11 March 2019

Is my weight-loss journey over?

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just session basis I did not upload a workout video today because I only went walking I had a lot to do today my daughter both my daughters had a tooth pulled today how ironic is that so I said let me come over here drop a video and just touch bases because the journey did not stop honey the journey is still going it's just I did a different workout routine I walked today at Lifetime Fitness in my area it's in a like a strip mall where I live and it has walkers that go there and the walkers walk and you think if you walk it 10 times I want to say 10 times you walked a mile something like there are five times you walked a mile whatever in what however it go I did three miles but was it yeah three it wasn't for because I got tired I got three miles and and that really was it for my workout yesterday I walked this wheel I did not do my workout routine i'ma tell you where I um I was busy I did have a lot but my eating now I was under calories but even still I can't not eat when I'm busy or stressed out I miss a meal and missing meals don't do number throw your body into protective mode and it will protect yourself by hoarding fat your

fat cells won't move because the body don't want to die and if you don't give you calories it is in a fight like oh you ain't give me no biscuit today oh just hold on for these little fat cells right here since you're trying to be funny and I went almost six hours and I know you like people fast longer than that I'm not on a fasting diet I'm not trying too fast and when I realized that I hadn't ate you guys I was so when I felt was starving oh my god it was I was so mad at me so let me say this no jazz my drinking you follow me on my other channel I I am Kela that's just how I drink I've drank like that since I was little I promise how about my kids drink like that it's ready I don't know why throats is broke so that's a small fun fact about me um but yeah I went I was hungry shoot I was hungry real hungry and what did I eat I had let me think cuz I didn't write it down like that's a habit I gotta get into doing it I didn't write it down I hear oh I wanted to show I took the girls to the show I had one beef hot dog at the show and I drank off my daughter's pop I shared a

large pop with her we didn't finish the pop but I had a beef hot dog I had a large pop and I didn't drink on a large but I drank some pop we left from the show I came home and I had some um it was dip spinach dip some tortilla crackers and lunch turkey lunch meat cheese and crackers that's all I kind of had a taste for it and then I went on to be it so it wasn't the most nutritious day but I wasn't over I didn't eat over 1500 calories which I'm under calories but I didn't plan my meal or anything like that so some of my goals is to get back into meal prep I used to be bomb and meal prep and I am bombed still and meal prep just my time management that's what it boils down to time management is shitty unless you just call it what it is my time management is crap and I got to work on it and I got my planner I look I've pulled it off the shelf hmm I put my planner off the shelf so I got a right in it and stick to it so I'm just jumping on here to give you a quick update as y'all see I got some this is actually red but it looks pink um it's a hair coloring

wax Moffat Jane Here Come our wax I did the purple I like the purple too so this is me trying the red which actually looks pink what else was I gonna say that was really itchy ah I just want to jump on here and let y'all know you know I'm not I'm not gonna fake the funk like I had I didn't do my broker program I'm doing t25 with shotty and I didn't get around to it and also my knee hurt I don't know what I've done to my knee but I did it and I'm not happy with it I don't know what I did my knee actually hurt is will and you know what that is not not working out when you don't work out after a while it just what it is also your girl haven't been looking at this camera I've been looking here not here at y'all I'm new to YouTube so I'm tryin I'm sorry that I didn't look up at that camera at y'all did you guys keep up with your goals today the last two days have y'all the job change it up did you not do anything are you working on any toes drop it in the comments what we doing okay so that like I said obviously I just wanted to update y'all I did not do my program I just walked I didn't go over my calories but I did

my meal prep for my lunch I'm gonna be taking for lunch I think two drumsticks isn't broccoli yeah I didn't do a meal prep I didn't cook my goal was to cook up some some meat like some ground hamburger me and listen I don't eat ground turkey I know it's leaner me I don't like it yeah well I I did you look at my first video I got a vid my video show my before and after pictures I dropped I know how to get this weight off I've only gained back 20 25 pounds I didn't gain back the whole 60 and i'ma tell you I wouldn't eat an alfalfa sprouts and celery sticks I don't eat foods I don't like but for me and what worked for me was moderation paying attention to my portions and of course working out so yeah I wanted to cook up some ground beef I wanted to cook up a pack of ribs I wanted to cook up some chicken and I got a corned beef mmm whoa st. Patrick's Day coming did you see me get all excited cuz corned beef and cabbage that's my junk y'all but yeah so I got to get my food prepping back going all right guys thank you for joining my chumming if you got to end of this video

consider subscribing follow me on my journey keeping up with me and I'm gonna keep up with you I appreciate you watching a video all the way through and if you are subscriber I appreciate you coming back to visit me okay guys y'all have a good one in I will talk to y'all later [Music]