23 July 2019

Just For The Health Of It - Nutrition!

We do nutrition now!

a lot of patience yes I'm holding a

piece of cauliflower I just wanted to do a quick video on nutrition some of you have seen that I have brought this up many of you been my patients for 10 years and I haven't brought up nutrition yet I used to manage a health food store in the 90s and I really tried the last ten years to not supplement that much to really do a Whole Foods program try to get most of my vitamins from this lovely mmm food but soils depleted food is depleted I'm not discouraging you from eating great foods but we really need good supplementation so as you can see some of my mornings consist of good supplementation and some vitamins of course need to be in the refrigerator now um we have kept many good relationships with many naturopaths many MDS all sorts of folks and over the years things have gotten a little too complicated and there's a lot of competition going on out there so we have brought nutrition in house at my assistant joy to make it simpler I can recommend something and you're not running to Whole Foods or getting a different product from somebody else and getting confused and wondering who to

listen to and there's just been a lot of obstacles in between you and I and getting what we need to heal to get the proper nutrition maybe its weight loss maybe its energy whatever it is we're gonna get the job done and very simply okay it may look like I have a lot of supplements there but is for my son my husband for me for different reasons you know for pain for injury repair for whole food supplementation for hormones for anti-aging so there's different supplements for different things that you take at different times but you want to keep it simple so we're going to keep it simple by offering mineral yes hair analysis right we take the hair right in the back of the head that will give us a long-term number of what your body takes nutrition it makes you out of yes this is very different than blood work blood work will only tell you what is floating around in your vessel going from one place to another I'd like to use a great example that just came up last week I have a pregnant patient who had totally normal blood work but had a bunch of symptoms nobody was identifying and the blood work was normal because when you're pregnant the

body was taking all the nutrition from the mom and delivering it to the baby so of course the blood work numbers were normal but the moms hair analysis came back extremely deficient explaining a lot of her symptoms so if you're interested in the hair to us just email dr. Carrow we'll get you signed up and ready to go it takes about a week for you to collect it and get it done about two weeks for the analysis and a week to schedule so about a month later we will be able to tell you everything you could stop taking or having too much of yes a lot of people have too much of things in the system and you could be it could be in your supplements you're taking literally right now okay I know it's great to go to Costco get something cheap but you don't know what you're taking in there soy oils and no no genetically modified fillers guar gum carrageenan all this stuff it's nasty okay and then you're spending money to get beneficial things while suffering I'm she creating trouble so I carry professional supplements only very rarely do we cover stuff that you get over-the-counter unless you just got amazing company and the most

cost-effective that you can get because you're not taking stuff you don't need anyway please ask us about nutrition we're excited to help you with your health goals I can Skype you no matter what state you're in across the country I have patients from Arizona to Colorado to Washington to Oregon and look forward to answering your questions lo ha I know she loves the Sun no longer sees it with her sleepy eyes