23 September 2018

Informative Speech on the Ketogenic Diet

hello my name is Julie and Robert and I

would like to talk to y'all alternative diet to the traditional high carb low fat diet that was presented to us from 1960 until now basically in the 60s a well-known dietician came up with evidence that fat can lead to heart disease and there was really no proof that ever came out of it but but since since he was a trusted dietician you know everybody just went with it and it's still practiced today now your body can burn two types energy carbohydrates for energy or fats for energy and basically in the keto diet you're consuming a high fat content and low carb basically if you were to put it on a chart you would want 70% to be fats and you want about 20% to be protein and 5% to be cars now what that does is that puts your body in a state of ketosis where your body's burning fats for energy rather than carbohydrates and that allows your body to burn off excess fat after what you've consumed for the day has been used have y'all ever thought about doing low-carb diet and do you think that you know it's true that high fats can lead to heart disease Alisha start with you oh yeah I did the

low carb diet and had great success and what were some typical meals that you need in particular how do you replace you know stuff that people are common commonly have like bread or stuff like that spaghetti squash okay now most of the time the higher carb had you know base consists of flour is there an alternative to the traditional flour to use and yeah those are some low carb alternatives that can help you maintain that state of ketosis now Don have you ever thought about doing a low carb diet really and why was that yeah well another thing to consider too with the keto diet you require to drink a lot of water and have high sodium intake would those I guess contradict what the diet is recommended for your treatment okay now Steve I know that you you're into lifting weights and you know getting in shape do you think that doing a diet a low-carb diet could affect results or look cart would help with cutting weight and getting better physical results but as far as the energy you need to lift heavy you need some carbohydrates to keep your energy levels to be successful okay that makes sense

also with when your body's in a state of ketosis you actually do have a good amount of extra energy because let's say you've you've had your fat contact and your body uses that fat content as energy throughout the meal as you've fed well what happens is your body turns to any fat reserves you have to build energy from you know what it's missing from your meals so even if you know it's consumed all the fat intake that you've had during the day you know it could look towards your excess body fat to continue providing energy and it could be an alternative for you there's been a lot of results that proven that the ketosis diet can you know help a lot of people and whether you're trying to lose you know 50 pounds or you're trying to put on 20 pounds of muscle it can be you know the diet plan could be molded in several different ways to help but anyways thank you for letting me talk to you guys today and hopefully you'll consider the keto diet as another alternative to the traditional low carb our high carb low fat that has been presented to us our entire lives thanks