19 July 2019

Ideal Protein Week 18: What I Eat In A Day (plus mukbang...kinda)

This video documents what a typical day of eating looks like for me in week 18 of Ideal Protein Phase 1. I started Ideal Protein with Billings Last Diet.

right now it is about 8 o'clock in the

morning on day 119 of my Ideal Protein weight loss journey today is a start of week 18 so I thought I would take you along for morning tonight and show you exactly what I eat in a day so let's get started so the first thing I'm going to do is have my salt this right here so I put 1 teaspoon into Cup supposed to have a half a teaspoon of salt for every 64 ounces of water you drink in the day and I drink a gallon so I have a teaspoon of salt in the morning just in a cup put the salt in them I thought up with some liquid form water [Music] that's the bottom so I kill [Music] holds 40 ounces so I drink three of these in a day first thing so now let's get into the breakfast so last night I prepped some chocolate zucchini muffins so I'll have three of the muffins for breakfast today but let's cut to the little video really quick so you can kind of see how I made them I can't show you the exact recipe but you can all right so to make these muffins you need some zucchini so we're just gonna shred that up put it in a bowl and then we use some packets here and you know there's

four of them so just go ahead and put them right in the bowl mix you mix see we're gonna add some other ingredients I can't give you the exact recipes because it's from Geneva's cookbook so if you want the exact measurements just go ahead and pick up her cookbook there's a lot of great stuff in there I found a lot of cool recipes so I'm just adding some more ingredients we're just about to get this mixture all put together some water and you know let's just pick that up a bit get through some of this milk I'm using fat-free milk here just a little bit and then we're gonna go ahead and collect some egg whites crack them up and then further the zucchini you want to microwave it and then blot out as much of the moisture as you can it's a really important step when you're cooking with zucchini it just gets rid of all that extra moisture and it gives it a better like bite more so when you're doing like zoodles but okay so we're just going to mix up the dry mixture here make sure it's well combined and then we're going to toss in the zucchini make that all come together and then for doing this since you're

using packets and veggies I like to be very precise so I'm gonna go ahead and measure out how much my batter weighs in grams and you know you got to get every last drop because you are using your packets here so you want it to be measured out accurately so you're getting your right like measurement of a packet when you eat these muffins so then when I have the total I will just divide it by 12 because that's how many muscles I'm making and that will give me about about how much each one should weigh so then I'm just gonna grease the muffin tin here and then that measurement I showed you I just subtracted from the total each time so I try to hit about the same amount every time you don't have to be crazy about it but as you can see sometimes I am and I'm like very precise but I just feel better about it knowing that I'm gonna be eating the right amount of protein and everything like that so we're just gonna go through and fill this muffin tin up with all 12 muffins then you know kind of spread them out a little bit so they cook and then we're gonna do some beautiful stunning movie magic here like

absolutely stunning okay there we go took time for like 15 minutes gonna let them cool this is how they look they have a slightly eggy texture but they're very satisfying they they taste like a muffin and they're chocolatey and you're getting some veggies it's great love it so let's do a beautiful pan of these muffins gorgeous love her okay so then what I'll do is I'll just separate them three into a baggie because that is one serving so one serving is going to get you a packet and some veggies and that's it [Music] and the one under stricted and the fourth stuff of Eddie so now I'm just going to cook up one 3/4 cups of zucchini and have that with it so I have like a really filling breakfast but let's cook up the zucchini I'll show you what I do also is a habit like my zucchini pre-chopped ready here it's like you just grab it sorry no that this is 1 3/4 cup now I can just cook it up throw egg on top [Music] so my zucchini is cooking I'm eating one of my muffins so they look creased bungee it is slightly a nice butt

you're sweet most importantly they're like bathroom it's like eating something that's like kind of seems like it's real muffin [Music] filling tastes good cursory black coffee all right let's check on the zucchini [Music] I forgot to show you that okay I'm support not to show you that I just took five morning vitamins I know some clinics how do you take different things but so what I just took worth to Cal mags to potassium one fish oil and one multivitamin and I always take that after I have something in my stomach otherwise my stomach finally gets upset but just took my vitamins eat my muffin zucchinis almost done just money almost two cups of zucchini and on Friday I'm actually good to go because I kind of fall off of nothing so I'll probably eat different hours and then I'm also bringing salsa and this would be a little bit on top of my breakfast here and I'll also have the rest of it with some snack [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] so it's about three o'clock right now and I'm about to have a snack so I'm gonna show you what I'm eating one bag of the nacho cheese dourados with some salsa and then this package of spicy pickles hmm anybody these are good 3.5 ounces of pickles 15 calories I don't know how many cups [Music] [Music] so really quickly this is what I had for dinner it's just sliced zucchini and mushrooms sauteed and some olive oil and ground turkey and then I had my homemade marinara sauce in it it's kind of like a little fake spaghetti it's really good and this is what was left over I forgot to show you the whole part of it but this is something that I have pretty often and I really like it all right so it's about 7:45 and I just time to have my last packet of the day and it's my a packet of the day and it's dessert time so I'm going to show you how to make the

mug cake so I always say and measure everything just because you get a better result when you do that I feel so the package says 1.5 fluid ounces I always do just kind of like get another cup and pour it in here I always do like one point six or even seven I'm just cuz I like it super doughy so yeah now all I do is put this in here and then mix it up and microwave it for 30 seconds and then we're good to go I also forgot to mention I need to take my nighttime vitamins so it's just the two Cal Meg's and the multi so let me just go ahead and take those really quick cuz they are part of oh you today all right this is just a tangerine and water enhancer with waters in a Starbucks cub and once I finish this it I'll have had 120 ounces of water for the day so that's about how much I have left and then I'm good to go I like trying to get it in like a couple hours before bedtime so I'm not like having to go all throughout the night so that's the teeth that's the tea and now I just get to sit and chill in the couch and watching Netflix you know some great British Bake Off you know whatever you gotta do to get through today and then

eat my mug cake and this is what looks like that's good I love it so much it's so good I like it like a little underdone a little extra liquidy so it's like super it's like almost like eating cookie dough calmly really slow working favorite group yeah that is what a typical day of eating looks like for me on Ideal Protein again I just started week 18 I'm down sixty three pounds so far about 34 inches I'll be posting a couple more videos some more recipes some more what I eat in a day some progress videos stuff like that so if you want to see that you know just stick around and I'll be sure to post those but yeah thanks for watching and I'll see in the next video [Music]