10 January 2019

January 9th, 2019 - Weight Loss Vlog! Putting it All Out there - From Fat to FIT One Day at a Time

I chronicle my weight loss journey everyday and discuss everything I did.

hey what's up everybody out there from

back to fit one day at a time Sumeet chronicling my weight loss journey today is Wednesday January 9th 2019 this was another rest day I allowed myself to rest days a week and on Friday is the end of my week and I usually do weigh in and then it restarts the week for Saturday um today was the first day of kind of snowfall again after like several weeks of no snow discouraging for me because I hate snow I hate driving in snow it's we had a big accident on the same road that I had work but I'm gonna go do my best to go to the gym tomorrow oh it's my day off work but let's focus on today so I had I got up around 3:00 a.m. for work I had some chicken breast a very little any bitty bit of barbecue sauce I had some orange juice I believe I can't remember juice I had honestly I either have a low sugar orange C or I would leave it I have low sugar juice or some orange juice just a little bit I had half a can of creatine cherry blade lemonade which is no sugar my I had a banana and vanilla equate meal replacement shake around 8 a.m. ish around 10:45 I had my lunch at Howard I

had more chicken breast I had peas I had raw broccoli BBQ so a little bit of our key sauce some ranch Diet Mountain Dew had water I drink water throughout the day and one of my big goals is to drink at least a gallon a day I'm gonna say that I probably had about again today didn't work out I usually drink a lot more actually I'm probably gonna drink something right to this video just so I know in my head that I had a gallon had a cherry dealing Light & Fit yogurt 80 calories I had some raspberries those are delicious I love raspberries I think that's about it for lunch then I went and saw a movie I snuck in some beef jerky and some Coke Zero I had the Jack Link's teriyaki jerky which is about like six carbs and I tried something they clearanced out called like pizza in a bag and apparently from Epic Meal Time I did a review of it it was horrible two grams of carbs pepperoni pepperoni jerky it was disgusting honestly did a review of it if you want to watch but it was horrible then dinner I came home and we made homemade Philly cheesesteak sandwiches basically sauteed thin steak mushrooms

green pepper and red pepper a little bit a one a little bit of ketchup and then my dessert was I had a little bit of almond butter a little bit of peanut butter I had some spray whipped topping and some diet root beer that is what I had for the day approximately according to my Fitness Pal is 23 8 E 1 in calories so that's what I did for the day the best in my recollection I guess after so my next more water but I definitely make sure I had a gallon my goal every day is a gallon I think today was one of the lesser ones but I'm gonna try and chuck some water right now before I go to bed and I'll be up in two hours thanks so much watching my videos I wish you the best on your journey whether it's weight loss or what have you there's a lot of parallels with like sobriety and weight loss when I do at the gym can we inspire each other he's so getting sober and working out and of course I am dealing with my weight trying not to overeat trying to learn to control everything and I'm pretty good at it I've been getting better at it I should say that's my big goal so I hope you achieve your goals my goal is by

next Friday to hit hundred pounds down my previous way and I was almost 92 down so I'm gonna try so this is putting it all out there from fat to fit one day at a time January 9th thank you so much for watching check out my other videos please subscribe hit that notification bell and let's hair goals