16 June 2019

Ingrid's number 1 supplement tip for muscle gain


[Music] hi girls today I want to give you my number one top tip for gaining lean muscle however what I'm going to do is break it into a two part video so I've kind of got to equal top ones one is a supplement that I believe every girl should be taking if you're after lean mass and or improve body composition changes and I think that pretty much includes 99.9 percent of the population and the other training tip so part two of this video will be my number one top training tip to get an acquire lean muscle and I think it's safe to say that at 69 odd kilos of lean mass here I know a thing or two about about lean muscle gains so I had the privilege of not only going through the metabolic precision course but also actually been mentored by dr. paul crypt for almost two years and he is one of the leading researchers in creatine now before you turn off and think oh no I've tried creatine or blah-blah-blah-blah-blah just hold on and listen to this so the number one the number one supplement that I believe you should be taking is creatine monohydrate and don't let any salesperson talk you into any other kind of creatine

it's the monohydrate that you must have now as opposed to following the label or following what the sales rep tells you to do what what dr. Paul KREEP came up with was a creatine cycling method which he found to be the most effective because the whole idea of creatine is to keep the concentration of creatine very high in your muscles at all times so look with this creatine monohydrate what can you expect in a three-month period well let me tell you the results are amazing and that is why it is just a no-brainer what what you can expect is a sixty-seven percent increase in strength gains now girls that is just huge so you know my question would be well why aren't you taking it sixty seven percent increase in strength gains we're looking at 37% more contractile proteins in the muscle we're looking at one to two kilo loss of pure fat in a three-month period and somewhere between three to four kilos of lean mass gains so that's what you can expect in a three-month period so we are talking some serious physique transformation going on there not to say you'll be lifting a lot more in the gym but the big question is how to take it well interestingly it's a creatine

cycling method where you go on a three days on three days off girls it doesn't matter whether you are training or not the training is irrelevant three days on three days off three days on three days off and this keeps going into missional it just keeps going okay now what we do recommend is for say Lauren average 55 to 70 kilo girl to take one teaspoon five times a day of creatine and preferably with liquid so if you're three days on fours on a training day I highly recommend that you have it in your pre and post shakes and that's because the creatine up is better when you drink a protein liquid and a carbohydrate liquid so that's a very optimum time to take it other than that take it with your meals and preferably with water so we've got three days on three days off on your on days it's one teaspoon five times a day and if you're not training on the off days that doesn't matter you keep it up now girls I think come on a lot of females get a little bit shine a little bit wary of creatine a because they don't take it like that and so with the credit team loading it has been known to cause of a little bit of tummy

upset give this a go I think that you'll find a different result secondly it is what's known as a cell volumizer that means it will increase water within the cell but that's fantastic because that means an improve nutrient flow to the muscle so what does that mean that means more growth and better recovery so look at the end of the day it is the most researched and research proven supplement in the industry widespread throughout no questions we've got athletes from having throwers to track and field's to footy players that take creatine for a bodybuilder or a bigger girl whether you're bikini fitness it doesn't matter it's just what we call a no-brainer and it's in the body conquest Holy Trinity the three top supplements but we would probably put it number one maybe behind a WPI whey protein isolate okay so it can be being that sold so far you might say it can no it almost certainly will make you put on weight on the scales now if you're worried about that you should pull up right now and look at the bigger picture the weight is

not fat its water and I've already outlined the benefits so if you want less fat more muscle and more strength gains in the gym creatine monohydrate three days on three days off I hope you love this and I hope you go off to your supplement shop and get yourself some credit in monohydrate stay tuned for my number one top training tip which I'm doing the next day or two and if you like this please make sure that you like and maybe pass the comment on our video watch our YouTube channel share it with your friends if you liked it and I'll see you shortly thanks bye girls