09 June 2019

Is Sleep Stopping your Weight Loss Goals? - Triangle of Healthy Living: Sleep

There are three parts to remember when trying to establish healthy habits. Today we explore the first and most foundational of the three. Please Like, Share, and ...


good morning everyone I'd like to introduce you to the first a series of three videos focused on the triangle and healthy living so quick disclaimer we have a handful of fitness videos coming up but those are about a month or two in the making so this is kind of a way for us to bridge the gap since it's a related subject back to the video the first topic is sleep let's go catch some Z's [Music] I wanted to start with this topic because I really believe it's the most important piece of the puzzle even eating really well and getting in a good workout every day without quality sleep you're not going to see the results you want and it's not just to do with the fact that when you're tired you want to skip out on workouts or you make poor food decisions lack of sleep has a really heavy pull on your body's natural metabolism [Music] [Music] so let's break it down getting too little sleep will trigger a cortisol spike cortisol is a stress hormone that tells your body to conserve its

resources in this case body fat even with a mild amount of sleep deprivation your metabolism could slow to a crawl if your cortisol spikes so if you want to burn fat you need to focus on getting as much sleep as possible and staying well rested how much is enough sleep well I'm glad you asked sleep requirements can vary from person to person but most agree that within the window seven to nine hours the body can get fully rested and your body's asleep you pass through four stages stages one two and three are considered non REM sleep Stage four is considered REM sleep REM sleep which is also known as rapid eye movement is the Dreaming stage of sleep Stage three is a deep stage of sleep that's the most restorative of the four stages waking up from this stage leaves you feeling groggy and tired the reason science recommends eight hours of sleep is that each cycle lasts only about 90 minutes with stages 1 & 2 taking up roughly 60% of that time therefore in order to fully recuperate we need to go through several cycles to get fully rested most people find it difficult to get the desired amount of sleep and I don't

blame them sleeps a resource that often is the first one to make compromises on from my experience having a well-planned morning and evening routine can go a long way to helping you pave the way to a healthier schedule try picking out a new non-caffeinated herbal tea that's specifically for before bed eliminate all distractions and take some time to enjoy the coziness of your own room after a few weeks your body will be trained to enter stage 1 at the sight or smell of these things you'll have a more productive morning show [Music]