10 December 2019

Individual Vlog #4: Nutrition at University of Kentucky

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_and_territories_by_carbon_dioxide_emissions ...


hey guys so I'm here to tell you about the programs and things the University of Kentucky has implemented in relation to nutrition and climate change issues here on campus so we've talked a lot about the global and national effects in our previous vlogs but now we need to focus on and talk about the effects we have right here on Kentucky's campus everyone in the world contributes to climate change whether that's why you eat the electricity use the waste you produce or the way you use transportation everyone has a different carbon footprint the University of Kentucky doesn't have many programs directly related to trying to lower their carbon footprint in the dining halls here at the University of Kentucky they have many sections including a pizza section a salad section a hot food section a gluten-free section of breakfast bar a dessert bar a Mexican food bar a soup section and a grill section where you can get grilled chicken and burgers but the only sections that they have for vegetarian vegans is the salad bar in a small vegan section with only one food option I have a short clip of one food option they had

in the dining hall at the hot food section on December 8th 2019 [Music] at some schools they offer meatless Mondays but they do not serve meat the entire day and they use this as a way to help with lowering carbon dioxide emissions this actually helps lower their carbon footprint as well because meat production is very harmful to the environment is actually the leading cause of carbon dioxide emissions contrary to belief most people believe it is transportation the state of Kentucky is actually in the top 15 states of who produces the most carbon dioxide emissions the state of Kentucky is number 12 not only out of the 50 states but the US territories as well at the University of Kentucky we do not have many environmental clubs and we have no clubs directly related and for climate change or global warming they do have a club called the UK green thumb which is the closest Club I could find on campus but they focus on engaging in environmental activism on campus and beyond they don't specifically target climate change or global warming the dining halls also produce a lot of waste

they do not do a lot about cutting down on the waste production except every few months they do have some people come and collect everyone's waste and they wait to see how much waste the university produces on a given day in the dining halls and that program was implemented by campus kitchen and campus kitchen is a group that provides a sustainable approach to reducing food waste on college campuses while also providing healthy meals to those struggling with hunger there is also recently a hunger strike on campus last spring where students wouldn't eat until their needs were met by the President and University in relation to food and security and prices of meal plants and food on campus another program that Kentucky has is on the human resources website they say that they offer a free nutritional consultation with the dietitian but only for UK employees retirees spouses and sponsored departments it says nothing about allowing UK students to come have a consultation with a dietitian for free the University of Kentucky needs to do more to help with the issue of climate

change and nutrition on campus