31 May 2018

Jake E Lee Dishes on his Charvel USA Signature Blue Burst Model

In this new Charvel video, Red Dragon Cartel guitarist Jake E Lee dishes on his "special" time with Ozzy Osbourne and how his infamous Blue Burst model ...

hi this is Jackie Lee and this is my

Charvel Bluebird signature guitar because this would have been like 1969 one day I walked by there and I I heard Purple Haze and I'd never heard anything like that before and I was just I was mesmerized dies in her door I'm listening to I listen to the whole thing I lose some of the solo I'm like holy what was that show us that's Jimi Hendrix I like Jimi Hendrix Jim I yes okay I need to play guitar and that's when I decided I was gonna play guitar Jimi Hendrix single-handedly with one song changed everything for me you are the blue burst that was when I was when I was finally comfortable foolishly an Aussie we've done the mark of the Moon tour and we're going in to record ultimate sin and that's when I wanted some new guitars that that that were mine that weren't just I'd been using charbel backups and they asked me what colors I wanted and most of the people then had like big graphics you know they they had everybody else had that covered but I wanted something that was specifically for me and that's when we did the blue and the purple burst and so they pretty much nailed it right off the bat didn't

have to redo it I'd played in local bands before that and then I got into Aussie and just thrust right away into playing arenas and in front of a lot of dice festival one of the first gigs I did with him just it was yeah there's a very special time one that I don't think happens to a lot of people I mean warned my friends in rat and Motley Crue all these bands that actually became very big they still had to a work up to it where I just got thrust into it from from where we had all started right up to the top and yeah it was a very interesting very special features that I like I like the slanted pickups you get a little more depth out of the top strings and out of the bottom strings you get a little more bite when it's slanted this way and I got that idea from Hendrix because he played the wrong way he played the other way around and so the bridge pickup on a strat ended up being slanted this way because he was left-handed and I always liked the sound he got out of that pickup so I incorporated into those two pickups and you need to make that sound so humbucker down here so I like straight plugs and

this is the best design for an input jack volume and the 5-way pickup selector with this position being these two pickups but one of the humbuckers pickups is not in it so it's basically two single coils into an out-of-phase sound the next little slimmer a little faster than most char bells and it's just different it's not a bad thing it's not a good thing it's a different thing some people like fat necks but it doesn't hurt to have variety if every guitar you pick up feels exactly the same then you're pretty much gonna play the same for me I prefer the hard tail I did you sound better obviously you can't say this sounds better than that period there's there's people that'll tell you what's the best for every my new show you can think of and and none of it matters all of it matters it's it's all preferences there is no right and wrong I prefer hardtails I don't use bars I found other ways of bending and [Music] that's all stupid but but if I want to do stupid like that I don't need a bar I can do stupid just with my

hat so I like a little resonance I like the would be not dense and heavy it sounds too artificial to me when the woods really hard and so I shouldn't say sounds better it sounds more like what I want a guitar to sound like so yes I like this headstock I like this input jack I like this body design I like these pickups slanted towards my preference I like a humbucker there and I like a hard tail and it works for me it works [Music] well Eddie you know use the Charvel and he was the guy that turned the whole guitar world upside down so he kind of made it cool you were the offender guy or a Gibson guy really and then Eddie comes along is everybody up with his plane and he's playing in Charvel it kind of became synonymous with just cool Shore evil yeah I play short bill and it sounds cool uh everything they've made that I've even stuff I didn't particularly care for it's well made it's as good as you can get I mean uh I can't think of another brand or our company that uh I would trust with making any stuff now is it el Nico or is

it L nickel it doesn't sound stupid you know