09 June 2019


Hey, Y'all! Welcome back to my channel. Today's VLOG is my experience getting IV Hydration and Vitamin Infusions done at Revitalist here in Knoxville, TN.


they just opened up their Saturday mornings for IV hydration and vitamin infusions and so I'm gonna take y'all today to show you what that looks like so they are located kind of in the turkey Creek area this is their building in the parking lot if you know where Costco is and the turkey Creek area you just go past that and then they're off Kingston pike [Music] [Music] [Music] okay if you don't like I should have done morning okay if you don't like I'm eased in it she did put it in my hand and Katie did amazing I love her so here it is and I'm doing the Myers cocktail which is strong and B and C vitamins and I'm very very relaxed water I call button if I need anything there's a call button right here she's got me water and if you don't like looking at it you just put your hand under the blanket and she did an amazing job with the IV I had like veins that roll in Mary's long reign but very small it didn't hurt she's amazing [Music] I already feel better it's bizarre

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so it's the next morning I got my IV infusion yesterday morning so I still feel great and hydrated if you have any questions you can just drop it in the bottom bar below some of the questions that I've received so far is how much is it and the hydration packages they start at $100 and kind of got from there I got the minors cocktail and that one was 150 what I liked about revital 'san why I chose them over there's another local place kind of where I live but for them I had to be established as a patient so I had to I would have had to have paid 250 dollars just for the doctor visit and then on top of the IV hydration treatment so our vitalist I really liked that you got a free consultation and you were just paying for the treatments you weren't paying like for the actual doctor visit so that was huge for me and also the staff is incredible they're they're not nothing against nurses but they all the staff at revitalize

more qualifications like they have anesthesia backgrounds and just kind of a higher level of training and so I really really liked it so I guess the point that I'm trying to make is that I really liked the staff and how they kind of took you to the next level with hydration it's not just kind of like a basic like bending in a bag we're just a nurse gives it to you which is totally fine I just really liked how they had extensive training and they went through all of my medical it should really cater like specifically to my needs not just like okay here's basic hydration they went through all of my medical history and so she was able her name was Katie and she was amazing she does have an anesthesia background too and she could kind of go through very quickly my consultation and say okay let's focus you need like B vitamins C vitamins antioxidants and just goes through more specifics and I really really liked that because I noticed a difference it's like obviously I'm not the same as everybody that's just one thing that I wanted to point out because I feel like again they just kind of

you to the next level and it's more personalized to exactly what I would need for my body and my body to stay hydrated and just give me like the nutrients that I so in my opinion I absolutely loved it and I'm excited to get excuse me these done monthly I think they're they are super affordable they have a group rate discount and I loved the room how it was set up you can actually have like four people in there so if you wanted to you could do like a girls day or like mom and daughter and sister day where you could go in or have like even they've done you could do like a bridal party so you could go in and get hydrated and then you could I think they have massage there too so you could have IV hydrations massage if you wanted and then go get manis and pedis I also have a referral program so if you refer anybody to them you'll get 10% off your treatments and they have a I think it's a vitamin infusion like rewards program to where actually your entire family could just use the same rewards card and I think if you do ten treatments your eleventh one is free so that was super cool and also I included this in my post but I can't remember if I've done it for

the vlog or not I suffered from hg during both pregnancies which if you don't know what that is that's basically like severe all-day sickness I mean I've vomited so many times a day severe dehydration and I would have killed to have this because I could barely even take like sips of water when I was pregnant and I know that these treatments would have been a godsend for me because how they work is it totally it goes straight into yourselves obviously it's an IV so it bypasses kind of the GI tract so it bypasses your stomach bypasses your liver so you're not breaking down kind of any of the vitamins that are going into your body they go straight to your cells and you absorb a hundred percent of it which is amazing I really really really liked so again let me know if you have any other questions and thank you for watching [Music]