10 June 2019

Jennifer's Weight Loss Journey- Gastric Sleeve Surgery

So many of you have messaged me about the Gastric Sleeve Surgery and in this video I tell you my experience and answer many of the questions I've received.

hey y'all I've been getting a lot of

emails asking me about the gastric surgery in the hilum process and what you can expect from it everyone has a different outcome a different opinion but I'm going to share mine with you all today when I had my surgery when I woke up it took me a very long time to wake up I was leaping for a couple of hours but after that when I got back to my stable mind they came in they removed my catheter and got me up to walk I walked the same day within about three hours span I was up walking when I first got up it felt like someone had took a baseball bat and hit me in the stomach that's just how bad the stomach pain hurt from the muscles and stuff being cut so when you have gastric surgery they do get you up the same day you do walk but you walk as far as you're comfortable with walking no father you don't overdo it the second day that I got up was a little more comfortable I had to go downstairs and they make you drink this nasty stuff to make sure that your stomach is put together right and it's no leaking because if you have leakage you have to go back into surgery and they have to fix it back that's one of the downfalls but you drink it they

x-ray it while you're swallowing to make sure there's no openings anywhere for you know to make you safe and make everything put back together well then once the doctor sees that there's no leakage you get to go upstairs and have something to drink no solid foods just clearly acquits chicken broth popsicles jello your protein which is a protein shake and stuff like that it comes in little measuring cups very little measuring cups and you drink so much per minute you don't just set there in guzzling plus it will make you sick and you will throw it up but that's proud of the process my measuring cups you have to measure each one because it has to be exact for the first two weeks then then once you're able to hold down your clear liquids in your protein you get to move to soft foods within about two weeks you get to move two sulfur's softens include fish baked fish my mashed up eggs like really really mashed up baby food fine well I'm not an egg eater so I had to get my protein through the yogurt and fish well every time I would try to eat my food my food would come back so I did have a problem with my esophagus being

stapled to my stomach it was close once there once they removed drain tubes your healing process is pretty much going to you're going to recover quicker also I've been asked what did I do to lose some of the weight before my surgery the things I did before I walked ate very little I come off the carbs in the sugars in the breads and the pasta things that you can't have even after your gastric surgery until they tell you to start reading do re-entering those foods to your body because you do get to reenter the foods to your body but it's very slowly still today I'm not able to eat a lot of bread bread does not agree with my stomach pasta it makes me swell and it hurts really bad because my stomach now sets up higher like up under my boob line is where my stomach is a knock down low and if you eat too much it feels like you're having a heart attack and it makes you swell so you learn your battles or what foods you want to eat and what foods you don't want to eat I do that unsweetened tea I do water stuff that is natural Crystal Light a lot of Crystal Light popsicles such the sugar-free popsicles but then

at dinner time I do sit down and have regular dinner another thing I was asked do I have to take vitamins I had to take lots of vitamins i take my b12 I take a d3 I take 2 Flintstone vitamins I take calcium I take biotin for my hair tight skin hair skin and nail for my hair skin and nails which y'all seen my hair it fell out it did fall out after my gastric surgery it's part of the body taking the calcium and putting it back to your stomach to restore your stomach so you lose it in your hair your skin and your nails that was a big thing because I really didn't want to cut my hair or say hey I had to go and shave the back of my hair but I did and now I really enjoy it I think my haircut looks good and it feels good another question I was asked was about soda Coke Pepsi Mountain Dew you cannot have the real stuff you can't hardly even drink the diet sodas the date so does blow you up is called carbonation and it's just what it does it blows you up and it I did try it admit I did I would never try it again because the carbonation and Diet Coke dr. pepper the soda families period hurts really bad it I like to went to the emergency room

from soda so anybody who's had gastric surgery I do not recommend soda someone had asked me was there able to stop any prescription medications that I was taken before could I stop him now well let's put it this way before my gastro surgery when I was 440 pounds my blood pressure around late 200 over a hundred now my blood pressure is running 9999 100 over 80 and 70 so my blood pressure has come down they have not tipped me off all my blood pressure medicine I still get a small dose I get like a half a dose of what I was taking some up and that basically is what I was taking was high blood pressure medicine so yes my blood pressure has come down so I did get to cut my medication in half another question I was asked was my mobility and how did I feel how do I feel today I feel wonderful today I could get up and do things and I had to sit down I can get out and actually walk in that huff and puff yeah it still hurts um because of my health but my help doesn't have anything to do with you know the process of my weight loss my hips because I hurt my health and I have damaged it really bad so I do still get out and walk exercise you

still have to exercise that's how you get the weight off you go to the gym you want you watch what you eat you won't you do what you're told to do so for all the folks out there that are weighing your options whether they have gastric surgery or not it's not a hard process the process is very easy follow what your daughter tells you do what your doctor tells you take your vitamins eat what you're supposed to eat don't eat what you're not supposed to eat and you will see the pouch come off they will come off very quickly set you a goal set it not for the next day you didn't gain your weight overnight you're not going to lose it overnight so set a goal to where you want to be in a year's time my year's doll weight was my first year it was just to be down in my to hundreds I hit my goal weight I did when I weighed in in December was like 245 pounds so I come from 440 some pounds to 245 pounds in a year which was like whew I did it now I'm down closer to my hundreds I'm not going to say exactly stop when I hit 199 1 191 I need a 100 I'm stopping because I don't want to get too small because I've never been really I

mean I've never been that really skinny person so I don't want to get to where I look sickly I don't want to get to where people go oh my god what's wrong with her I don't want to be there so I will stop 190 199 just because that's where I think I will be more comfortable at than what I'm at now if I didn't lose any more I still would be happy with myself because there's not a lot of people that say they've lost over 200 pounds in two years and they've lost a whole person I've lost more weight than my husband weighs today so for the people who are considering don't doubt yourself do it my opinion go ahead and do it get healthy feel better make a new you it's time for people to do for yourself if you're my age your kids are probably grown you're watching your grandkids you want to be there with him grandbabies so go ahead have your gastric surgery get over it enjoy life gosh I appreciate y'all stopping taking time to listen to our video if there's any more questions you all know how to get ahold to me you could go to my youtube channel you can Facebook me or you can message me or you could go to my Instagram guys thank you all y'all have a great day love each and

every one of y'all