22 July 2019

Is Eating Healthy More Expensive Than Eating Unhealthy

Is eating healthy more expensive than eating unhealthy? https://youtu.be/J7NU7xsI0zc Well when you are thinking about eating healthy and you see the cost ...

hi guys David here and today's video I

want to talk to you about healthy eating and it's healthy eating more expensive than unhealthy eating [Music] so let's talk about what I did when I started and if I believe that you can you know eat healthy on a budget a very good tip is basically what I did is I would go to my bank account and I'll scroll through the bank account and look through everything that's I bought that month I couldn't believe how much money we spent on food in one month we two people I mean you have to think about you have to look through you know you're going out to dinner you're going to birthday parties and you have to buy you know buy food at whatever event you're at if you go to the gas station and you run into the convenience store and you pick up a snack or something like that so if you go to you know places like Sam's Club or Costco you're gonna effecter that in as well so it was actually pretty ridiculous I was we're actually spending over a thousand dollars in a month for food thousand dollars a month for food for two people so I knew that's we could make this work and then we're actually saving a ton of

money by not buying the junk that we're buying before I mean because you buy fruit and vegetables and stuff and if you don't use it or it gets to you know you go to the grocery store and you buy fruit it's coming from you know wherever it's usually frozen when you get it and then add ethos and before you know it it's moldy and you're gonna throw it out or you have to go to the grocery store replace it let's head over to my computer let me show you a little bit more of what we were looking at before we thought you know when we thought it was going to be to your expense day so now we are in my bank account so this is basically what I would recommend you guys doing so if you are going to look through your bank account you can see like I didn't really realize how many times we were spending money on food so yeah you can see a bunch here just restaurants different restaurants we went out to dinner lunches whatever and then we went to the groceries door spent honored and $24 you know went to a couple different restaurants went to amusement park and obviously we grabbed some food there go to the gas

station you're getting stuff there so you can see all these different things if you pull up all the money I've been spending you know so I basically would just take all that I would just you know copy that information and put it in a spreadsheet so I went over here and that's what I did here I did four to two months I did I think it was you know March and April and then I just put all the food items in here so you're gonna see like now twelve dollars five dollars so you can see le is twenty five thirteen twelve twenty nine dollars so a lot of these smaller items these are probably maybe the gas station picking up snacks and things and then you know probably a grocery store here for 100 100 nine dollars one hundred and eleven dollars so you can really see how everything really adds up and I was really surprised to see for oh this is just for one month we spent over a thousand dollars which we were thinking we're spending maybe you know we'd always said oh just for the two of us we're probably spending like $500 a month or less yeah we're not spending that much money but you can clearly see after adding all

these up for the month for two people we spent over a thousand dollars and then the next month you know my wife would say oh no we're not okay that's that's pretty ridiculous but we're not really spending that that's that was probably just a strange strange amount that we were actually um spent that much but then I put in the next month and yes it wasn't a thousand dollars but it was still nine hundred and twenty four dollars you know going to the grocery store going to places like Sam's Club or go on the gas station and picking up you know snacks running in grabbing you know snack item or a bottle water whatever so I just want to make this video just to show you that you can pick healthier choices and save yourself a lot of money you might think that you're you're not spending that much money but if you would just go into your bank account and add up all of your food items you know one month two months three months and just see how much you are spending it's really a you know a huge eye-opener okay so I hope that helps if you like this video and would like to see more videos like this please share with your

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