22 July 2019

Is The Carnivore Diet Legit?

This sounds crazy I know, but fruits and veggies are not healthy for you. We need animal foods to thrive. #carnivorediet #keto #vegan Support the channel by ...

yeah I'm just taking my daily walk and I

need to stop to talk to you sorry about that my thumb got in the way all right listen today we're gonna talk about how you make money all right we want to talk about the carnivore diet and why I think you should definitely try it look a lot of us think that chronic illness is and you know cancer is just a normal part of life but if you look at her ancestors none of them got sick and you know we've been told our whole lives eat your fruit eat your veggies because they're good for you I don't think that's true look plants are alive as in they are just like us they do not want to die in their main focus is actually to reproduce they are alive and just like animals want to do this so they have created these amazing chemical defense mechanisms I mean if you think about it plants have been around longer than we have and they do not want to be eaten they were not put on this earth to be eaten by humans and humans like our ancestors if you really look at things like they didn't even eat a lot of plants I mean you should go check out a little link on the description for this book by all dentists like 1900s his name

is Weston a price and what this guy did is he went to go flying to see if there was any primitive people so this is people living off the land even in the early 20th century or like late 19th century I went to different parts of the world and he in valuated their diet in hopes of finding one that only ate plants and he couldn't find it now this isn't to say that they didn't eat plants whatsoever I mean if you look at the most Civic Islanders they ain't a shit ton of plants but all of them had one thing in common and guess what that was that was a reliance on animal foods you had the Swiss who ate mostly rye bread but they relied on really really good raw cheese you had the Scots who also didn't have a lot of animal foods but they had the fish and they decided to eat a lot of that along with the carbohydrate and that carbohydrate was oats look it's not one diet the reason why I'm doing carnivore is because I have all these sensitivities to plants I just can't eat them when I had plants I literally got depression I had lashes all over me I couldn't get up in the morning and then as soon as I

turned into the carnivore diet I got really the impression I got rid of the rashes and this is what like a five six months ago and I feel freakin amazing so I have devoted my life to to helping people find their health again I mean look if fruits and vegetables are good for us then what the fuck has been going on in this world I'm telling you everyone we even lied to and if you look I mean I'll tell a little story about veggies real quick before you in this video if you look at the Dietetic associations like the American Dietetic Association as an example they were founded by seventh-day Adventists who although a smaller religion have a lot of power in politics and a lot of power in the world and they have a vegetarian agenda they have a plant-based agenda go look online I'll try to find some resources put them in the description as well so look it's not that you cannot eat vegetables and I can't even say that they're bad for your health although it's looking like early on in the game right now that yeah veggies are just probably causing a lot of these issues that we're having on autoimmune issues even cancer so that's

just some crazy shit and it's why I've come to realize like one life philosophy that I realized and why I decided to just fuckin do what I want to do in life and not live the traditional life that I'm supposed to live and just do whatever the hell I want for the rest of my life is because I just feel deceived I feel like we do not know shit and it makes sense I mean look at her our pot look at her parents look look at her grandparents they thought things were right and then pretty much everything that they thought was true science is improved and told them that that's wrong I mean it makes sense the whole point of science is to improve and to prove itself wrong so I mean that's really all I got to you right now I just wanted to let you know that like there are tons and tons sources out there about this and yeah I mean I mean called crazy by a lot of people because like I said it's still early and it's hard to come in front of the camera it's hard to tell you that hey don't eat vegetables are not good if you eat a lot of meat I mean there's tons of information out there you have the China Study I'll put

the link in the description you know like read it with a grain of salt cuz i I gotta be honest I don't think there's one single book out there that is so full of shit as the China Study but I'll put the link in the description to that so yeah um it's crazy I mean we don't know shit everyone all right but all I know is that you can go do a little the hell you want and I'm gonna continue on with this series as I can continue to travel the world but right now I gotta get back on my walk I got places to go I got people to see but until next time I hope you all are going to Korea today and I'll talk to you in the next video please leave this a like subscribe and subscribe and subscribe and subscribe and remember we don't know shit but we can fix it peace