cheering) Okay? Even though it's already 550, okay? (audience laughing) But no, so now this is what I love, okay? So Diddy has a problem with the way, young people are partying.

Okay when he was in Atlanta this past weekend he went to the clubs and said nobody was dancing and everyone stood around, looking at their phones. And as the, young people or persons, he's talking about I can agree that that's exactly what happens. And I'm sick of it. When I was growing up and thought about being at this adult age I expected to be like Save The Last Dance. I expected to be in the club going back-and-forth like-- - Yeah! (audience applauding) - And it's just that's not the energy and my thing is, if that's a dated concept then we need to go back to that era because I wanna have fun in the club and dance with somebody and, you know? So, Diddy announced that he is going to bring dancing back and he said he's gonna have the Diddy Dancing Parties and I'm ready for 'em, okay? I've been to a Diddy party, y'all, and you ain't been to a party if you hadn't been to a P. Diddy party. (audience laughing) I'm telling you. So next up we have Ariana Grande. Okay look, so you guys, Ariana Grande was asked the other day how she felt about her ex, Pete Davidson, dating Kate Beckinsale. And she replied, they're so cute. And now they thinkin' that she threw shade. So, here's my thing with that, it's a lose/lose situation. First of all, they were being shady asking her that.

What she got to say about this man moving on and living his life? She living her life as well. If she wouldn't have said anything they would've said she was being bitter. So, it's like maybe she really think they cute, and let's move on. Leave these people alone. (audience laughing) Okay, now Michael B. Jordan. So, Michael B. Jordan says he went to therapy after playing the ruthless villain in Black Panther. He says he spent so much time isolating himself for that role that it was hard to get out of the villain mind-set when the cameras were off. And I can totally, totally relate to this because I played a character this past year, I guess it was couple years ago, (audience cheering) I played a character, her name is Wednesday, it was a movie titled Pimp and it was a very, very intense role. To the point, literally, where I was like, I do need to take a break or do some more comedy type of stuff because that wasn't me, love. (audience laughing) I remember hearing as a kid, like, Denzel or Sean Penn, any of these people would say, oh, you know, I need to take a break after playing

this deep, dramatic role and I would never understand it. But when you actually go into these types of characters that are so drastically different from you, it's very much needed. So I'm glad that Michael B. is taking good care of himself. 'Cause your emotions do not know that you're kidding, okay? Okay, so Katy Perry's stylist is in hot water. According to The Blast back in 2017 Katie allegedly borrowed 18 pieces of jewelry for the Grammys, but, allegedly, only returned 14 pieces. (audience gasping) The jewelry is now suing Katy's stylist for $120,000. Child, you gotta be careful with these stylists! (audience applauding) Okay. I've been dealing with these stylists for years and sometimes you give it back to them and they'll keep it. So you don't know what happened to that jewelry and that's, as a kid, when they would give me 15,000, 50,000, $100,000 jewelry, I said, keep it, beloved, I'm good. Because I don't want to be responsible for something I'm not going to pay for, you know what I mean? If I'm not gonna buy it back if it get lost, I don't wanna have to deal with the responsibilities, so uh-uh. I hope that all gets worked out 'cause that's a high bill. (audience applauding) Give me something from The Beauty Supply, okay? (audience laughing)

So, Pam Anderson's son, Brandon-Lee, dropped outta college after only two weeks and his mom was pissed. Brandon says when he showed up at his mom's house with his bags she told him to get the blank, we know what that is, outta here. Now, here's my thing, and somebody might say that I sound extremely millennial for saying this, but college isn't for everybody. I strongly agree with that. (audience applauding) You know what I mean, I really believe that. Because, here's the thing first of all, the college debt issue, it's really an issue, it's really an issue. People go to school to get degrees and then they come out of school and they can't do anything with them to even pay. How crazy is that? (audience applauding) How crazy is that? You go to school to get a degree to get a job to pay for your debt but you can't get one so you just in debt. That's the number one issue, right? The number two issue is, not every passion that you have can be validated by a degree or certificate. (audience applauding) You know what I mean? So, if you wanna be a choreographer spend your time hustling and being in a dancer community. You know, and if you wanna be a musician, if you wanna be a painter, figure out how to put time into that.

School doesn't, I feel like school maybe applies mostly to people that want something like being a doctor or a psychologist or things of that sort. So, you know, I'm sad his momma cussed him out, but-- (audience laughing) You know, maybe he just needed time to figure out what his passion was. Brandon ended up. (audience applauding) But get into this, Brandon ended up working at a smoothie place, living on his friend's couch when he started doing modeling jobs. (audience gasping) So, look at that. (audience applauding) Go ahead, Brandon. All right, we got a great show for you guys. Up next we're breaking down what to expect at this year's Grammy Awards. So grab a snack and come on back! (upbeat music) (audience cheering) - [Audience] Ooh-ooh. Ooh-ooh. ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Woo ♪