07 May 2018

Ideal Protein vs Optavia - An honest review

I have done both Optavia and Ideal Protein and lost 100 lbs. I give a real honest review and comparison of both. -- Contact me through my facebook page at ...

hi my name is Darcy Walden and I thought

I would create for you a little review comparison between Ideal Protein and opt a via because you're probably doing some research and maybe you're trying to make a decision so I thought I'm having been somebody who's actually done both that you could get a nice honest real person real perspective on on the two of them so I'll try not to make this too long but there's just a lot that I could say about about both of them so I actually did lose a hundred pounds on Ideal Protein and then just to be honest actually lost fifty pounds at an actual Ideal Protein Center and then I lost the other 50 pounds on Ideal Protein alternatives I've maintained 100 pound weight loss now for two years and I maintained through up to via so in essence they're they're almost identical programs a way that they work but there's some really big differences but but similar a structure if you will so I honestly I actually I don't have anything bad to say about Ideal Protein it is how I lost my weight oh and let me show ya I was a size 24 I'm a I'm a size 10 oh yeah and like I said I've kept it off for two years and I've just gotten my whole life

over that but I didn't want to show you a couple of before and after pictures that was me at 277 pounds there's another one god these are hard to look at that's in my size 24 jeans right there probably hard to believe that was me anyway uh so again I don't have anything bad to say there's just some differences that I really want to point out and there's some big differences actually so Ideal Protein it is there in centers like brick-and-mortar all across the country so if there is not one in your town or your city you are kind of out of luck so the best thing about Optive via is is that it's virtual so that if you have a phone or you have some internet access you can be anywhere I mean if you're living out in BFE in a cave in Alaska as long as you got that internet connection and some phone heck you don't even need internet you just need a phone so anyway most of the Ideal Protein centers uh they are inside another business or practice so a lot of times they're in like a healthcare professionals office they might be in a chiropractor's office um or the one that I went to outside of Austin Texas was in

a skin care clinic so they did that you know Botox and you know make your face all pretty uh and so one of the things with that is a lot of times it's their staff that that are the coaches there so a lot of times they're people that have not had great to lose or don't understand what goes up here I mean for example a the girl that I worked was super sweet I loved her and everything but I just don't think she probably ever had 20 pounds to lose in her lifetime so she didn't know what was ahead of me or what I was experiencing you know to kind of help keep me in the game so I think outside again super sweet but I always felt like they were kind of more interested in upselling me on that Botox probably could have used it but anyway um so so that that was that I mean I would just go in that was one thing to I'm I've been a part of the Ideal Protein forums for probably about three years now so I see the conversation and what people say and some of their questions or concerns or things like that um one of the things is with Ideal Protein because they're independent business you'll find that different centers

charge different things some centers have an actual startup fee that make you pay a fee just to start in addition to out the program itself some of them charge a little bit more for their products and don't see that a whole lot but we've seen some people complain about that and the other thing is too is that some centers carried all the products that they have to offer for Ideal Protein and some centers can only carry a handful so you don't get you know that sinner doesn't carry it well you're out of luck unless you want to buy it on the internet or something but anyway that was and never the case in Octavia you you have access there's gosh over 90 I think it's like well over a hundred products that you can choose from so you know whatever you want anytime you know you want to order brownies for 30 days well by golly you can have brownies speaking of which that's one Ideal Protein has at products that are classified like as restricted or unrestricted so there's certain ones that you can have in a day and then others you can only have like one in a day on that octave via its if you again if you want to eat brownies five times a

day or macaroni and cheese five times a day you got that that's another thing as I'm saying five times a day and that is what it thinks the biggest no it's not even the biggest difference it's one of the many differences with Ideal Protein you're really only eating three of their products a day so you're eating a lot less on that program opted via you're eating six times a day so I really love that you're actually eating every two to three hours with that so with Ideal Protein you're three meals and then like a snack so that was a little hard for me you can have unlimited vegetables in there you know to kind of fill in the gaps and stuff but anyways so like I said I've kept this way out for two years now but I stumbled up the via in here here's the honest-to-god truth if I would have known about Octavia before Ideal Protein I would have picked up two via hands down over and here's some reasons why again I'm not knocking Ideal Protein clearly it works but here's why Octavia is even better okay um like I said one of the biggest things to is

that you're you're eating a lot more and yeah let me go back to I'm deal protein because that's one thing too that was a difficult that I see in the forms of um phase four is the maintenance phase of ideal protein and it it's kind of like it's not that it's complicated it's just different there's kind of like hey do this here put this here eat this then eat that then so some people like oh my gosh and so it feels like when you lost your weight it's like ideal proteins like great congratulations now okay good luck with that and then that there's not the support you can go for support but you're gonna have to pay for it you know that's that's no good but with Octavia it's it's lifelong support and there is no cost to that and that's one of the things that I love about Octavia is that it's about their their whole thought is it's about lifelong transformation they don't want you to ever have to do some program or some diet again so this is meant to be the last program or diet that you ever have to go on and there's the support is phenomenal and so you when you do at the VA you work with a coach of most of them many of them are

people just like me who have lost the weight and are just wanting to pay it forward and so truth be told because I got my life back and my entire life opened up it's become my most great purpose in life to pay it forward so and I am a health coach now with Optive eeeh cuz I actually couldn't get hired at Ideal Protein I tried to get a job there I'm like what I'm a walking billboard I didn't know how to do that you know stuff but anyway um so uh the other thing with that is like I said you're working with somebody who's been there and done that they are committed to help pull you up and over the mountain and so they're there with you literally every step of the way and it's not just limited to office hours like Ideal Protein yeah my coach you know if I needed to call her it you know 2:00 in the morning I go my god I'm gonna fall off a cliff you know she's made herself available to me like that so the other thing too is Octavia has a really big educational component of it I think that's really missing at Ideal Protein when I say educational part of that is dr. Anderson's and habits of health system and it's a book there's videos

there's weekly webinars it's the educational part of our bodies and weight-loss it takes and don't know that you don't know and brings it right here we don't like to shine a light on it's like oh my gosh okay so that's why the body does this or that's how come I'm feeling like this um that's why I need to do this like it starts to click and make sense so to set you up so that when you're out in the wild as I say that you can be successful with this there's so much power in that knowledge so you get the whole educational component of it you do not get zero of that with Ideal Protein the the products what we call them fueling x' I love that right it's a it's part of that mind shifting so that we're looking at at again that healthy habit that we're just eating literally every two to three hours that we just need to fuel the body and you know it's kind of what we want versus what the body needs so yeah this is kind of part shifting that mindset to set you up for success in the in the future and the other thing is the the products comparison between the two they're similar in the sense that you know kind

of everything from macaroni and cheese you know shakes bars chips whatever those are the same however what I love about Octavia is the products have no artificial sweeteners no artificial colorings there have all the vitamins and minerals and supplements in them an ideal protein you actually have to buy those supplements and it gets pretty pricey because you know you could probably go buy them at the grocery store but oh no you want to get the ones that the center has because they might be exactly you know might help me lose some more weight if I don't get the right ones and so and then they also have probiotics in them as well so again everything's in the products and so it's actually opt India is actually a cheaper than ideal protein for a couple reasons one is like I just said is that they've got you know all the supplements are already in it so you don't have to spend money on buying more the other thing is is that you're eating five of those in a day so that way with ideal protein it's only three so for the price I mean you're you're having five versus only only three and personally I like eating more more more is good and hey I'm not

gonna lie to you my favorite an opt-in via I can have the cheese that made all the difference in the world