15 June 2016

INTENSE Full Body Weight Loss Workout

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so this is the workout that we are doing

first off it's a hundred burpees to start this and then there's two exercises a station a and station B so what happens is however long takes a person a to do this thing here which I'll explain in a second is however long person B does this for now if you want to do this at home instead of doing a skier because you may be on or the health of skier don't even know that is a skier is this machine over here you'll see exactly how it all works in a second but basically you do five burpees ten ball slams and fifteen kettlebell swings once a person is done then we switch some donut with this person over here my name here is gonna be okay if I and then that's it we're gonna keep going for 30 minutes that way you you went soft as you can see hard so I forgot to mention if you do want to do this by yourself instead of doing the scared because I know not everyone has that where they live or they gym you can do instead like a run it's a for example you could do you can do these three exercises or swap them over with any type exercises that you have or you can do sorry if you don't have a kettlebell

and ball slams and so on so what you do is you go through 15 10 and then 5 and then you do you can swap swap that up for a 500 meter run and you just do that for 15 min to 20 minutes and you're trying to get as many rounds as possible so again you go five burpees ten ball Sam's 15 kettlebell swings and then a 500 meter run and then you go back to we started and you try and get at as many rounds as possible within 15 minutes so I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video and if you have any comments or questions leave them below and until I see you in the next video remember love all living things and most importantly love last Oh