17 April 2018

Iron Brothers: Testosterone Booster Supplement Review

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the gym round world my name is Rob and this is the only spot where you can go for fast and simple submarine views where I cover the ingredients to reviews and the price for you all in under five minutes now today I'm gonna be talking about this iron brothers testosterone booster for you now as always I put a link down below for those of you who want to pick up this supplement and try it out but other than that let's just get right on into this review okay so first up like I said this supplement is by the iron Brothers now this is founded by two guys who have about 30 years of experience with fitness so it's a good thing now they brought out this testosterone booster obviously to help boost up your testosterone levels also increase your energy and also your performance as well so I don't know if you know this or not but there's some testosterone boosters out there that are a little bit iffy so let's check into these ingredients and see what's inside of here and see what this thing's gonna actually do for you all right so first up we gotta give props to the iron brothers for not hiding all these ingredients under one

proprietary but now the first ingredient I want to mention today is zinc now this is an often overlooked ingredient but it is important because most men who have low testosterone levels also have low zinc levels as well so you know they give you over your daily amount of the sink which is good because most of us don't actually get our daily month of zinc that we're supposed to be getting now that's a good ingredient to be in here next up is tribulus terrestris in here now trivial stretches is a very popular testosterone boosting ingredients found there pretty much most other testosterone boosters and it may help with your libido like increasing your libido and also increasing your testosterone levels as well however there needs to be a little bit more research to actually say that a little bit more confidently now the next ingredient that is in here is maca root maca root is gonna help increase that sexual desire for you so that's a good thing and then after that you have boron citrate boron citrate it's actually found to be very promising in its ability to increase our libido and also increase our testosterone levels as well

and then you have horny goat weed in here now you probably see those horny goat weed pills in the gas station I probably wouldn't pick those up however horny goat weed does help increase your libido and even your blood flow as well so that's good to be in here then you had did dins gonna help control your estrogen levels for you which is good you have ashwagandha in here as well which honestly there's needs to be some more evidence on ashwagandha is to actually say that it does really anything alright and then lastly what you have in here is fenugreek 10Β° gonna help increase your libido and also your performance as well and that's pretty much this some and those are all the ingredients that are inside of here now as you can see you know all these ingredients you can see them you can see the dosages which is good now honestly you know testosterone boosters it's just a little iffy no matter where you go there's not too much research that's been done on certain ingredients and some of the ingredients that there has been research done there's also been research done against it so there's

conflicting data on a lot of these things so it's kind of up in the air for pretty much every single testosterone booster to be honest with you so you kind of got to wade through all of it now with this supplement from iron brothers they took ingredients that are found in pretty much every single testosterone booster however most testosterone boosters only use a couple of each one of these ingredients now iron brothers actually use pretty much all of them it's a very long ingredient list so they're basically just covering their bases and just putting in ingredients that have been using other testosterone boosters in the past and they made sure to dose them correctly as well which is pretty smart now as far as what other people think it actually raised pretty good this thing raised 4.6 stars with over 250 people that have reviewed it so that is one that's awesome for any segment but it's specifically awesome for a testosterone booster most testosterone boosters are rated low because some people have really great success and a lot of people typically don't have really great success so it's good to see

a testosterone booster that's actually well-received people are saying that it is helping them boost up their testosterone levels that feel more confident they have more energy they're lifting more in the gym and that's obviously something that you want from a supplement now as far as the price on this segment this summit kind of stands out I don't know if these people who are reviewing this are just stoked because they got a good deal on it but the price on this is pretty awesome it's only 25 bucks for 30 servings and when you're talking about testosterone boosters most of them are around the 40 to 50 dollar range to get some of the similar ingredients you're getting in this supplement so I think it's definitely a good deal if you think it's a good deal you want to pick it up you want to try it out remember I have that link down below for you oh yeah other than that always come back to the gym rat world for all your supplement needs you know I appreciate your time thank you for stopping by [Music]