10 December 2019

It's Dinner, Pre-packaged, Prep, Cooking & Boosting Nutrition

Check out what I really eat in my 50s. Providing an authentic look into my diet, offering a peek into my eating habits. I don't diet, I seek to refine my diet, include ...


[Music] hey it's me natural easy and welcome back to my channel where I am attempting to vlogmas in December 2019 it is Wednesday evening about 8 p.m. and I just got home what I want to do is try this month and show you guys what I really eat I've gotten quite a few requests as to what do you eat so I want to show you guys that and I'm gonna show you that now I want to give you an authentic peek into my diet and when I say my diet is basically what I eat I'm never on a real diet in my 50s I think in long term in practical terms in just trying to eat healthy so what I want to show you it's just what I eat you know what I'm thinking at a certain time when I am about to eat planning a meal or in the moment of eating so I'm doing that right now again it's 8 o'clock I just got home I had some things to do after work today so I got home late and so I wasn't able to make anything so as I told you a couple of days ago with my meal where I prepared for lunch I didn't prepare anything for dinner tonight so I'm gonna show you I knew I did not feel like cooking and on top of that I am super

hungry what I did is I went to Trader Joe's and I get one of their pre packaged salads and I have a favorite so what I'm going to do my bag and I just want to show you one of my favorite prepackaged salads that I like to get I eat it for lunch I eat it for dinner and what I do is I'll add a meat to it and it is a complete satisfying fill me up meal and this one is the Mediterranean orzo pasta salad right here okay so I am going to show you my food like I said I went to the grocery store Trader Joe's which is my favorite for a prepackaged salads they were the best I got my Mediterranean style orzo pasta salad I have my shrimp now with the shrimp it's already precooked I also got it from Trader Joe's it's frozen you keep it in the freezer so whenever you want something quick and fast just get some precooked shrimp I put this I use this for burritos I put them in my salad yeah they're they're perfect so if you like shrimp I don't know if you like shrimp or not and then I have my spinach right here as far as I'm going to saute this I'm thinking adding more vegetables to my salad because the

orzo pasta salad is mainly pasta so I don't want to eat all this pasta because there's a lot of calories in pastas so instead what I want to do is eat half of this and replace the rest with vegetable because pasta has more calories than vegetables if you want to lose weight the best way to lose weight is eat less of the pasta and eat more of the vegetables spinach barely has any calories at all but it's not satisfying as far as making you feel full the pasta is what she feel full the vegetables itself is what provides more of the health benefits okay so oh and I got me some more kind bars got some half-and-half now this half and half is gonna be for my oatmeal I'll show you my breakfast let me know if you guys want to know what I eat for breakfast and I'll show you that and of course I didn't get a bobble one because this is a really good bottle or a cheap price love it but I'm not gonna open it tonight I already have my glass and that will be for later okay I'm gonna start with my shrimp and this all it entails is just thawing it out so what I'm gonna do is take a bowl and I'm gonna add some water

to it [Music] okay so once I put my water in there this is for thawing my shrimp I just take my shrimp and however many I want trick does not have a lot of calories take as many as I want this is gonna take about five minutes to thaw out so I just put that to the side and I'm going to move on to my baby spinach and sauteing this and let's do that okay so next is be sauteing of my spinach now I do have a stove and an oven that I could sautee my spinach on but I also have a convection oven which I love to use to saute my spinach because it takes four minutes and it's perfect every time the way I do that is I get some oil well first of all let me turn on my convection oven so we're going to preheat my convection oven and I am going to put out how much of my spinach that I want to eat that looks like a lot of spinach but believe me it shrinks up really quick I put on top of it some olive oil another healthy oil for you and then I put some salt and pepper for flavor there's my convection of it I put it at 425 put that in there it takes about

four minutes okay so while that is cooking the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna separate this and eating half of it and warm it up on the stove wow that is sauteing and I'll mix it all together so let's do that let that warm up for a minute and then I am going to add my salad to it just to warm it up and then add my shrimp add my sauteed spinach mix it all together and that will be my middle okay so while my spinach is sauteing and my shrimp is fine I am just going to give you an idea of what the ingredients are in this prepackaged salad got my reading glasses so the ingredients are orzo pasta some they're canola oil extra virgin olive oil and then there's feta cheese red onion golden balsamic vinegar dressing chopped garlic sugar honey salt basil parsley black pepper dried x olives Parmesan cheese barely any spinach I'm telling you that that's why I'm putting my own spinach in it now if you read ingredients just the same way you read ingredients on your hair products it's the exact same your prepackaged meals now the ingredients are listed from the most to the least and on this it

definitely tells you right up front that pasta salad is the most of this prepackaged meal so the majority of this package is the orzo pasta salad and the least amount of the ingredient in this is spinach so that is why I'm saying they cut this in half you'll cut half the calories and then replace it with vegetables you'll get the same taste but for a half the calories - I suck as a cook and let's go ahead and put the pasta in the pan to warm it up all right so my spinach just finished but I'm not ready for it yet here is how the rest I will probably eat for lunch so that goes in the refrigerator [Music] I simply just squeeze out the water and that is going in there and this is all about just warming it up good so I'm just stirring it up just to make sure everything is warm the shrimp are warm they're not being cooked at all they're just simply being warmed and when it comes to thawing the shrimp they're already precooked so make sure you don't follow them in hot water you want to thaw them in cold water I've learned the hard way when you thaw them in hot water what's gonna happen is they become

really rubbery and you don't want that so make sure you always use cold water okay now I'm going to add the spinach there's my spinach again there's barely any calories in the spinach but it's so nutritious and good for you okay it looks like it's finished I get to eat okay that's probably about three four hundred calories [Music] it's gonna be bone Appetit okay so here is my meal for tonight and I hope you guys enjoyed me showing you what I eat for dinner on Wednesday this December 4th and yeah so this is a continuation of me just trying to vlog my and give you guys an authentic peek into my eating habits my diet and what I do I am very practical I am not dieting I'm just trying to eat healthy and just be realistic about what I eat and yeah so if you guys like that please make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up have any questions or comments make sure you post them below if you want to see more videos like this let me know I'll try my best to do it again I'm not a cook I'm not a dietician I'm just someone that's trying to be fit eat well and still enjoy life and still

enjoy my food so yeah you only you won't see anything radical here you're just going to see someone who is trying to have a healthy relationship with food and I will continue to do that so my channel will continue to feature my fitness journey as well as my natural hair journey and I hope to bring you more videos about my eating habits so again please come back and I'm just going to eat because it's getting late I have to get up early in the morning tomorrow is Thursday morning and I have to get up to go and teach my cycling class and also workout so I have to be in bed soon to get up at 5:00 in the morning Oh Cheers Bon Appetit and until next time please make sure you take care of yourself stop chewing please make sure you take care of yourself both mentally and physically and again if you have any questions post them below comments saying please make sure you subscribe to my channel and until next time this is natural easy signing out happy vlogmas [Music] [Music] [Music]