23 January 2017

ICELAND HEALTHY EATING HAUL #AD | Channel Mum | Jeorgia Cook

So Iceland and Channel Mum challenged me yet again - to see if I could come out of there with a bunch of healthy stuff to try out to see what I think. I LOVE IT!

hello welcome back to my channel I've

been set another challenge by channel mom and Iceland to see if I can get a few bits and come up with a few healthy recipes or healthy dishes I'm really trying to get back into a good routine the eating better and exercising so when channel mum and Iceland offered me some more vouchers to get a healthy food hall I jumped at the time i'm going to show you why book so there's no order to this sort of server but i've got some diced onions these arts and my absolute favorite and I've just ran out from the last package but they're just so easy no kids I'm cutting onions and I know this isn't healthy but how to get smoothies last night i got four boxes and i only got one so i think that's what good restraint i got some frozen blueberries i'm going to try this so this is on offer and I've never actually tried this and and it's not so I either so I thought I'd give this to go campania computer but there's st being quinoa I finally found seized upon these last time that everyone was raving mad about themselves up some sweet potato fries and every time I've made my iron they're just really soggy and not crispy so hoping that's gonna change that

situation I got this tropical smoothie neck so you found this in the blender and you've got smoothie easy easy got some mixed peppers which again is the sweetest super mg save your hello peppers don't cost much but and savings and moldy who don't use them I've got this straw and banana smoothie mix as well so same as the young couple wife is going straight in there I got some Scottish muscles in shallots and garlic these are my god i just loved fishing bread into i don't know if it is unhealthy to be honest with you but and oh my god they're just so yummy and Jax loves these as well I got some butternut squash smash I thought I'd give that a go apparently their mash is really nice I've never tried their normal mesh but and yeah so I'd give that guys I've got some of these smoothie lollies so six three and six mango and it's all natural colors and something they're going to be that bad I look to these and uncle knock sense fat yogurt leaving the sale again they're obviously not healthy but I can't icon not buy cheese when it's on offer because it's absolutely i'd choose my fav i bought lisa jack because i

thought these would be fun you know to take cream again on the nation' trust walk or something like that and i don't tend to buy things like this because I'm worried about the sugar content like God's say and no artificial sweeteners or flavors naturally sourced ingredients and all of these things which I tend to look at actually when I'm buying food and they're all grains and no red and the yellow so I don't think it'd be that bad actually and that's raspberry in blue brink I've got some reduced up or mango juice never from concentrate I thought 6 free range egg and I don't introduced by vacan but I've got some bacon because i'm going to make their french toast recipe which is actually on the website and I've never made french toast either so I'm really excited i will make this tomorrow morning i will show you how that turns out maxing I've got some lean min so I'm going to do a battle tonight I've got a salt grinder because my thoughts almost running out I caught an iceberg lettuce three-on-two do an iceberg isn't my go-to lettuce i usually get around but I'm so cheap and I just thought well I'll get it I want some salad I've got

this huge planet of strawberries I think this is only like 225 and usually for about I think it's 200 grams is it and we'll make it's about two kids so that is such a bargain and we'll go through strawberries like hotcakes I've got this OT bachelor for my french toast tomorrow morning and they've got this apple juice and this one is from concentrate but they didn't have the not from concentrate wand and but i thought i could add that to my smoothies which i'm also going to have tomorrow's breakfast and so i did not want to buy it I've got a cucumber I got some red seedless grapes and ravens they're my favorite I've got some bananas these were like 60 80 85 that it's so cheap I got a huge sunpass crunchy peanut butter Jax loves peanut butter and i bought a shops own brand one and it's just discussing it's so hard to get out of the export tab so back to the Sun pad and bit me tea but I got this maple syrup cigar me french toast I don't know how that's going to work out and I got a scrumptious Nick so that's what pipeline it raisins peanuts chocolate raisins cranberries almonds and cashew nuts Jax would absolutely love those who love anything like that

he loves nut and the food's leggings are one of these all time favs I got some golden syrup I take this with me on monday for the start too early I that's what I have on my break I what some granulated sugar just go right now that I've got some medium egg noodles and I thought to do a stir-fry with this maybe with the and corn chicken and obviously the McGettigan things I got some Philadelphia lights I think that's just staple in anyone's how I got through these peppered hands and currently loving hand rolls so yeah it's all still poppin like I've got some cool I thought I'd make my house smell delicious I thought I was obvious finale BTW i got some self raising and plain flour just because i'm running out and I'm always baking things and using flowers when I'm cooking and stuff and they were only a pound each which is quite good and I've got some premium faces potatoes for the Ottoman jacket potato and then I thought some of these seeded folded flat broke which also looked really nice in that picture it's got like mozzarella and some roasted veg so that might be quite nice and also also a healthier

alternative to my favorite which is rebecca's and clearly than pain now the fun bit is getting it into my freezer I'm asked have thought out quickly but i don't it no okay so nice everything i bought as you can see i got loads for my money i think i had about coming with it like six full bags of shopping and for just over 50 pounds and to be honest to do where are usually shop and I probably only get like two and a half bags maybe three if that so I'm actually really pleased with what I've come out with I can't believe the value and of some of the stuff like and that huge planet of strawberries are can't believe was only 225 if I was to buy that huge funny of strawberries in my local store or even most stores around that would be at least double the price so and just so chats with no strawberries when I saw that I just complete it and I'm really really excited to try the smoothie frozen smoothie mixes and I know that they are a lot cheaper than elsewhere as are you get a much bigger bag you guys know I'm a bit of a skeptic with Iceland and I'm a bit of a food snob but honestly hands and heart I'm so impressed with the

stuff today so trust a family sweet potato fries and excuse me but after my little Fiasco trying to get it all into my freezer and not a lot could actually fit in so I'm currently eating one of those moody lollies which is half-melted but oh my god it is so nice if you guys item please buy these just so you can taste what including I'm also just a bit about their fresh stuff and I did get a few of their fresh fits before and but yeah the prices are just insane these badass bacon potatoes usually get full four pounds where I usually go and that was two pounds that huge bag just I love it so just as I thought and I'm so glad that they've let me have another chance at trying to change my mind and a bit now is given given the skeptic another chance there are also some more channel monies that have done a healthy Iceland hall so please go and check that out we've got a whole topic on our website for that the link is www channel mom calm food / topic forward slash getting healthy to touch a chest and a cotton ends up to a minute and as you can see I've written here as well and it's in the description box below we're also each making some of the ICM recipes

as well so that'll be really interesting to see what everyone else and so please don't check that out and thank you for watching thank you so much Drive London chairman for sending me these actions i'm thrilled with what I've got and I'm so excited to try this start a star has you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next one by morning excuse one look like but we've just made tell us the Iceland smoothie so no yes yes no popping or Justin think the slush puppies but this is my one and this is the mango pineapple and kiwi and it is so nice it was so easy all I actually was add some apple juice and and then we Jackson I only had to add some natural yogurt you like it a bit right laughs at mine in my boo slush puppie all try it okay a delicious like my boob change swamp like I try it you'll like it yep yes it really yummy I naked in my dream job cool the yes I was so easy to make all I had to do was took the fruit in the blender and as the yoga or the apple juice and it was done in like a minute and and I know exactly what's on in there so I love those and the rest is a very roomy and the recipe devoted on their website www Iceland dog turd on 2k