06 May 2014

Indian Mahabhringaraj Oil: for my hair growth! it works for me!

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hey guys I'm back and it's Monday my hairs back curly curly yes curly curly and it's really for now what I did was wash my hair before I did that I went ahead and called my hair out combed and brushed and then split it you know and - and then in the shower I just washed one at the time and then went to the other side and did the same thing I didn't want to do all this and then I just rinse it out and I turned around and I put this in my hair I love this conditioner my Tresemme it's called keratin smooth for smooth easy to style hair after I did that I did the same with the conditioner run it through brushed it and then after I rinsed it put it back in my hair I didn't overly saturate it I put a little bit in there so that's what's in my hair now this will give you that full look and then after I put that put a little bit of the jail I don't put a lot of gel in my hair so more of the conditioners in my hair now what I did do yesterday I let it dry and it's easier to dry faster because you don't have a lot of jail now I'm going to talk to you guys about this all that I have I can't say the name up with the information down in the description

box ah this is an Indian all this hair helps with a magnifying glass so I'll put my glasses on oh it's a bath and so just bear with me this oil to massage in your head for about 10-15 minutes we leave it in there don't rinse it out this is what it does this is what I've been using okay on top of taking my vitamins juicing eating correctly and I'm telling you that's all you have to do now you have to take in consideration like I've been saying everybody's hair type is different not only that hormones and either you go into menopause you might have died world problems you may wear weaves with glue your hair is coming out I love pea shell what have you this also helped with alopecia all right let me tell you what it does now this is what it says okay now on the back before I read it does have 250 milligrams of this 250 milligrams of that okay they also have the powder okay that you mix and you put it in your hair but I don't want to do that so I just go straight oil this is a very powerful oil okay I know they got the black seed and all that that's fine but on the Indian person okay so this is what I use is here cost

$7 at the Indian market okay so you can find it on Amazon I believe they're there alright it says it stops falling out of hair so if you have issue with hair it says is stop falling of hair the only way you would know well if you put it in here now if you're putting all other stuff with this then you're not going to tell you can't tell if it were me and my hair was falling out I will think that I would use one all stick to one all especially this is what is supposed to do okay secondly it says stop grain okay fenugreek seed paste I had a little bit of gray up in here and I might have one or two okay I use that finger Creek when I want but I only put it around my line of my headline hairline that's where I put it okay I have always keep finger Greek powder or fenugreek seed on hand I talked to Haley at the Indian store she told me about this okay and I asked questions and she told me her great-great great-grandmother so we think I'm gonna listen to okay so I got this and I've been using this and putting it around the front and it

really helps not only this kid you not it helps Drock in your hair and it's strange you have to look up each oils okay each ingredients to find out what it does alright um it says stop grain it says cures it said I didn't say its cures add an drops powerful stuff cure sleepy sleep sleepiness packets sleepiness okay let's see what else it says chicks chicks hair loss for alopecia okay I would talk all about that minute also it says it Radek eight slice so if you put this in your hair you have lice it eradicate sit so that's why all these my brush I don't let nobody use my brush okay with it's okay don't know why use your brush or you call them whatever and then it says cures palm or soul burning sensation so if you have burning sensation in your feet or burning sensation in your hand you take a nice bath you had somebody massage your feet it says right here Cheers so big here not look up the word okay like I say rebound disclaimer I didn't say this one is says okay and it came from India so what I do after I wash my hair with the

conditioner I put my hair up after it's dry then the next day I don't put gel in my hair because there's no need I have my curls away I got it it's bangin curls eye curls all day long and I just keep my hair moisturized so you can't put this in your hair now the reason why I put putting it in my hair it helps also split ends it helps B your hair follicles the hair shaft and I'm going to get a brush so that I can I just going to put those drops you can squeeze it and what I do I run it through my hair it doesn't have a bad smell okay it helps with shine and it just does a lot of stuff so you have to do your research yeah I did mines so this is what I've been using in my hair to help with split ends or anything like that my hair is already soft because of the condition but this is what I use okay now if I want to focus on certain areas I'll put it here and then I massage my temple or my forehead with this oil for ten minutes so if you have issues with your hair falling then you need to just do this and if you can get somebody to put this in your scalps and I'll part your hair and massage that would be good too

