15 January 2019

Just got done eating breakfast!

here is a very very very extremely quick

video I always say that and then we always end up with like seven ten million videos here's Barry she still got her black girl scarf thing going on here um it's I think it's like Tim o'clock now made me today's a 20th there's race he just got off the potty we have no homes about our so just got done eating breakfast not long ago and all that fun stuff huh all that jazz um yeah so here we are today another video oh yeah here we are mmm but here they are I guess I'm just narrating mmm yeah oh yeah about the oil up her hair every day I put vide me yeah I comb her hair out mmm cuz when she'd get up in the morning what her scarf on this is how it is so I comb it out and I oil up her hair every day make sure she has no oyster in her hair and that you know look at this guy make sure she has my oyster here and everything is good with that so um that's what I do every day usually in the morning time they're not a very long they're up long enough to you know eat and well in her case have a bottle and you know diapers and all that stuff probably up for about three hours cash back Alfred nap which is great mm-hmm that's when I can take a nap I

always plants taking that really but I'd never take one always get distracted with other things and then I'm always like oh shoot I have to do this and I have to do that or I have to do um laundry which is really what i have to do today actually well i started to around here a couple days back and now i just i'm really finishing it I'm really finishing up all I have to do now is watch wash I'm sheets and stuff which i'm pretty sure i said in my video a couple nights ago or whenever that was and you yesterday so yeah and about it oh I figured I'm gonna need all these videos I'm just going to be the merchants and deployment second time around so this is part 2 part 1 and make any videos cuz we have kids uh-huh and how he does I have a reason to use my phone and my camera every day and it's just gonna be a whole lot of miniseries many episodes some long ones in the air oh I don't know if I said this already but a lot of my 20 minutes 17 15 minute videos have like then they're not uploading on YouTube which really sucks because because they're the longer videos they take a while to upload and our way from them and you say that it's

upload it and then when i go back to wash them and make sure everything is good like it'll say that um it'll say that it's unavailable or something like that so I have to keep the videos at 10 minutes or less than 10 it's so yeah that's what's going on with that there's only our first video today right now in this video because I shakuntala have a very sexy baby very very fussy so we're going to go ahead and end a video and I'm gonna get her calm and oil which I also have a video on that too so you guys if you haven't seen that you can go back to see Bella but I still have the video on how I do that with her hair every morning there we go mmm how we do that every day so yeah we'll be back later hopefully she's in a better mood