07 June 2019

Is a LOW FAT DIET DANGEROUS? (Discussing Omega Fatty Acids)

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hi friends welcome to another video in

today's video I wanted to talk about fats is eating a low fat diet dangerous so today I wanted to primarily focus on omegas Omega 3 & 6 I've been getting so many questions lately about these fats in particular because I do eat a low fat diet and a lot of you know that alright so let's get straight into it first and foremost I do want to clarify that the human brain and all of your body cells your whole body runs on glucose they run primarily on sugar so if you were to cut open a human brain and get dig into that human brain and examine it you will see that it's basically basically all sugar mostly sugar if you were to eat a human brain it would be sweet because it's basically sugar so don't believe when you hear someone say oh eat all the healthy fats a lot of fats for healthy brain for a good comedy to function yeah I mean you do have some fats in there but it's mostly glucose it's mostly glucose all right now having said that just because our brain runs primarily on glucose and just because every cell in our human body runs on glucose it doesn't mean we don't need no fat and never ever have I suggested not eating any facts whatsoever I have said if you

want to do in a cleanse a week or even up to a month of eating no overt fats yeah that can be healthy that can be okay that's really good for a cleanse however in the long term if you want to be eating a sustainable healthy satisfying vegan diet then yeah you want to include some healthy fats like some avocado coconut nuts and seeds nut butters seed butters things like that so optimally for a human we should be in the range of 5 and 15% of our daily calories coming from fats that is just naturally how it is if you look at the amount of sugars and fats in the breast milk of a human so in a woman's breast milk you will see that ratio where it's primarily sugar it's primarily sweet when there's barely any fat and protein in it and if you think of the idea that a baby any baby and baby human any baby animal the biggest growth that they experience is within their first few years of life so protein and fats will definitely help you bulk up they will help you grow they will help you expand in size they will help you mature so if you are looking to bulk up build your muscle I get really hefty really like gain some fats that

you would want to be eating and focusing on protein and facts however you look at a woman's breast milk a human breast milk you will notice that it's not even high in fat protein so in our few stages of first stage of life the first few years of our life and we're not even eating a high protein high fat diet that's a bit weird isn't it because that would be our stage of the most growth we would experience if we're not even eating it then but yet we are the majority of humans are eating a high-fat high-protein diet now no wonder everyone is so overweight and so obese and have high cholesterol heart attacks strokes so many different illnesses and diseases associated with having too much fat on your body and that is because of eating too high fat too high protein so we want to be focusing on low fat and lower protein because that is all we need we our human bodies do not recognize and do not use protein our body actually recognizes and utilizes amino acids and we get amino acids from fruits and vegetables and other whole planet foods so our body will collect these amino acids throughout the day let's say and build it up into the protein that our

body needs to use and utilize human being really does not need that much fat to be healthy to have healthy hormones to have a healthy functioning optimal body all you need is between five and fifteen percent you can go up to twenty percent some people feel okay with that and don't experience any negative effects however it is optimal for the humans and eating anywhere between five and fifteen percent of your total daily calories from fats so again if you are eating high carbohydrate which that is our species specific diets you're reading a lot of fruits and vegetables if you want to eat some cooked foods like some cooked whole grains cooked root vegetables squashes other tubers like potatoes sweet potatoes then that is most optimal so what you'd be doing is focusing your calories your primary your bulk of your calories would be from those foods and you can add in a little bit of nuts and seeds a little bit of avocado and that's all you would need maybe like half an avocado to a full avocado per day and limit your to limit yourself to that you will see and feel the drastic changes now um that's what I suggest that is what I promote because

of the research and studies that I have done I've been through my my education everything that I have learned personally everything that I've experienced pushes me in that direction now lately I've been getting a few questions about omega threes and sixes so a lot of people understand that there are Omega six in a lot of plant so that doesn't seem to be an issue and we're always being pushed pushed pushed by the media and studies and and and and facts from people and gurus to say that oh we need more omega-3s more omega-3s increase your omega-3 ratio to your six ratio so I wanted to stress that you can get and there are plenty of omega-3s in fruits and vegetables so um if you're coming from an animal-based diet or you're someone who is eating your typical standard American diet you would think oh you know omega-3 Zirin fishes and fish oils however there are some vegans who have been eating plant-based vegan for a year or two years or three years and their their understanding of omega-3s is that it's only found in nuts in season and and avocado and fats oh I have to have to eat some hemp seeds I

have to eat some flax seeds to get my Omega threes well yeah it is found in those foods but it is also found in fruits and vegetables and I don't know why this is so incredibly overlooked and there are lots of whole planet raw fruits vegetables that you can eat that are hot in omega threes okay so I wanted to point out that there are two main sources of Omega threes there is a LA and there is DHA so some really great high sources of omega-3 ala would be romaine lettuce clementines broccoli cauliflower spinach kale iceberg lettuce tangerines and berries all types of berries so those are just a few of the many sources that are very high in omega threes la so this is when it comes into play where you see a lot of people in health gurus and health professionals push omega-3 supplements for DHA in fish and fish oils however the actual best quality the best source the most sustainable and cruelty-free vegan of most importantly is actually a plant-based source omega-3 DHA is actually very very high in a plant-based source algae again it's incredibly sustainable its cruelty free and it's

very very high quality it's a high source of omega-3 DHA so all you would have to do is the dulse eat some algae and you really don't need a ton of it right so the problem with the standard American diet and the reason why so many health gurus and health professionals are pushing to eat more omega-3s is because the omega-3 omega-6 ratio that they are eating is off balance it's off skew so optimally what the who the World Health Organization suggests is that you are to eat a ratio of one to four so for every one gram of omega-3 you want about four grams of omega-6 so the problem in today's society is that too many people are eating too many Omega 6s so they're eating an incredible amount of omega-6 - the ratio of omega-3 so just cut down on your omega-6 and you will get that perfect ratio are you guys so to sum it up I want to stress that it is important and it's very healthy and it's optimal to be eating a low-fat diet but you just want to make sure you are getting in your overt fats you are eating some avocado some nuts and seeds occasionally and you want to be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables because

fruits and vegetables are incredibly high in those of my omega-3s that I was talking about ideally you can be eating anywhere between 5 and up to 20% of your daily calories from fats that's most optimal it's very healthy it's very nourishing for the body and that is actually the perfect amount that's all you need so essentially that is all you need for a healthy body now again when it comes to Omega 3s and 6s you want that really healthy ratio so just lower your intake of foods that are higher higher in omega sixes so you get that one to four ratio and then you can increase your amount of omega-3s if you like by eating more of those fruit and vegetables I was saying that we're high in ala Omega threes and introduced some algae algae into your life so eat some more dulse eat some more sea vegetables that are high in the DHA omega-3 so I hope you guys found this view helpful inspiring I believe several links down below so if your is still a bit skeptical about the whole low-fat high-carb thing if you want some more information more statistics more studies take a look at

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