22 July 2019

JediJoy’s Bath 🛀 Blog: Problems with a Vegan 🌱 Diet

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everyone enjoy here judge a backbone so

I am it's you down here because actually I was not feeling well today so I didn't think I would do a vlog just actually this ear infection I have is really making me tired so it works last night and then I came home and I believe us just slept a vapor I got a veneer breakfast that's a boy back to sleep cuz it's just cause I'm really really tired and so I wanted to do a vlog because I wanted to talk to people when I'm not feeling great because I think that's important and you know I sit here and I sometimes feel like my blogs are so boring and they may or may not be was not really the point the point is it's like therapeutic for me so where everything you guys if i boring you okay so I guess if you're watching that what you think - so not forcing me to watch it but I really want to talk about things that are interesting and everyone want to poor people but I know that watches on the top I apologize but I I do it because they're very therapeutic for me and they really helped me find my Center and I kind of like you know when you say

things out loud it helps you learn as well and even maybe it just makes more sense you're like okay say one of the things you know I'll pass on you guys generated or something that'll happen where you learn as you're speaking so who's really gonna try on this attire and she's been the same face just really I just slapped and slapped his left is that I usually sleep over to the less of the predator sick was the one times I sleep a lot Jared just so I injection poor things so we just sleep a lot but I was thinking today about what I want to talk about with veganism so veganism gets confused a lot of times organics when I say that I eat organics people think I dread begin what a vegan is is someone that doesn't consume any animal products by any means so they beauty products so it's like it's more assuming about tutoring a vegetarian that just doesn't need me don't consume any and I wasn't begin when I was younger from the age of 12 to 18 I was a vegan

and that's when actually I got the fattest which is the problem with being a via a lot of terms is yes we are going to be eating foods that are not your best source of protein I guess the best source of protein does come from and any other artificial stuff dislike it so if you're getting protein from you know nuts and stuff and certain veggies that are high in protein then that's good but it's tough because grains are not good especially with all the GMOs now any of the artificial stuff is not good for you so unless you're getting your protein from natural sources and I mean like food that came from Earth genetically modified not artificial made in a lab that he needs to be free that is growing on the earth organically then being a beginner is fine but if you're eating all of the artificial stuff then you're not actually being healthy and people view veganism as a healthy diet but if you're doing your whole begin to it artificial stuff like the artificial meats anything like any of those things that they're making them eats out and now like you think it's alright right now but in the future it always causes

problems because anything artificial causes problems because your brain remember your sooner might your brain a body what happens with artificial stuff is your brain doesn't know what it is so it just tells your body to produce insulin and store fat because it tells it says this is sugar for anything that it doesn't know what it is so like if it's something you brain only knows the stuff that came from Earth of what to properly do with it anything that we've made later your brain doesn't fully understand so it just says oh sure and that's so like even if you're eating protein it still is going to process it like sugar so it's gonna tell your body to store fat produces it and then store fat so even if you're eating what you think is you know a healthy protein you wonder why you're gaining weight that's why because if it's artificial now if you're getting your protein like I said from 100 site or Ganic like natural from Irish sources then you'll be fine i'ma lose my I believe myself as often people ask me if I'm being or they think I'm beginning or the second we're actually good at the opposite of vegan I need primarily

grass-fed beef and now here's the thing I love animals whatever said I used to feed the pigeons every single day like I I love like a good it makes me sad I can't freedom it's just that here in Vegas because it's illegal to feed him and it causes a lot of drum if you do freedom and it breaks my heart because I love the pigeons and I hate that long so I don't feed them anymore right now because it just causes she doesn't think she's coming back then you can get in trouble it's illegal so it's a tough thing and where we live it's not that I worried about it the way we live they don't appreciate apartments if the birds are coming around so I can't do it you know breaks my heart I already got trouble where we lived for a few the last couple verses so now I'm not going to do it at the new place but anyways I love animals and here's the deal guys we are supposed to eat at homes and animals are supposed to eat us now what they're doing to animals is not fair the cruelty of animals is not right but that's what you gotta eat organic GMO free cage-free cruelty-free

grass-fed pasture-raised all those things that if you go to like Whole Foods they have these standards of the treatment for the animals and if you go in there's like that step 5 is the top standard so if you pick step 5 means then you can know that animals are treated fairly and then you can know that that's okay to eat animals like that cuz that's the way that's what we're supposed to do and now here's the thing here's the issue that was vegan ISM that I find is they say they don't want to eat animal products but living creatures but everything so all of the plants they're eating are living and so they're having a contradiction at saying I only I don't want to eat animals but then I'm going to eat up these plants because plants are just as much living as animals and they feel and they experience life they say we just they just can't necessarily express that to us but they can if you get into it that you can hear what the pipes have to say and here's the deal and the more people that are be in the more plants that are wasted and they want to say the more people that eat meat the more animals but it takes a lot

more plants to suffice you than it does animal meat so you're actually being more detrimental to the environment when you're eating oil plants because it takes so many plants to feed everyone where protein it does not take as much protein you need less protein you need shit-ton plants to survive it's just the way it it's like you need way more fruits and veggies and plants then you do protein of animals so now it's okay to be vegan I'm not saying it's not but here's the deal vegans cost often are very very judgmental the people that you meet extremely judgmental and they actually think we're like killers and stuff because we're eating animals and that's not right because we're doing with the environment and what the universe told us to do by eating meat and you guys are choosing not to but that's not a meat eaters fault that you're choosing to be completely contradictory to the universe the universe never said to not eat animals animals were for us to eat and eating more plants is way more way more detrimental to the universe so I was so tired of all these vegans if everyone is becoming a vegan and it's fucking

ridiculous because it's a bad diet you cannot eat artificial stuff and you go around judging people eating animals animals were on this planet for us to consume that is the truth and for them to consume us bottom fucking lie by your one more vegan judge of meat-eater I'm gonna fucking scream because who the fuck do you think you are that's all I have to say today