11 March 2019

I Tried Mukbang For The First Time || My Weight Loss Journey

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this is water welcome back to my channel

and today I am trying something new I am doing my very first today I have a rice kimchi and some rotisserie chicken oh let me first start off by saying how hard my setup was because you know I've been trying to find books just I don't know if you guys might want to see the plate but on the side I have some ponzu sauce and I'm gonna put in this container and this is my very first meal of the day [Music] that's why it's kind of a lot and I just woke up so today we will be talking about or actually I'll be doing mock bonds once a week I'm thinking of doing every Sunday that way I have only one day out of the 7 days where I eat a lot and share my story with you guys because you know we can be a long week we have I have a story to tell you and we're gonna start off by eating a little I listen rotisserie chicken from Costco I got the leg [Music] some race and this cream cheese also from Costco it's not the best kimchi but it was cheap so all right so for today's mukbang I'm gonna be talking about my weight-loss journey so for those of you

who do not know I actually lost about 35 pounds from last year and I think um weight loss is such like a sensitive topic because it's kind of easy telling people how to do it but actually putting in the effort is really hard so I remember the first day I was motivated to go to the gym and it was a day where I was just laying down at home trying to figure out what to do with my life it was around equal time last year yeah all right [Music] so around the time in April of 2008 Seon I weighed a little over 270 pounds and I really didn't care I brought my way back then just because there was this youtuber um Remi Cruz who was very confident and what she looked like cuz she did a weight loss transformation too and she looks completely different I'm so proud of her um so I really didn't care because of how confident she was and she made me feel confident in my own body so um but there was just one time where I was just chillin and all of a sudden I see all these oh no no so the thing that triggered me was the I was watching the

Kamehameha song contest their whole ek and it made me feel all the men made me feel like a small person because all of them had nice bodies you know so I went online and then I searched on Planet Fitness because their rates are so cheap so I went anyway I told my dad I wanted to go the first night we went I remember it being packed so it was really hard for me to understand the gym community but when we went walk around my dad was trying things ready like Allison Barris but we signed up we did all the paperwork all the signing so we did all the signing and then I we already in so the night the day after that I was so ready to go to the gym but of course it's my first time so it's kind of shy so for the first three days I actually was on either the elliptical or the treadmill and I'd be on there for at least 40 minutes to an hour because I was shamed to do any of the machine work but boom for the first three days I noticed that I was sweating like like like I remember leaving the gym so like I just showered but you know I just went with it me and my dad went for almost every day

of the week except weekends around 6:00 p.m. that's usually when the gym is at its peak meaning that people are always there I mean aren't gonna be there so I just push myself I push myself and there was just one day where I tried to do a scenes with my dad and I noticed that a lot of people will be watching you but other thing is that I had this self-consciousness where I felt like oh if I don't put in this much effort that I won't be able to achieve the body that coming home and how student boy body whatever then I kept going like I'm going in the fast forward a month I remember telling myself to go you know because I I was working at that time and right after work I went straight to the gym I one of the machines and I noticed that people were really focused on you like there are more focus on working on themselves rather than focusing on you so that's the thing that I was telling myself that way I can push myself so I went to the gym five days in a row for about two months and I've already started noticing my weight loss so I think let me check I kept track of my weight over the years I'm crazy because I've only been to the

gym for one year I'm on the same once I'm sorry goodbye so from the first month I went from 273 to 256 pounds and I think that's just cause of water weight because of all the sweat I lost but then I also remembered that last summer every time I work I ordered Java B's every lunch I ordered their two-piece to side meal and I think that's what played into my weight gain which is really bad well once I started going to the gym I cut that out completely one of my managers I weren't introduced me to the salad bar Foodland so that's something I always eat now like I adapted my lunch to Tory salad pokeball subway so those were my three options for lunch and it was very expensive that's the thing about going on a diet though like I think that lunches can be very expensive just because it's more healthy more green but that shouldn't be an excuse you know I also remember going on a meal prep for about a week I made like turkey baller something like that it was okay I mean I spent so much money doing it this is so good Oh so after about two months of cutting

jollibee and going to the gym straight it was summertime all right this was when this is when I thought to myself all it's at the time to do it this time to do as much as I can but I ended up not going to the gym at all during the summer but something weird I noticed was I still continued to lose weight which is really weird because I don't remember going to the gym but I remember only eating the salad at from foolin I don't know I'm going with the story but I'm just trying to talk so you guys don't get bored but yeah I remember going to hikes with my friends the first time I ever did the first hike I went over the summer was cock-up no cool Koko Head and which I did not sleep at all for that hike I remember eating spaghetti the night before and when I reached the top threw up it took us an hour and a half to reach the top what it was so worth it I'll put pictures or something over it is come on and then the next night we went on was with me and Jenny we went to UM the legal pillbox or something like that Lonnie Kani ka pila bucks all the way in like Eastside and I was fun I mean it wasn't really more of a hike it was more

climbing than a hike but after that we went she made me sick the rack right after the hike and I never felt so dirty after that well yeah I posted a tweet on Twitter yesterday about my before and after and I never realized how big I was before like I told my friends why I asked my friends why didn't tell me I was big and who told me all because we didn't want to tell you but there was this one girl who was trying to bug me about Italy so I went to the gym anyway now look at my neck I have a neck I have a jawline I'm so happy like my face shape myspace was like a circle I thought it was cute okay my brother's irritating who wants to say something every time I want to call I gain weight so I'm currently 215 pounds by I don't know how much bombers do this I kind of talk for like 20 minutes strangers I'm getting full but it's not a lot so you can just watch me eat a lot of people tell me to do look bombs but I don't know how to do most Long's I want to show you that my setup too huh this is where I'm eating I have my bio book my binder on my gun ban shoebox all my food oh and yeah how are you guys making my youtube channel so far I think

my blogs are boring but people are coming back telling me that fun I don't get what's fun about it but and my brother think he's all that I'm like what the hell if I saw yesterday's vlog um we went to possible this is water and I'm I'm trying to see if I'm gonna like post this video raw like uncut but I'll see you that's so long right it's almost almost it's 15 minutes right now and you guys like my longer vlogs or do you guys like it less than 7 minutes cuz people are telling me different things to her oh it's about colleges so I wasn't really serious about attending any college after high school but then my friends were like getting all these acceptance letters so I kind of got jealous talking to life so I applied to all the colleges that I could think of all of the UNLV GCU hpu other logo and other state colleges Chaminade was one of them I got accepted to majority of them but a lot of them did not give me good financial aid and the whole financial FAFSA thing that does make sense cuz I swear to god their definition of rich does not make sense oh my god my camera yours like my lighting I'm using my lamp but yeah guys

I'm getting full I'll take one more bite one more wave I'll make this a big place [Music] alright guys I hope you guys enjoyed today's mock Baro if you guys have anything to say say in the comments cuz this is my first time I'm ever doing this and I couldn't do it because I couldn't talk for like oh I couldn't talk this whole time well let me know I did subscribe to my channel give this video a thumbs up all that BS and I'll see you guys in my next video G [Music]