okay so I do it every other night okay that's not only for curly hair is for people who have relaxed hair - now you don't want to put it every every day okay now what you can do if you have a relaxed look and you can just put it in your hair like this and then just brush it brush it through and then wrap your hair so that's what I do and I just gonna put this up no jail nothing money alright can't see the Sun is deciding to come out or not now if I have issues with my feet you know remember when I have that in a cold sensation let's do two circulation yeah so what you have to do is just take your feet take your your hands just take care of yourself all together now alopecia I know some of you out there have that all you need to get that in check need to get it in track two ways I know one would eczema if you have X and when you scratch your skin and you touch here you will lose your hair okay I didn't have any hair if you can see if you can see how it's kind of thin right here and I remember why I didn't have any hair from here to here because I used to scribe to put it there but as you can see even with a person like

myself having in the past eczema my hair grew my hair never grew like this ever ever ever ever has a lot to do with change in your diet okay eliminating the waste product in your colon okay and just fruits grains nuts seeds fish that's fine I don't eat fish anymore husband I don't we just cut the whole thing out okay after I was sent something by someone sending they told me about this fish oh oh okay he's like I said you you when you when you come to a knowledge of something you say that's it okay like I say I don't know everything but I know enough to make a change in my life anyway that's why you do not Indian food a lot of spice you know not spicy half a spice food but back to what I was saying by alopecia if you have alopecia and you're trying to rule your hair you can't do it if you're still putting these you must will cut all your hair short okay and focus on the area with whatever growth or ease and let it do what it's supposed to do grow see a lot of you women want a long hair beautiful hair but if you're not taking care of the inside I mean what's the point putting weeds in your hair all it's

doing is suffocating your hair follicles it can't breathe remember blood it's what grows your hair not what you put in there okay now you may have hole or things like this or other nutrition in the product that feeds okay that feeds your hair along with the blood because the blood is what helps your hair grow because if you're eating nutritious food your capillary dispersed when dressing about the capillary it disperse nutrition throughout your blood vessels yes that's how it works that's anatomy you can't anatomy physiology you can't change it that's just the nature of the law law of nature now I see some women that don't have any hair here but hang it on do that weave right up in here with that glue or sewn in that's a lot of pulling and it's not worth it to me it's not worth it especially if you're trying to grow hair you're better off just cutting your hair off or cutting it short where you can leave it at style or lay it down and be done with it and let it grow because every time you put a wig on your hair take it or leave it every time you put a wig in in on your hair or if you put the groom or if

you have sewn in or if you have someone do a microwave tighten all that expect to be bald remember when you do that for so long and you age when you you go down here you don't go up here you go downhill everything starts to die red blood cell starts to die you don't produce as much this is why you have to look at your red bus a white blood cell move moussah feel essel esle feel I think is s so center field s so center field all those things which I'm going to do a video on that and educate you guys on that those things are very important in your white blood cells we need to know what it does so if you don't take care of yourself on the inside then what's the point keep wearing the wigs keep burning up all that I had companies they want me to do we reviews I will not do it why because I don't need to put that on my head and have it suffocate yes I do like this shortcut but I might forget it if I want the shortcut I can just cut my hair but why bother so you'll have to come to grips to dealing with your hair you caused it to be like that then you need to change it and you

can change in your hair will grow even if you have alopecia the devil is a liar I keep trying to tell people so this here like I said I'll put down the description box they do have it at amazon.com or you can go to the Indian shop they do have a larger bottle okay this may be in one of my giveaways okay so stay tuned for that it's in May now and we got contest coming up soon like I said I'll bet you guys know what changed up a little bit okay so I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do and don't forget that I'm going to be up there looking at some of your videos and see what you guys join and love mail - alright oh and for those of you who receive your um your gifts for the month of April if you can do a video short video I will appreciate it so that I can put it down in the playlist people can see what you caught okay and I'll take the video and put it and this one down below and week I do is scroll down you can click over and you can go on over there and periodically I guess when every day decide to do video to show people what you got okay so everybody got their stuff and let you know now every last one of them got

their gifts so from here nails and beauty tips I'll be back with some more videos remember the only way you're gonna know something works if you try it right