21 March 2019

Incline Pyramid Fail?!?

Hey guys, Thanks for all the support again. In this video we talk about how the incline pyramid is going. Tips on saving cash and catch you up on my life. Thanks ...

what's up blog today we are at 97 days

left before a nose escapade I'm step on the scale get you guys a quick physique update and tell you guys how I feel look so I feel pretty good we're 90 some days out and my dad's going pretty well yes it was not a great day I didn't hit as much Mac as I wanted to end up being about 15 15 calories and right now guys I'm trying to eat about 25 50 that's the goal I'm gonna get you guys some macronutrient goals on the screen right here those are the goals we're trying to hit right now for 25 50 calories we're come something going pretty get built so far feel pretty great definitely trying to you know get more definition on the midsection I'd like to build up the shoulders a little bit more I feel like my V taper is going really good definitely just got a shred a little bit more I'd like a little more definition on my back as well I have a really wide back but not a lot of upper back definition and of course likes to we're definitely trying to grow that big booty big booty 2019 if you know you already know but yeah so today I'm gonna be hitting chest and I'm definitely gonna be focusing more on abs and cardio going

into this prep so I'm always gonna start my workouts with cardio first then abs then chest I feel like that's the best way to kind of really work on what you're trying to achieve and again like I am trying to achieve a very well-defined midsection so diet / cardio first then the ABS is a big focus and then the actual workout itself so yeah once you guys on my dad so vlog right now I am editing my vlog for yesterday every day before so make sure you guys watch that if you guys already watch that but also right now I'm click about ways to save cash so I haven't found a job yet guys making more money obviously be a really good way of getting more money for escapades and summer but also I think a lot people don't realize that sometimes it's probably just best to like save your money like I don't have a bad job guys like I definitely feel like I mean I've had a lot of unfortunate events tickets whatever etc but you know what like you just gonna make it with what you got and sometimes I feel like I do definitely go a lot more than I should you know so I think about ways to like save cash and I think from here oh no no

more trips or events silly goes escapades I have one plan belt I'm gonna cash cash on March 26 guys at the met here in Winnipeg so I would show you have some clips of that when it comes but before that or start after that no more bets so you boy was thinking maybe in the next couple videos we might also start talking about how to save cash as well for his vessel trips one thing I was thinking is like maybe I might start being the DD for some of my friends you know not going out I just picking them up that might work so another good way of saving money guys is definitely to eat out less that's something I do a lot that I know sharing the bones that eat up the time so me trying to eat more at home it's more about a fish you in the way that it will save me money but also you'll be able to track your nutrients better your macros better so it's like a two and one alright blog so as much as you guys who've already watched these vlogs know I love the orange monsters but we gotta save money plus so a lot you guys know that like caffeine and coffee is something I also really enjoy so I

decided guys with hopefully to start making my own coffee like these all out right you know most monsters cost quite a bit mad too for 550 I usually got like you know two a day we drink those that's 550 every day and sometimes I drink coffee guys I buy for myself by for Nate but for Sara you know buy coffee for everybody and like one large cost 260 so again there's the cops okay and like that would get more than one myself like maybe two or three so that already be like 750 you know and like call toss of extra one that would buy for someplace that's 10 bucks and coffee leave only one Starbucks guys like coffee is really expensive you get yourself like a grande Pike and it's still almost like 3 bucks a day so hopefully I won't even see him some cash I make coffee at home I make him more food at home and that's just another tip all right long so boy is not quite ready to give up the pyramids just yet I'm still eating enough still decrease the strength while I'm reading the reading of the goal until I finally can increase the weight no more but again we're gonna start off with certain amount of weight for 10 reps work all the way down to

four reps or [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright vlogger so I failed on hitting 205 for 4 reps honestly on the ones at the 1st 2nd 3rd set I already was gassed out so once I try the G 195 for 6 reps you can see that I up in the clip and it's just hard to record from there so that's where we're gonna end it I think what the problem is that because of increase the weight you know at the start it's definitely hampering my ability to do heavy weights near the end so I'm think gonna coorporate a decline pyramid now I think that's probably the way to go so decline pyramid from here on out I think that's gonna be the training method the next I walk go back to the gym I'm self meal take rice probably girlfriend we're gonna eat this going to work and so far it's been a pretty good

day so we keep going boy honey I'm really bored all day today but really busy with work I'm at work right now anyway I'm in the vlog here hey guys so much for all the support we got support over you guys to read a little bit so yeah check back a little peace